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  1. I used the folder loading method before 0.8.8, but after updating, I found that all the files can be used normally but the game becomes the default voice. I found the problem invalid in mod.xml, but my generator can only generate The mod.xml of the folder loading method, ask how to quickly generate mod.xml now
  2. Smallcarrier_pt

    [modAPI] Contect SDK

    Do you have file? I found a server version that can play rts cv is
  3. Smallcarrier_pt

    Is there any way to modify the model?

    Yes, I tried to replace the model after exporting obj in 3dsmax, but only the shells were read normally, the aircraft and the hull read errors, I don't know if it is my obj problem or the conversion tool problem.
  4. In other forums, I saw some models that modified the hull or port. After I saw it, I felt that I was very curious and tried to reproduce these operations. However, with the modification of the tool, only the HE AP works normally, and the rendering of the ship's weight model becomes messy. After a long time of research, I have not figured out the reasons. Can any developer help me explain it?
  5. Smallcarrier_pt

    [modAPI] Contect SDK

    Hello, I refer to the contentSdk.extractSources command line indicated in the theme of another server to try to extract the game content and modify it, but after the execution, the game login interface is stuck and cannot be accessed. python.log prompt [ModsAPI]SDK for JSB018_Yamato_1944 not found At the same time, no folder is created in the root directory. After installing the downloaded ModsSDK_0. to the game folder, try to start the game python.log will prompt Failed to register ASA110_Midway from URARA_Midway. Info file not found, and the game starts normally. But there is no modification, if there is time, please help solve this problem, thank you Command behavior for extracting files: API_VERSION = 'API_v1.0' contentSdk.extractSources('URARA_yamato', 'JSB018_Yamato_1944')
  6. 暂时先盲打把,相比以前只能复制黏贴的时候确实好多了,而且也不是很需要那么多文字交流
  7. 本人在ru和eu論壇找到了有關pnfmods修改船體樣式的方法,但是按照指示的過程操作的時候出現了[ModsAPI]SDK for JSB018_Yamato_1944 not found,因為這個導致的後續無法繼續進行,先後在081,082,0710中進行了過程,其中,081無法啟動modAPI,082pt和0710ST中為啟動過程後提示not found,求告知這是什麼問題和怎麼修正這個過程 main.py的命令行為: API_VERSION ='API_v1.0' contentSdk.extractSources('URARA_yamato','JSB018_Yamato_1944')
  8. 新模式軍備競賽能在tap面板加入雙方已取得的增益效果就好了