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  1. Riuza

    deleted thread

    bruh i want this guy get punish because ruining the game so much , if random battle i would be okay with it but this is rank battle
  2. Riuza


    Yeaa , try tell your dd to afk if you don't need CAP , you will see the game will be ended in 10 minutes without anyone died
  3. Riuza


    Im not lying thought this is the sample, i cap so hard
  4. I found it that exp cap has been decreased, and that make other people in rank battle full of BB and no one wants to become a destroyer because it hard to cap and you not rewarded , AND THE ONLY REWARDED IS ONLY BASE ON DAMAGE so another way that if you wants to stay at your rank not losing star u must damage most of it , u can't only cap and make point , yes is only dd can cap but these days i found it was pretty HARD to cap because DD always Yue yang radar and Worcester added to game it just Frustrating become a DD in Rank Battle.... ( DD not rewarded because their job is a DD(Scouting , torp , kill another dd) ) PS : The PIC SHOW ALWAYS YAMATO AT TOP and I tired play dd so i play moskva
  5. Riuza

    How to play Graf Spee ?

    Cap Skill Wise: First 10 skill point: Priority Target, Adrenaline rush ( for extra DPM), Superintendent ( for Extra Heal), Concealment Expert ( so u can surprise enemy broadside) Then you can go: Demo Expert, Expert Marksman, and Advance Fire Training ( for Protect your self from plane since Low tier so many CV player) How to play it? Play like a cruiser but you significant strong against enemy broadside since you have BB Gun If you don't know how to play a cruiser then here it is : Always on the move , If you can shoot behind rock then keep it up your position , your not tanky so if number on priority target is high stop shooting and flee, always on angle don't give your broadside to anyone , if you want reposition to find your self undetected and you can reposition. I hope this is helping
  6. Riuza

    Bad luck b̶r̶i̶a̶n̶ Bayern

    Try to learn how to put your position : - U can shoot enemy Cruiser and BB - Never alone in range 6-8 km with your allies - never hide in the rock for shooting an enemy - keep on moving but if you too far try don't shoot and reposition to near allies
  7. Riuza

    Balance Wg. Balance....

    Having played any type of ship against Stalingrad is not an enjoyable memory
  8. Get the Izumo for the extra pain of playing BB
  9. Riuza

    Changing Server

    Please don't leave :(
  10. Riuza

    Salty reports

    Well it's fun reporting enemy and allies, especially CV player
  11. Riuza

    Clan battle start?

    same here too , the clan battle button just said " clan battle seasons has ended"
  12. Riuza


    same here the answere was NOPE
  13. Riuza

    Best premium for noobs?

    I really recomended Lo Yang..cuz i cant play other than dd lul and it pretty good like benson have hydrocoustic