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  1. Danhvn_1

    Don't nerf Kitakaze

    a DD with 80% of Seattle's DPM should have 5.9km concealment?
  2. Oh I did forgot about SAP @Paladinum
  3. well, every other line's gimmick start at tier 8. Why should the Ita BB line's gimmick start at tier 6? And as I expected, WeeGee can't balance a SAP BB, they can't even balance the Impero with 9 381, how can they even balance 16 of them.
  4. Danhvn_1

    Conquer the Stars in Master of Orion!

    You thought it was a late wows's April Fools event. But it was me, Master of Orion
  5. Danhvn_1

    King of the Sea X Finals!

    Wait no I relized that we can. I'm just a pepega
  6. Danhvn_1

    King of the Sea X Finals!

    Hey, can we watch KoTS from other streamers instead of watching it on https://www.toornament.com?
  7. Danhvn_1


    only WG knows, they will inform you the date on https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/
  8. Danhvn_1

    Critical Error

    Or, create a WGCheck report and send it to WG's player support
  9. Danhvn_1

    A double-edged solution for one particular problem

    Actually, the consumable is already in the game. It's called Kutnetzov's "Will to Victory" talent.
  10. Danhvn_1

    I had fun in ranked

    I don't want to see any Orlan with Kunetzov *hyperstare
  11. Danhvn_1

    ST, changes to test ships

    The Ochakov already got average tier 6 DPM at tier 8. This nerf will make her 1 of the worst if not the worst ship tier by tier in the entire game.
  12. Danhvn_1

    Where to report bot accounts?

    Bruh. Pepega Delete this.