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  1. Brownyb

    Things you'd like to see

    No you don't
  2. Brownyb

    My thought about Raptor rescue

    When I play CV i usually go for the Myogi with torps and bombs. I send my fighters up to the north to see if the Myoko has spawned up there then head off south if she hasn't to spot her in her southern spawn then move on to attacking the first CV.
  3. Brownyb

    How do I go about reporting someone?

    Thanks for the quick reply
  4. How do I go about reporting someone for a racial slur?
  5. Brownyb

    Shopping Cart in Premium Shop.

    It seems a reasonable idea to me. Most other online store give you a cart so that you are tempted into multiple purchases
  6. Brownyb

    Shopping Cart in Premium Shop.

    After doing a search and not finding anything I have a suggestion. After getting several foreign transaction fees in one day I was wondering if a there was anyway to create a shopping cart for the premium shop so I can do multiple purchases with one transaction. Also is there a way to gift individual presents out of a 5 box gift pack. I may be missing something and these options already exist could someone please explain how it is done. Thanks Brownyb
  7. Brownyb

    Benson build post smoke nerf.

    I find that if I survive the whole battle that speed boost is likely the only consumable that I will have used all charges. I get bored going from one cap to the next.
  8. Brownyb

    Benson build post smoke nerf.

    Thanks for the advice. I skipped PT. I just assume that if I'm spotted everyone will target me. I always take premium consumables and rarely use them all but I like the fact that the cool down is shorter. I think i'll wait and get the next point for RL then make my decision later for the rest.
  9. Hi everyone. I'm about half way through my Benson grind with a 13 point captain and have a bit of a decision to make. I run a standard PM, LS, SE, CE 10 point build and I'm about halfway to my 14th point. I don't know whether to pick up SI, TAE, BFT or wait and get RL. Then double back and get one of the tier 3 skills and then AR, or SSE with the last two points. If usually play on my own but like to help out my team and pre smoke nerf I would of taken SI then ground on to RL before coming back for SSE. I realise that the smoke nerf is new and many people are still trying to figure out what it means to the meta but any thoughts or suggestion would be appreciated.
  10. Brownyb

    My Current personal Target in WoWs

    Thanks Mister Teatime. I ended up taking the Baltimore out for a spin. So far not so good but I'll give it some time. I was the same when i first took out the New Orleans.
  11. Brownyb

    My Current personal Target in WoWs

    I just used the anniversary free xp bonus. I now have the xp to bypass the Baltimore and go straight to the Des Moines. I'm sitting here debating with myself without getting anywhere so I thought I would throw it open to the forum. All help is welcome.
  12. Brownyb

    New Game Centre launcher

    I had the same problem and couldn't launch the game from game center. So I deleted it and still couldn't launch from the old WOWS desktop icon. I ended up doing a system restore and the old desktop icon started working again.