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  1. Sir_Feather

    not playing again till aircraft fixed

    Before rework, I lost count how many times a Graf Zeppelin one-shot my full health Monarch with the most disgusting AP bomb that ever exists throughout my grind to Lion. I also stopped grinding through Kongo because if a Saipan was on the enemy team, it was auto-loss 90% of the time, especially since Saipan had no trouble shred the enemy squadrons with zero effort. And of course since Saipan was a T7, she had the so-called "protected MM" which ensured her to be the top tier 90% of the time. Needless to say all the T5 ships put in the other team were as good as dead. Kaga was also inherently unbalanced with the terrifyingly large amount of planes in reserve for a T7 CV. Last but not least, Ryujo & Independence had little to no trouble to solo kill the non-US BBs thanks to the manual drop. I mean now your BB can survive 4-5 minutes against CV's airstrikes regardless how crappy your AA is, back then even a full AA build US BBs could only survive up to 1 or 2 minutes against CVs of same tier, depending on how far you were from the CV (planes were also slower back then).
  2. I actually find the British rockets to be lackluster compared to the American counterpart. I only use them for early spotting & for when my torp & dive bombers are rebuilding their lost squads. The British bombs are lightweight, so they never penetrate the thicker deck armor, but they have a fairly high chance to set multiple fires though because of their drop pattern allows them to cover the whole deck of the targeted ships if their drop is in parallel with the ship. The torpedoes are a bit unsettling because their seemingly powerful converging drop pattern is completely offset by the number of torpedoes they drop. Implacable still drops 2 torps per attack while Lexington drops 3 with upgraded module. And of course the torps only really converge when they travel longer, so a point-blank drop still leaves a large ship to dive in between them. However the torps are slightly faster than their American counterpart which gives fewer chance for the targeted ship to outrun them (I still do not recommend to drop from the rear against a moderately fast target though). I only play both American & British CVs, so I cannot say much about the Japanese CVs apart from what the others have described above. And I say the American CVs are more forgiving than the British. American CVs are more versatile in choosing their targets, and can solo anything except CV (and enemies that group up with each other which is the common rule for all CVs anyways). British CVs rely on DoT, so their damage dealt is more of a supportive contribution rather than an absolute contribution (a.k.a. game-carrying).
  3. Sir_Feather

    The most simple way to fix CV problem

    That's what they said on what if Mino can shoot HE, and IJN gunboats are buffed
  4. The rest of the line is pretty much the same, so yes you might wanna learn on the US line instead if you find Hermes to be too difficult to do well.
  5. Sir_Feather

    Is there a way to choose a battle without CVs?

    I don't think they will. I mean there are some ships that can fire an absurdly amount of shells despite their limited displacement. points at Minotaur, Worcester, Harugumo, etc.
  6. Sir_Feather

    Is there a way to choose a battle without CVs?

    It is normal for CV to stay alive at the end of the match, far more normal than both DD & BB. Before rework, you could spot almost anyone else if you play the IJN torpboats. This imbalance put a lot of hurt to the Russian & German DDs since these IJN torpboats outspot them from miles away. After rework, everyone is equal. Especially if the radar cruiser in your team is a derp. The whole T8 vs T10 problem applies on all classes since Obama was still the president. Lexington vs Mino/Wooster, Monarch vs Yamato, Hipper vs Zao, Lightning/Kiev/Udaloi/Z-23 vs Shima/Harugumo, etc. It is more of a problem with MM rather than the "Cv iS BaD" problem.
  7. Sir_Feather

    Game is becoming a JOKE!!!!!!!

    If you can't beat them, join them!
  8. Sir_Feather

    [] Asayake's Azur Lane Mod "ARASHI"

    Cool! Thanks for the info!
  9. Sir_Feather

    [] Asayake's Azur Lane Mod "ARASHI"

    This mod is nice & I am using it. But the only loading screen I have seen so far is the one with Zuikaku, I never see the one with Mikasa or the Atago +Takao. The pictures are available in the same folder though, and I follow the instructions.
  10. Sir_Feather

    Musashi Krond Affect

    The latter half of your statement is an accurate shot to your own foot. You said it's very easy to win in a CV but oof you really reminded us he is not the kind of player you see on daily team here. He also has a video showing how he trumps the match in a Minotaur, the ship that is always doomed by the slightest error in positioning.
  11. Sir_Feather

    CV Changes pls Explain

    Exactly! As long as the product is consumed actively whether by the lovers & the haters, a company could never be bothered by the "opinions" of the few. WG does not charge a cent to anyone who decides to join the game to begin with. So every cent a player gives to WG is solely at the player's discretion.
  12. Sir_Feather

    Musashi Krond Affect

    Yea like those *beep* new US CLs & CAs after the line split. 4 Cleveland/Seattle/Worcester per team & their radars were still 10 km. DDs were bullied left and right.
  13. Sir_Feather

    CV Changes pls Explain

    How much did you spend? Is it enough to cover the wage of their employees? Is it enough to cover their electric bill for a month? $50? $100? $1000? If you think a company will listen to a customer that contributes less than 1% of their income, sorry the reality does not work that way, ever!
  14. Sir_Feather

    Thank You

    You blame the whole idiocy on CV without ever playing one? Sorry but I really double check your stats (by legal way of course), and you happen to be one of the kind of players you are calling out. Your only good stats come from Scharnhorst & Tirpitz, while your stats on the non-premium counterparts are horrendously bad to mention here, especially on the IJN BBs which ironically got their AA vastly improved since CV rework. And the biggest irony on this thread is the fact that your experience in this game is more than twice as much as the 3 others here as I wrote this down. But yeah old timers can either be a wise or a senile man...
  15. Sir_Feather

    reduce amount cv in tier 8 to one

    I will ask " No GC MM", "No Kamikaze MM", No French cruiser MM", etc. But yeah we would be pretty much returning to CBT era. Oh wait non-DD players complain DDs have no real counter, let's bring back radar!