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  1. Sir_Feather

    0.9.1 Bulletin Out-DISCUSSION TIME

    The RM Battleships should be the ones with SAP & AP as default ammo types, not the cruisers! Imagine how trollish >406 mm SAP can be
  2. Sir_Feather

    New French T10 Premium the Marceau

    That could have been the first (and more acceptable) T10 Commonwealth ship. WG went too overboard with the amount of paper ships.
  3. Sir_Feather

    1 of my best snowball experience.

    Been there, done that. Sometimes the battle does not reach the 10 minute mark when snowball happens (Epicenter mode in particular).
  4. Sir_Feather

    New French T10 Premium the Marceau

    You forgot one more question. Why does WG keep adding French boats into the game?
  5. Sir_Feather

    New French T10 Premium the Marceau

    Halland only has 2 twin 120 mm guns, no saturation gimmick, and 35 knot top speed. This thing has 4 twin 127mm guns, saturation gimmick, and freaking fast.
  6. Sir_Feather

    About to delete this game

    Depends on your endgame goal. I have 3 accounts including this one as my main which has 11 T10 ships, and has reached the endgame because I've got all I want to have. I only use the other 2 accounts just to deceive anyone who looks at others' stats at low & mid tiers, and both have less than 1000 battles in record. It's fun to pretend to be a newbie because no one expects those accounts are controlled by someone with a heck lot of experience despite the low numbers
  7. Sir_Feather

    When will Wukong, Baijie and Siliwangi on sale?

    I would rather be a heinous evil bastard and admit it proudly rather than to be a hypocritical hero wannabe.
  8. Sir_Feather

    Biggest reason why people hate CV

    Sorry but after the 20% air detection buffs across all ships, most cruisers with deadly AA are only visible to CVs when their planes are inside the AA bubble. And being caught within those AA means the squadron will lose at least 40% of its hp (more if the planes eat the flak bursts). Tell that to IJN paper-like planes. Tell that to Saipan & the entirety of UK CVs But only one place at a time, unlike the old RTS CVs.
  9. Some of the CV haters are apparently IJN fanbois. And that is ironic because it was the IJN who pioneered the effective usage of CVs. *cough* Attack on Pearl Harbor & the Sinking of Royal Navy's Force Z
  10. Sir_Feather

    Benson AA

    Holy Ship those are Enty's planes! GG no damage win A certain group of players will say it's fake
  11. Maybe that's why the RNG, and the Spreadsheet Gods keep giving him losing streak
  12. Sir_Feather


    Ranked at T7 was surely fun for those who own Belfast, especially they fed on poor scrubs who did not buy it.
  13. Sir_Feather

    Biggest reason why people hate CV

    Change the title to [Biggest reason why people hate being spotted}, and it shows the bigger problem. In short, anyone hates to be scratched right after being spotted, and not just DDs. - BBs hate to get harassed by HE-spammers from behind covers (smoke & islands in particular). - Cruisers hate to be nuked right when they are spotted, sometimes when there is no way to angle against multiple shots from different directions.
  14. I just got a pop up message saying that because I did not use my coupon for premium account, WG gives another coupon plus 25k Free EXP as a compensation for the unused coupon. I take the Free EXP, and ignore the 70% discount coupon for premium account as I did with the previous one.
  15. This one is a good advice. But there are those kind of players who deem it as a blasphemous move to get their own hands on something they hate to the bone. On a related topic, what happened to that guy who ironically got a premium CV despite his hellbent hatred to CVs?