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  1. I am currently grinding the Soviet DD line, one thing I have found is that they are not good at capturing and contesting points. I found that out the hard way, by getting 2,000 damage games A LOT ????! Finally learnt their true purpose in the game, still enjoy their play style though. Now what I'm looking for is a DD line that is the best at contesting and capturing points and engaging in close range brawls with other DD's in the capture circle and coming out on top. I really think I will enjoy that play style. Any suggestions?
  2. Can you specify the distance (if not a fixed value, then a range) that I should keep from the targets I'm engaging that I can use as a ruler to guide myself when I'm too close or too far away?
  3. I just got the Bismarck recently, I'm facing some serious problems in this ship. I'm struggling to cross 30,000 damage when I get matched against Tier 9 and 10. It's not the ship's problem, because I perform decently when I'm top Tier. For example: In my first high Tier game I was very passive and contributed very less to the team. So, in my next high Tier game I got full aggressive and went with the cruisers and I got HE spammed to death .In the next high Tier game I got scared and became very passive, I had zero target hits till 5 minutes were left. I really need some advice on how to play high Tier games effectively, I'm just a super noob! Plus, I just have a 12 point captain and I'm running: Preventive Maintainance, Expert Marksman, Superintendent,Concealment Expert and I'm saving toward Fire Prevention.I will have a 14 point captain when I finish the Bismarck (Sorry I'm not running secondary build).
  4. DinJoe

    Cruiser line suggestions

    I want to know what's the most easy to play and fun cruiser line in the game. I don't really care about the Tier 10 cruisers because I'm most probably not going to reach that far since I like playing BB's and gunboat DD's and will focus more on those lines.I guess Tiers 5-8 will be where I will be stuck at for a long time. So basically, I just want a ship to play when my BB gets destroyed very early in a battle and I have to wait 15 min for the next BB battle. Thank you!
  5. DinJoe

    Secondary build skills

    That's why I had to make a choice to go secondary build or concealment build, if I had a 19 point captain, I wouldn't have even asked the question, I would've gone full secondary build, but due to lack of points secondary build doesn't work well but concealment is kinda decent so........ Plus I'm actual enjoying concealment expert on my Gniesenau quite a bit. Just got her yesterday.
  6. DinJoe

    Secondary build skills

    I just tried concealment expert and my performance improved quite a bit, so I think I'll go for a concealment/tank build now. Also noticed that it is pretty hard to get within 10km of an enemy ship without concealment expert skill. Thanks for the advice!
  7. DinJoe

    Secondary build skills

    I'll see then. Then should I not go for the secondary build at all?
  8. I'm currently finishing up with the Bayern. According to my calculations I would end up with 12-13 point captain(even if I use all the commander experience multipliers) when I begin the Bismarck which means that I wouldn't be able to get the next four point skill for a long time. My current captain: Preventive maintainence, Turret traverse and Basic firing training. Assuming that I will only have one four point skill in the Bismarck and I'm set on going only secondary build on the Bismarck, please suggest if I should go with Manual secondaries OR Advanced firing training. I'm kind of leaning toward Manual secondaries because I would like better dispersion and the fact that I can get 9.0km secondary range with the secondary range upgrade. But correct me if I'm wrong.
  9. DinJoe

    An Argument for CV Removal

    It's too late to remove CVs now.