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  1. Sir_Feather


    And rename her Maya
  2. Sir_Feather

    Physics of extending range

    The crews on the USS Texas also managed to extend the gun range by flooding the ship on one side in order to gain some additional elevation angle for her guns during the Normandy Landing/D-Day. However the game does not follow any law of physics. Because if it does, there would be no one can land any hit at any non-stationary targets except from brawling range. Moskva's shells for example; would have taken at least 21 seconds to reach the maximum range before any reductions taken into account (air drag, unstable sea level, etc.).
  3. Sir_Feather

    DD counter to CV

    And this is one of few reasons why the high tier CVs are rarer than during the peak period. The more time to be wasted, the less likely they can cover the service cost even if they keep their premium account running. And then because the CVs have "unlimited amount" of planes, their service cost can easily soar up higher if they take too many unnecessary risks. And of course the triple CV battles at T4 can happen because of the same reasons (along with the almost non-existent AA at low tier).
  4. Sir_Feather

    [Random Rant] Gun range

    I would also add; make spotter plane capable of spotting torps like it used to do. Especially since there are more stealthy torps now than there were back then. Fighters may or may not have the same capability again.
  5. Sir_Feather

    DD counter to CV

    I think the new French DDs, and the main line Russian DDs are better at not being nuked by CVs. They have *beep* concealment, but their long-ranged guns with high ballistics make them capable for artillery support. And there is CV to do the spotting, so you don't really need the small ninjas on the frontline.
  6. Sir_Feather

    Bots Scam EXPOSED

    And this is essentially how bots work in many other games regardless their genres. In my opinion, the only scam WG ever does so far is their constant powercreep on the older ships, or the German ships in particular.
  7. Sir_Feather

    [Random Rant] Gun range

    As someone whom literally takes IFA as the first skill on most ships, I have no problem against these Hitman's wannabes. However I do agree there must be a more serious drawback for the sniping playstyle. WG did a nice job on the Russian BBs which reward the players nicely if they are willing to tank while at the same time they punish the snipers that play in a selfish manner. Salem is actually better with the Reload Mod though. SHS-spamming every 4.8 sec can shred almost all cruisers instantly (Stalingrad will suffer broken guns a lot).
  8. Sir_Feather

    If the yamato's weapon is this......

    Name it Stalin. Yes we already have Stalingrad, but that is named after the city like Leningrad (and we have Lenin).
  9. Sir_Feather

    Monarch opinions?

    Well, neither of those ships have any real armor. I have citadeled both with Scharnorst with ease despite having the smallest caliber gun for a BB. Monarch (or literally any T8 BBs) can do well against the same & lower tier ships. However if the MM decides to put you against the higher tier ships, may God help you. The other T8 BBs may have less problem against the higher tier ships: Bismarck - has long-ranged secondaries, and almost impenetrable citadel (broadsiding is still not recommended though). North Carolina - has strongest AA, and long-ranged 16 inch guns (all 16 inch guns are capable of punching through T10 CAs armor from many angles). Vladivostok - has the strongest frontal armor (only penetrable by Yamato & Musashi, and short-ranged 16 inch guns but deadlier accuracy at mid to close range. Richelieu - has the all-front gun layout which nullifies the need to show any side when firing full salvo, fastest top speed, and somewhat better fire chance on HE shells than Monarch's. Amagi - has the most number of guns of all T8 BBs which are also 16 inch.
  10. And 100 games a day equates at least 16 hours of 10 minute games. Color me impressed they have yet to blow up their rigs.
  11. Sir_Feather

    Moskva Legendary upgrade worth it?

    The - 11% dispersion will override the enemy's + 9% dispersion from camo & concealment upgrade. Which is really nice to hit the citadel more consistently.
  12. Sir_Feather

    thoughts on rank sprint

    You do realize he's one of those guys dealing with this kind of language
  13. Sir_Feather

    WG Buff CV plz

    Except Hermes. Still uses 1 plane per DB & TB attack.
  14. Sir_Feather

    WG Buff CV plz

    She's a Super Rare ship, so it makes sense
  15. Sir_Feather

    Some T3 and T4 games

    The problem is basically what's wrong with the MM which is the only rework we need. Tiers were supposed to be how we could compare one ship's strength with the others. However WG got a brilliant idea to put ships of "X" tier, and "Y" tier in the same pool (they include ships of "Z" tier sometimes). Unfortunately there is none. I did an experiment on that subject. All new players have the "protected MM" to keep them away from facing against the human-controlled CVs until they have unlocked their first CV. Then there is another layer of the "protected MM" that prevents them to get into full PvP Randoms until they play one battle in a T5 ship.