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  1. Reinhard_of_Avercland

    First impressions: Convoy

    My take: Tallinn is way more superior than Prinz Eugen. I'm not complaining about it because both are good waifus. Oland is somewhat inferior compared to Kagero with TRB because the convoy ships cannot dodge more than a single wave of torps. Vladivostok is godly. Borodino is only good to deter DDs with radar. Bismarck is only good at yolo rushing. Kaga & Indomitable can make enemy CVs suffer. One has TBs that when played right, can do the 2nd strike with the same squadron. And the other one has invincible carpet bombers with high cruise speed. Both can maul whales with their brand new Chkalov
  2. Reinhard_of_Avercland


    Good for modes that favor CQC like Ranked. You can get similar results with Pommern though. Otherwise, nope. And I have both. However the ship is oddly stealthier than Mainz & Hindenburg despite being a larger ship.
  3. Reinhard_of_Avercland


    It's still a Kuma with fancy gimmick. The only acceptable legend is Shinano. Therefore this declaration is a heresy upon the floof cult
  4. Reinhard_of_Avercland

    Region Change

    You can use the same email even without deleting your other account because each server has its own login portal.
  5. Reinhard_of_Avercland

    Transformers 35th Anniversary (Armory and Combat Missions)

    Those are weird looking Gundams
  6. Reinhard_of_Avercland

    ​📰 ST 0.10.9, Changes to Test Ships

    SAP secondaries already exist, look at Napoli. If the reddit post is true, then Giuseppe Verdi is basically Marco Polo with Napoli's gimmicks.
  7. Reinhard_of_Avercland

    ​📰 ST 0.10.9, Changes to Test Ships

    It has smoke with very long duration
  8. Reinhard_of_Avercland

    Anyone won defending the convoy?

    It's the exact opposite for me. Defending is easy, especially if there are no DDs. All it takes is just letting the raiders come to exactly where I expect them to be (anywhere between the halfway & the escape point. Raiding is the difficult one as it actually takes the BB players to play aggressively. The only times I won as the raider were when I brought Kaga (to snipe the enemy CV as early as possible), and Vladivostok (which is a really good ship to tank focused fire long enough to distract the defenders). Lightning can also work to deal with any DDs other than Cossack.
  9. Reinhard_of_Avercland

    Set Sail Without A Commander

    You still get ship Exp and Free XP, but not Commander XP
  10. Reinhard_of_Avercland

    There are too many destroyers in the co-op battles

    That's what happens when there is virtually no consequence for the aggressive playstyle that would otherwise be nigh impossible to pull off successfully in PvP modes. Personally I would not mind about it at all. I have no place to complain about it as I only do Co-Op for this "twice a year" kind of event. If my Kansas barely deals any damage because the enemies get wiped out before my 3rd salvo is fully loaded, then it's my own fault for bringing a ship that is slow at pretty much anything into the "easy & fast" mode. Even more so because I am fully aware of the ship's drawbacks. Blaming the others for your obviously bad choice is just wrong. Sure everyone deserves to have fun in this game. It might not be entirely your fault to bring BB into Co-Op for any reasons. But as I said in another thread, WG never use Co-Op as the input for their spreadsheet. So if a ship is bad for Co-Op for some reasons, that's solely because Co-Op has been never taken as the testing ground at all when they are balancing the ship's performance (until sub happens of course).
  11. Reinhard_of_Avercland

    6yrs Anniversary Perm Camos, your choices?

    I have no plan to grind further on that line anyways. And it looks sick!
  12. Reinhard_of_Avercland

    Chkalov OP.... for them who miss RTS CV Era.....

    EU replay should be taken with a lot of salt. Where are the AA blobs? Everyone is spacing out enough to make the CV looks OP. The CV gets spotted multiple times during the battle, but no one actually rushes it other than the almost dead DD at the early part of the match.
  13. Reinhard_of_Avercland

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    18 SCs. I had some thoughts to buy Ark Royal just as yesterday. Well, at least I got her for free. And the doubloons are almost the full price of Ark Royal.