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  1. Sir_Feather

    Shinano confirmed!

    Too bad it never happens.....
  2. Sir_Feather

    Influx of Necromancy

    Kittens are overrated.... Doggos are better!
  3. Sir_Feather

    What if

    Save Nevada for the T6 after the US BB split (if the split ever happens of course)
  4. Sir_Feather

    Nice Shell Grouping but... Hey,

    Did you put Moses on that ship?
  5. Sir_Feather

    Mikoyan should be T4 if Kirov is T5

    That's why Kirov gets converted into a premium. Too good to be non-premium. Or rather Kirov should have been a T6 non-premium if we consider her raw stats more thoroughly. But this is the same game that puts the post-war era ships on the same tier with the WW 2-era ships....
  6. Sir_Feather

    HOW TO DELETE an extraneous account

    Actually you really need a separate account for the public test server because the public test server is on another server. But you still have to use the same email that you use on live server because WG uses the email to connect the 2 different accounts. If you delete your public test account, you will only lose that account (your live account should be intact). However you can opt to use the same username that you use on live server, or a completely different username.
  7. Sir_Feather

    Azur Lane General Discussion Thread

    Nah I will wait for this one
  8. Sir_Feather

    What coal ship to get? (I know i am late)

    Spot on! Salem is absurdly tanky in some situations due to her superheal. I have been in numerous occasions where I am forced to hold the positions, and Salem clearly fits that role when needed. The short-ranged radar is more or less a super hydro with short duration, minus the ability to screen the incoming torps. But since the newer DDs are not relying on stealth at all, the radar range problem is not really that problematic. As for the lack of legendary mod, I find the propulsion mod 1 to be a decent substitute.
  9. Sir_Feather

    Azur Lane General Discussion Thread

    First 3 roll I start with only 15 cubes, so I cannot do 10 roll.
  10. Sir_Feather

    Azur Lane General Discussion Thread

    That Littorio tho.... Nimi still doesn't get oath skin, but that beach skin is ok. Minneapolis gets oath skin although there are not many who have her (at least on EN server)
  11. Sir_Feather

    T7 ships ranked for ranked

    1. What kind of numbnut that put Lyon on the worst tier? 16 guns with HE that actually works on setting fire consistently should the targets be well-angled are too good for that rating. You can literally one shot a DD with them if RNG allows it to happen. 2. He forgot about Poltava 3. There are no CVs at T7. Therefore Skane's biggest asset is too insignificant to be taken into the consideration. The low alpha on torps is the salt on the wound. Guns? Mahan has a similar RoF with better utilities. 4. Maass has a literal mini radar that can be used against most DDs that hide in smoke. 5. Ranked maps tend to be small, and this is where Scharnorst can shine. TL;DR He's either high, drunk, or losing his sanity due to the quarantine. Or all of them. @Sapper's list makes more sense.
  12. Sir_Feather

    What coal ship to get? (I know i am late)

    If you are planning to get Des Moines eventually, you don't really need Salem. The only thing that makes Salem better than Des Moines is the ability to brawl any cruisers & crippled BBs due to the superheal. But since brawling itself is more mythical than unicorns (at least on this server), Salem's only specialty is pretty much irrelevant. And that's why Salem is still available on the Armory although she is actually the first coal ship in the game. She is never popular enough to be removed from the Armory. I have no plan on getting myself Des Moines, so I stick with Salem.
  13. Sir_Feather

    WG shold learn from Yostar marketing department

    WG needs to tone down its greed first before everything is solved. The current event is just a straight-up nonsense from WG's marketing department. Sure WG needs our money to keep the games alive. But the way it treats the customers since 2019 is mostly bad. One thing Yostar is better than WG is how it treats the customers. From that, everything else can be welcomed. 1. Freebies In Al, every newbie gets Prinz Eugen on 8-day login, and Belfast plus many other stuffs from the milestone progressions. And not every event ship has to be unlocked by grinding/building (Kirishima, Kizuna Ai,, etc). In WoWs, every newbie only gets credits, signals, and camos from the Service Record if they don't use the referral link. The event ships are mostly unlocked by grinding which were doable back then like Aigle, but now literally impossible without paying. 2. Compensations Whenever something goes wrong in AL, the players get a lot of compensations (gems are guaranteed when something really bad happens). In WoWs, we are only compensated by few random daily containers, or at best 1 day premium (although the game is unplayable for 3 days). 3. The relationship between the company & its customers Yostar is obviously loved by the playerbase. They know how to treat the playerbase, and they know they have to deliver a proper service to the playerbase before they ask for us to open our wallet (which are usually done very subtly via the nice-looking skins). And I don't have to say how WG does in this subject. One thing for sure, WG likes to shoot its own foot.
  14. Sir_Feather

    Emile Bertin's armor

    Omaha has decent gun range though (longer than Dallas & Helena). Omaha's citadel problem is just a basic cruiser trait. The stereotype of Omaha's crap survivability is stemmed on the fact that kiting is just too advanced to be mastered in few tens of games. Players who know how to kite will enjoy the ship nonetheless. Emile Bertin is indeed strong though. The combination of the troll citadel, high top speed, and good guns makes her the easiest T5 cruiser for newbies. And imo, she's tied with Omaha as one of the T5 cruisers that are actually good, even when bottom-tiered. She is basically an over-sized DD!
  15. Sir_Feather

    Make new title : World of Botship

    Well yeah there are still very few AL modders on this game (mostly work on the UI mods). But give it a year or two, then we might have more. I have been working on voiceover mods, specifically those that have no official WoWs captains (e.g. KGV, Zara, etc.). But I still keep them for personal use because the mods are still far from perfect. And because I will not be able to play WoWs at all for the next few months, my work on the mods are stopped.