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  1. LTWadeJackson_S17


    The attacking team has an absolute advantage (like 95% of the time). The Convoy really need a major overhaul here, especially with the fact that the attacking team will basically camp the extraction points and wait until the transport ships get closer, then ambushing them like there is no screening ship in the convoy.
  2. LTWadeJackson_S17

    Too close to comfort.

    That sure was a near-death duel... REMEMBER: US heavy cruisers have improved ricochet angles. Remember to not over-angling yourself. 😄 Also, I don't know why but this picture is SATISFYING AF. EDIT #2: I forgot to disclose the guy's name on the left smh.
  3. LTWadeJackson_S17

    planes hit ships damage?!

    Would make more sense if it actually damages the ship. But I bet they will never implement a Kamikaze feature lol.
  4. LTWadeJackson_S17

    Regarding Ruckus in the Depot in Armory

    You don't learn your lessons over the past incidents, do you? Do you want another mass community exodus like Missouri event? All of us wanted to buy goods directly, not through this gambling BS. If you still pull out this kind of crap, then we, the players, have no idea what to say. You have done this kind of cash-grabbing ridiculousness over the past years, and we all feel sick of them already. Save yourself. You're putting yourself in a lot of trouble, especially in countries that have strict rules against gambling. I apologized if this is an insult, but I simply cannot stand on what you have done.
  5. LTWadeJackson_S17


    They have made an improvement to the AI systems to make it more competitive. Maybe the scenarios will be more sweaty now lul. Sweaty aside. I hope more operations will be introduced/brought back in the future.
  6. LTWadeJackson_S17

    Citadel hit on Atlântico

    It's just turtleback armor being lazy. 😄
  7. LTWadeJackson_S17

    Wonder what's the hint of this?

    Well, that's kinda suck to be honest. I guess they disabled the game mode so that the servers won't explode.
  8. LTWadeJackson_S17

    Not only stuck in mountains but also immune to CVs

    If I see this happened. I would...
  9. WHAT THE HELL ARE THOSE GUN LAYOUTS???!!! Ugh, it's real. But bruhhh, those gun layouts just gave me aids. Seriously, what are those empty spaces left for? Tea facilities?
  10. LTWadeJackson_S17

    Holy Grail inside

    They are annoying, hard to counter. Any buffs or nerfs made to them will impact their behaviour and game balances significantly.
  11. LTWadeJackson_S17

    This Would Actually Be Funny If True...

    This is definitely a joke, right?
  12. Oh god, not again.
  13. LTWadeJackson_S17

    Farming potential damage, BB or most hated ship

    "Fattleship." I bursted out into a laughter lmao.
  14. LTWadeJackson_S17

    Uncapped 75 FPS still an option?

    I think it's because Triple Buffering is always enabled? It's remained on even if you disabled it in game. But yeah, the framerate is getting completely uncapped in the next update. Also, V-Sync and Triple Buffering added up some considerable amount of input lag. I suggest you all to disable both two options so that the gameplay can be more responsive (not helping your network performance though). I'm a competitive FPS player and this is a must.