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  1. Danhvn_1

    Christmas Screenshot Event

    Not my pic but that's me in the screenshot, 3 years ago. Back when I was a newbie and people still spamming poi in chat, I came across Bev, now's my friend few years later. Merry Christmas and happy New Year!
  2. Danhvn_1

    Christmas Story Event

    Once upon a time, there was a kid who is attracted to warships ever since he saw the Yamato for the first time, he happily collected images, watched all the videos with her in it. Some times later he saw a game ad with the ship he adore, needless to say he download the game and set his goal towards the almighty boat. Few years later he got the ship and command her into battle, his first battle he removed a cruiser from full hp across the map. Can you imagine his joy? Now the kid is a commander of over 150 ships, under the IGN: Danhvn_1. Thanks WG for making this game a thing. Merry Christmas and happy new year!
  3. Danhvn_1

    Don't nerf Kitakaze

    a DD with 80% of Seattle's DPM should have 5.9km concealment?
  4. Oh I did forgot about SAP @Paladinum
  5. well, every other line's gimmick start at tier 8. Why should the Ita BB line's gimmick start at tier 6? And as I expected, WeeGee can't balance a SAP BB, they can't even balance the Impero with 9 381, how can they even balance 16 of them.
  6. Danhvn_1

    Conquer the Stars in Master of Orion!

    You thought it was a late wows's April Fools event. But it was me, Master of Orion
  7. Danhvn_1

    King of the Sea X Finals!

    Wait no I relized that we can. I'm just a pepega
  8. Danhvn_1

    King of the Sea X Finals!

    Hey, can we watch KoTS from other streamers instead of watching it on https://www.toornament.com?
  9. Danhvn_1


    only WG knows, they will inform you the date on https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/
  10. Danhvn_1

    Critical Error

    Or, create a WGCheck report and send it to WG's player support
  11. Danhvn_1

    A double-edged solution for one particular problem

    Actually, the consumable is already in the game. It's called Kutnetzov's "Will to Victory" talent.
  12. Danhvn_1

    I had fun in ranked

    I don't want to see any Orlan with Kunetzov *hyperstare