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  1. Killing full HP Benham but not get any achievement... 😑😑😑 [Video] https://www.facebook.com/groups/WoWS.International/permalink/1573778399435761/
  2. For me it working fine in :v
  3. NineKunG_TH

    Please buff Moskva

    Battle Cruiser ❌ Medium Cruiser ✔
  4. NineKunG_TH


    Thai language didn't show as box in English client
  5. But it not have SAP in wows legends :v
  6. NineKunG_TH

    WoWs turning 0.10 or 1.0?

    0.10.0 for sure, i think they will do a submarine before switch game engine Here a new "Bering sea" (*Dec 20, 2019 a same day rework map Loop )
  7. NineKunG_TH

    LOL WG. (Copy Paste Fail)

    It possible to get Achievements in co-op Event Achievements and Starter Achievements
  8. possible? *50 second gif
  9. NineKunG_TH

    Premium ships in PTS

    Ship are linked with main server. also you can create clan in PTS
  10. NineKunG_TH

    multiple cv in game

  11. NineKunG_TH

    DD players how you feeling now with DD ?

    @Neufert1 Don't know, no one told me what to do. I just go cap and do something else. *last DD screenshot i have play random
  12. NineKunG_TH

    DD players how you feeling now with DD ?

    Fun and Happy with it.
  13. NineKunG_TH

    Developer Bulletin 0.9.8

    @S0und_Theif Don't forget the Halloween event.
  14. NineKunG_TH

    Feedback Thread for Update 0.9.7

    @Rina_Pon Shikishima gun sound already do that before 0.9.6 :v
  15. NineKunG_TH

    [ALL] ModStation

    Update Consumables pls in Modstation still in Old Version