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  1. Reinhard_of_Avercland

    Does this annoy anyone else?

    They have also massacred the Sarushima Base. It used to be cool even at low settings. But now it's utter crap. *Note: it's on high settings) Lighting improvements, they said....
  2. Reinhard_of_Avercland

    I can't see the logic here...

    It became top BB in plane shot down because most players are fully aware of how tanky Kiremlin is towards the normal shells, thus the high plane kills. Because most CV players with enough common sense would certainly try to kill the Kremlin before it gets too close. I have both Montana & Kremlin, and I say Kremlin's AA is nowhere near Montana's level. But because it is a basic knowledge to know how godly the American's AA stats are, you would never send your planes to them unless it is a last resort. Thus the lower plane kill. And of course Montana is much easier to deal with, you can take any BB, CL, CA, DD; and go 1 vs 1 against her. So yeah his logic is broken...
  3. Reinhard_of_Avercland

    Azur Lane General Discussion Thread

    Back to the main context, AL somehow foreshadowed the German CV dive bombers' high altitude flight gimmick in WoWs. This Zeppy was added into AL on late April/early May 2019. Over 14 months before German CV line was added in WoWs.
  4. Reinhard_of_Avercland

    Azur Lane General Discussion Thread

    Yup I was hyped to get the Iron Cross camo for my Hindenburg. But then I get disappointed when I figure out it is impossible to earn enough tokwns without paying the game. WG's greed is s just ridiculous at this point, as if Akashi is in charge of the marketing here
  5. Reinhard_of_Avercland

    Azur Lane General Discussion Thread

    There are 3 sets of missions that were added recently, you can find them in the combat mission within the German carriers category. However all those missions can only be done with German ships. I have 45 tokens now.
  6. Reinhard_of_Avercland

    World of Warships will never have...

    3. Player-controlled support ships We had the mechanics that could make them possible during the "Raid for the Filth" event. But I don't think WG will ever implement it into the normal game modes.
  7. Reinhard_of_Avercland

    Thunderer is making ASIA Random Battles become worse everyday

    This is it ,lads! This is the flag that would lead to Thunderer's removal from the Armory. But yeah there have been too many of them in Random nowadays.
  8. Reinhard_of_Avercland

    Azur Lane General Discussion Thread

    I believe this kind of transparency is needed on WG because the recent update is quite a dumpster fire. Anyway, it's clear enough for us to plan ahead. And Gems! How can we say no to Gems?
  9. That depends on the island's height. If the island is relatively low enough for German & Soviet cruisers to shoot over from, planes can still spot you. But if the island high enough, it should not be possible.
  10. Reinhard_of_Avercland

    US 2nd Battleship tech tree Size comparison

    Minnesota & Kansas are literally floating burgers
  11. Reinhard_of_Avercland

    Guten Tag!

    They get permanent camo... all of them! *muffled angry tea noises in the distance*
  12. Reinhard_of_Avercland

    Unable to view replays

    Yes I found the same issue. I was about to watch the replays of my 3-men division games today, but I cannot open any of them.
  13. Reinhard_of_Avercland

    I can't see the logic here...

    https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/221777-096-modifications-folder-issue/ So the main reason of why the update wiped out all mods stored in the previous patch is that WG "encourages" the players to stop using the outdated mods. WG apparently made it clear this clean up will happen on every update since 0.9.6. But here are the points that WG might have missed: Modders are always obliged to put the patch version on their published mods on the forum. Most modders always have to verify whether their mods are working after the update or not. All old mods that remain outdated for 3 consecutive updates will be locked into the archive until the modders update them. Modpack creators are always in contact with the modders, which negates the possibility for the outdated mods to be downloadable in the modpacks. All players that wish to use mods are strongly encouraged to only get the mods that are published on the forum, or from the modpacks which are approved by WG (Aslain's & Modstation). That being said, WG went overboard on handling this issue with the outdated mods.
  14. Reinhard_of_Avercland

    Very UGLY graphics after 0.9.6 updating

    Maybe they are planning to merge this game with the console version? I mean the recent changes on the Armory & Port's UI makes the game looks closer to the console version.
  15. Reinhard_of_Avercland

    Legacy Launcher does not work anymore

    I am even more amazed about those who defend the WGC because they find it to be completely trustworthy. And there are those rich fortunate snobs that claim to have no issue at all although there are examples of those who have issues with it despite having decent PC specs.