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  1. My laptop has been broken since June but I finally got a new PC 😶 I think I have a plan for what to do next 🙃
  2. NineKunG_TH

    XP rate system is Racist, here is the proof !

    XP and Credit are calulate from HP% for example damage 17,900HP to shima gives XP equal to damage 97,200HP to yamato
  3. Seem like I have to waste more doubloon😐😐😐
  4. ●Update 0.11.5 -Add Ship Upgrades module Note : wows legends still use Upgrades before 0.9.1 and have less upgrades compare to PC -Add new Acoustic hit subribbons(Submarine sonar pings) -Remake Bomb hit subribbons base on wows legends(new vs old) -Updated Spotted and Bomb hit ribbons -Updated all new Consumable Icons -Add CV Consumable 
  5. NineKunG_TH

    Do all Japanese Cruisers and destroyers Suck?

    Unique Upgrade + long range farming
  6. NineKunG_TH

    Do all Japanese Cruisers and destroyers Suck?

    My friend after not playing Zao several months. lol
  7. NineKunG_TH

    Updated Gearing Size compared with Yue Yang

    Top View Gearing 0.11.4 vs 0.11.5
  8. NineKunG_TH

    [ALL] FT Assistant 2

    Looks much better than the first version. 🤩🤩
  9. NineKunG_TH

    [ALL] 2D RPF

    I tried changing it to white, it's much easier to see.
  10. NineKunG_TH

    How to screw the game for Destroyers

    Why post it here?.... this was a public test feedback
  11. NineKunG_TH

    PT 0.11.4 Feedback Thread

    Minimap change ● Instead of choosing one. Use the right click to be useful. - DB Left Click to show the square and DB Right Click to Show the exact location in the square and have option to invert that action - From above Show object location can do different command between left and right click ● Why is it suddenly changing the position of the ship's name from the bottom to the top? Most players are used to the lower position. Revert that or have setting to change it.