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  1. Happysheriff86

    Reporting lag issues

    i having lag issues lately which is never happen before..usually after 2 or 3 game without problem then suddenly the next game become so laggy.. what is going on?
  2. Happysheriff86

    Bismarck against upper tier

    I think your right..i always looking for an opening and try to rush in or if i see 1 or 2 bb i have the urge to challenge them..i dont mind destroyed if i can bring 1 or 2 ships with me..against tier 9 above doesnt work well..maybe i should adjust my playing style a bit
  3. Happysheriff86

    Bismarck against upper tier

    need more credit until i get my 5th module..and thanks for your advice i will try it. I use secondary build too minus manual fire control because i only have 12point..you give me some good tips thanks a lot
  4. Happysheriff86

    Bismarck against upper tier

    I agree with you this ship have bad dispersion but i still can constantly land some hit..so i dont have problem with that..what surprise me is the performance of main battery in close range against upper tier..
  5. Happysheriff86

    Bismarck against upper tier

    I only have 12 point..this is my captain spec 1.pm 2.em, ar 3.bft 4.aft For modules 1.main armaments 1 2.secondary battery 2 3.damage control system 1 4.damage control system 2 5.<empty> When i play using gneisenau with the same build i never had this kind of problem..i can perform well against upper tier.
  6. Happysheriff86

    Bismarck against upper tier

    Hello all, i want to ask something..what should i do with my bismarck when against opponents battleship from tier 9 above?because from my experience in some random battle i was able to closing in and forced the opponents in brawling situation but bismarck AP shells cant penetrated their armor even though the enemy ship show their broadside. And i end up destroyed without giving enough damage to them. Im sorry for my broken english i hope all of you understand what i said. Thanks