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  1. LTWadeJackson_S17

    Shall I take the bait?

    Not exactly my type actually. It's a gambling after all. I don't wanna go bankrupt just to get something that kept randomizing. It's just a waste for me. Even though these bundles are mostly worth the Doubloons, I would spend them to get something that is guaranteed.
  2. LTWadeJackson_S17


    Also, a small optional suggestion: run Propulsion Mod alongside Rudder Mod.3, drop Concealment Mod completely. This will allow you to dodge incoming shells relatively easier, especially those battleships' shells. This might not work for everyone, depending on their play style, but you can give it a try. Sacrifice roughly 1.5 kilometer of larger detection range for a better maneuverability overall.
  3. LTWadeJackson_S17


    I never played that ship. But I recommended that do not overextend yourself. You are a huge target with weak armor, prone (and hopeless) against battleships' AP shells. Any guns with caliber more than 380mm (15 inches) will basically go through your external plates, they're only 25mm thick. Keep spammin' those high-explosive shells and pray that your enemies burn faster than your own teammates. (lol) They have huge alpha and high chances of causing fire.
  4. LTWadeJackson_S17

    Nerfing the fking Submarines

    No, I'm not defending submarines. I'm just pointing out that it's a balancing factor. But yeah, that speed is literally impossible while submerged. Also, you're right, torpedoes homing should be nerfed even more. They also should remove (or ignore by a few amount, not completly bypassing them) torpedoes' ability to bypass ATP when the target got double-pinged. It's too broken, especially with the fact that they can fire the torpedoes every 45 seconds to a minute.
  5. LTWadeJackson_S17

    Nerfing the fking Submarines

    It's a balancing factor. But I completely agreed with you, that speed is impossible to achieve while submerged. The amount of water pressure would literally bend the hull at such high speed, or worse, breaching the hull entirely.
  6. LTWadeJackson_S17

    Supership Question?

    They are basically Tier 11. The strongest ships, yet very expensive to maintain (roughly 2.5x the service costs compared to Tier 10 ships). You will also require at least three Tier 10 ships before you can even access those superships. Honestly, I do not recommended playing them, unless if you know what you are doing. If you do basically nothing in battles, you will lose a lot of money just for maintaining them.
  7. LTWadeJackson_S17

    Old Gearing Versus New Gearing

    Looks like they made a lot of change to be honest. The hull are smaller, while the superstructures, the turrets and everything else in between looks larger. Also, I noticed that the distance between the torpedo launchers and the funnel stacks are a bit narrower (maybe? it's from my speculation), which will defnitely reduce the firing arcs to somewhat a lesser degree.
  8. LTWadeJackson_S17

    I like it

    Looks really good to be honest.
  9. LTWadeJackson_S17


    Man, I hoped one day Wargaming will bring a development kit or some sort, so that we can unleash our ideas in creating our own custom operations. I would love to dash out the ideas for my own operations if they announce and make a scenario creator or something similiar...
  10. LTWadeJackson_S17

    Buy Kremlin or grind Credits for Super Ships?

    I think you should get Kremlin. Super ships are expensive to maintain. They can really drain your precious wallets if you don't have boosters and premium account, combined. Premium account alone is not enough. (Unless if you do really well.)
  11. LTWadeJackson_S17

    Can anyone tell me how to turn off aircraft's camouflage?

    Yeah. Some camo made the planes look horrible...
  12. LTWadeJackson_S17

    French DD tech tree worth grinding?

    French DDs can be a bit hard to play if you're new, due to considerably high detection range. (Still not as high as those Russian DDs though.) The insane top speed of those Frenchies are what not to be taken lightly. 40 knots stock without Sierra Mike flag, 50+ knots with Engine Boost can be a pain for those who were not familiarized enough with taking leads. The playstyle? Well, go into open water (if you can), play around with the throttle. You can accelerate and decelerate so fast that you can throw the enemies aims off most of the time, which made it even better with Engine Boost activated. Run and gun is the recommended way to effectively play these ships. It might be a bit hard at first, but once you gets the hang of it, then it's one heck of a fun line. Just be sure not to overextend yourself. The guns are also powerful enough to set the ships on fire often, and have decent penetration to penetrate the broadside of the ships. (Not like they had cruiser guns, but still powerful enough to penetrate the casemate of some ships.) They are also tanky and have high hit points, but no smoke generator available. So try to be evasive when under fire. Oh also, Main Battery Reload Boosters... use it wisely. Keep in mind though, the ballistic of the guns before Le Fanstaque (Tier VIII) is really bad. You will have to practice taking leads until then.
  13. LTWadeJackson_S17

    Changing bots names

    So I was messing around with "global" localization file, do you guys know how to change the names of the bots? Thanks!
  14. LTWadeJackson_S17


    I want to see torpedobeat montage with Eurobeat songs lol Any video of torpedobeat montage?