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  1. Having a clan that are entirely inactive but still wants an active clan as you're tired of it? Low battle statistics but you think you are worthy of a good clan? Do you need a good advice from a veteran clan members? Then, come on up and lets go for Hell Fire clan. We give a gentle but scorching hot shells from hell to our enemy and gives advices for cute little noobs of World of Warships on how to do that. If you want some gentle firing warm love, go here and join our clan
  2. TwoFacePH

    WOWS PTS cannot be log inned!

    I cannot log in the PTS for the 5th time is there something wrong with the server? I have done the firewall exception, any other suggestion?
  3. If you want to join my clan, please go to https://discord.gg/eDPtzBq for more info.