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  1. BigShip23

    Winter Warmers

  2. BigShip23

    How many Fish in the Sea

    My humble entry. Happy Easter.
  3. BigShip23

    WG giving new player free premium CV

    Thanks Akyamarukh. Registered a new account and got the USS Langley Premium Aircraft Carrier. She is the same as tech tree's Langley but with a permanent camouflage which gives -10% to the cost of ship's post-battle service and +50% to experience earned in the battle.
  4. BigShip23


  5. BigShip23

    Santa Claus boxes. Random giveaway. Today only.

    BigShip23 needs gib santa box plox. Thank you Ralph for your act of kindness. Good luck and fair seas!
  6. BigShip23

    Concept of Free exp is stupid right now.

    Convert XP earned on Premium ships to Free XP Free
  7. BigShip23

    DOY stage five in a nutshell

    From reddit, not from DOY mission though but I find it funny
  8. BigShip23

    How can i get 70% discount starter pack

    Will be offered to you if you are eligible new player.
  9. BigShip23

    No ships discount nor 1-35 exchange rate this time?

    For you Somedude_Yudachi https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/specials-and-events/newyear_bonus/
  10. BigShip23

    Race III - PADD Shenyang

  11. BigShip23

    Bonus Code for SEA [SEABATTLEAPAC]

    Thank you icy_phoenix
  12. Should be able to purchase all the 5 starter pack ships but you can't gift them.
  13. BigShip23

    How to turn off WG's anti collision on ships ?

    Instruction unclear, ship got caught in Magnu-S's mouth