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  1. Reinhard_of_Avercland


    When GZ was the "oh ship, the enemy team has it" rather than the "LOL the enemy team has it" kind of ship.
  2. No no no... I get the 0 damage. But what about the penalty? Would the rammer & the rammed get 0 credits & exp for damaging each other?
  3. I have yet to test this. But what if you accidentally ram into your allies? I have never seen any "friendly" ramming since the new rules hit the live server.
  4. Reinhard_of_Avercland

    New CV mechanics

    One thing for sure. The blaming CV trend has become more apparent due to this change. I mean the playerbase has formed a strict mindset that CV players should or rather must do the anti DD role first before anything else. Coincidentally, the number of CV players at T10 have dropped significantly since then. Both on Random & Grand Battle. On the other hand, double CVs per team at T6 have become more common. I admit I'm one of those who play the T6 CVs more frequently as I abandon my high tier CVs. But as long as it is completely legal to sealclub, I don't see any problem with it. WG have been trying to make low & mid tier games popular again after all, and I'm taking part of that plan in a "normal" way. One that doesn't use RB. Other players' feeling? What's that?
  5. Reinhard_of_Avercland

    New CV mechanics

    Firstly, if you are getting salty of these complaints, then you are free ignore them. The complaint/rant/whine threads make up like half of this god-forsaken forum. Asking the users to stop complaining/ranting/whining will make this place even more forsaken. Secondly, unlike a certain someone who complains about pretty much anything that remotely affects DD; I'm not on the same category as him. CV is still the class I play the least. Even if WG decide to nerf CVs even further (or even remove them as the haters want them be), then WG is free to be my guest. It's written on the EULA after all. Thirdly, I was not even complaining. I only put out my thoughts about that change, and never ever told WG to revert the change. Fourthly, I almost never used rockets against DDs before this change, with very few exceptions. Most of the kills have been from DB, which had been more effective since there is no way DB can fly past the hidden DDs that keep their AA off.
  6. Reinhard_of_Avercland

    New CV mechanics

    They play in the kiddie's pool, not in the shark-infested salty seas.
  7. Reinhard_of_Avercland

    Should I...

    Alright WG immediately put Ise into the "permanent shelf" right after they pulled out the Admiral Pack. I mean those who missed the chance to buy her earlier are now able to buy her at cheaper price! Well... it's a sweet deal nonetheless.
  8. Reinhard_of_Avercland

    IJN Ise vs Tone

    People need to stop calling Tone as "Atago with planes". It's "Mogami with planes".
  9. Reinhard_of_Avercland

    New CV mechanics

    *double posted*
  10. Reinhard_of_Avercland

    New CV mechanics

    So basically, the British gets the best HE rockets in the game. But even then, the 3 seconds delay barely makes them work against the nimble cruisers. DDs are out of question. The rest can only be used to neutralize the AA mounts on BBs. Especially at T6 where most BBs are still slow, and only few of them have meaningful AA. Once neutralized, CVs can just harass them indefinitely. So the change kinda worked to shift CV's attention away from DDs. However it also makes BBs even more passive. And since CVs are no longer burdened by the role of spotting DDs, BBs have another reason to stay passive. So in the end, DDs still have to work hard in carrying out their roles. Those who know how to be useful DDs will consider this a buff. While those whom are potato will get beaten even harder by the former due to the lack of support to deal with the former.
  11. Is Ibuki in WoWs actually close to her historical counterpart though? This is from the official WoWs wiki: I have to rectify the said rules on this case. Mainz didn't get enough fanfare during her release. WG somehow didn't advertise the ship as much as the others. Roon was not popular enough compared to her peers, I think she received a buff since then. Drake was completely underappreciated since a lot of players were not bothered enough to grind the line. Kitakaze is indeed an exception on this case, along with Georgia. Although the concealment nerf on Kitakaze, and the removal of full AP penetration damage from BB shells on Harugumo had lowered Kitakaze's popularity.
  12. Reinhard_of_Avercland

    Whale done!

    As I said, it's a Mogami with planes. The torp launch angle is not the same as Atago's (bad for jousting).
  13. Reinhard_of_Avercland

    [Sound Mod Creator 2.1] Create Sound Mods

    Is there a way to figure out what these strings do? There are some which are easy to figure out like Hydroacoustic Search, but there are also some that are completely obscure. I am looking for the one that triggers when Surveillance Radar is activated.
  14. In some cases, it is pretty much due to their countries' stance during the Cold War. You were either supporting them, or against them; there was no middle ground. Even the countries that formed the Non-Aligned Movement tended to lean slightly to either sides although they insisted they were neutral. Personally speaking, I'm not really buying into this Anti-Soviet bandwagon. Either because I have them & I would be a hypocrite if I say anything bad about them; or I simply don't care enough about the rest. And of course, more paper ships = more ships AL could make in their part of the collab. The Soviets in AL really needs to have at least a CV, and coincidentally the upcoming Soviet CV line is so underappreciated by WoWs community. I mean the general rules for paper ships that AL makes in their part of the collab are: The ships were never laid down (Monarch, Gascogne, Seattle, etc.). Ships that were laid down but unfinished won't qualify (Graf Zeppelin, Amagi, etc.). The ships must be somewhat unpopular within the WoWs community for any reasons. Out of 17 paper ships that AL has made so far, only Georgia is the exception of this rule. The ships must be either T8 or T9 in WoWs. This rule might be changed in the future.
  15. Reinhard_of_Avercland

    Maashinn Guunz

    The planes that use HE rockets also no longer go lower when initiating the attack until they fire the machine guns. Which means the rockets will be fired on steeper angle than before. On the other hand though, the rockets will literally be fired at point blank range if you lead ahead perfectly. Which means these rockets can be more precise at neutralizing the AA mounts, destroying torp tubes, and nailing BB superstructure if the rockets cannot penetrate the deck armor. And because the planes cannot be steered when the machine guns are firing, the rocket's dispersion will be guaranteed at its tightest form. This change is basically redefining the gap between the pro & the potato.