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  1. NineKunG_TH

    0.9.2 Bug Report Thread

  2. NineKunG_TH

    [ALL] ModStation

    Mod by BadoBest still use old TH font. Try to replace a new one in 0.9.2 and it doesn't work.
  3. NineKunG_TH

    Bot Everywhere

    Not only that
  4. NineKunG_TH

    Bot Everywhere

    Nope he just go straight and how he dies? Kaga Torpedo - First Blood I don't know much about this. some bot (Hipper) use hydro when i launch torp but it ignore and hit it
  5. NineKunG_TH

    Bot Everywhere

    because eveyone is bot and bot use aim assist to aim - bot is bot it don't know how to dodge. And another reason why this is lost Because it open full boardside to that Richelieu
  6. NineKunG_TH

    DDs for Ranked

    easy target for Daring :v
  7. Randomly found a bug. When your consumable runs out then talents activate it give you +1 but you can't use it.
  8. NineKunG_TH

    0.9.0 Animation Bug

    Ok it not a bug, i just not check animate small objects. (But Radar still rotating ...)
  9. A Ribbon from World of Warships Legends (Some of them, I drew myself.) ●Update 0.9.2 Add consumables ●Download https://drive.google.com/open?id=1SG61n8cbCidO3IPcFkMJ5uJ-_g8zkxCF * Make sure to unzip (Extract here) the file directly to res_mods\0.9.2 directory **
  10. NineKunG_TH

    0.9.0 Animation Bug

    Hope 0.9.1 it will get fixed
  11. NineKunG_TH

    0.9.0 Animation Bug

    Gun fire-control system Not turned in the direction in which the main gun turned.
  12. NineKunG_TH

    Russian Destoryer Destoryers Need Buff

    Ship Khabarovsk ----------------------------- Kleber Range 11.2km stock (top 13.5) = 13.5km stock Speed 43 kts = 44kts (top) 48.7kts = 55kts Rudder Shift Time 11.1s = 4.2s Concealment (top) 7.9km = 7km Torpedo 53kts/6km = 75kts/8km [so khaba has shorter torp range than detect 2 km ...] (What about test ship Paolo Emilio? = Khaba but everything are better)