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  1. ramadavy25


    I'm still trying to figure it out but so far nothing. I cant type on file location for some reason.
  2. ramadavy25


    Ah, thanks. I'll try and find out on how to get those characters.
  3. ramadavy25


    Is there any way to remove the language censoring in wows. Not the toxic words one, but the word that gets boxed. I want to remove that censoring so that i can somewhat understand what my teammate is typing in chat and not get called noob for not knowing the plan.
  4. ramadavy25

    How do i make my tech tree ship to be premium?

    Ah so that's what that is, thank you anyway. I havent played this game since 2017 and i don't know anything.
  5. So i saw my Monarch and my KGV have this premium thing on their BB emblem. I was wondering how do i do that to some other ship, because its either i did it but i forgot or its somewhat random. I just want to make the grind a bit light.