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  1. Reinhard_of_Avercland

    Apparently Halloween Contents' values are changed..

    I would be interested if the 300k is for the T10. Well I guess I will just do Hizen's dockyard for the T9 New Year camo. Not only because I turn off the Halloween stuffs, I actually run out of T9 tech tree ships that I actually like.
  2. Reinhard_of_Avercland

    A rant

    Well the thing is; even if you try to push in your BB, you really cannot always expect anyone to follow you. In fact I get reported more often for not heeding the F9 spam, than being campy as most do, even if that push actually win the game. In the end, I do things arbitrarily while at the same time I don't care of what the other 11 players do. If they somehow read my mind, and do things properly; they would get my compliment. I know this is supposed to be a team game. But because WG makes it unappealing to do so, it's only natural if most players are selfish.
  3. Reinhard_of_Avercland

    What happened with the replay controls? [SOLVED]

    It works now. Here's how: Press C to change the camera into the "free" mode, then press CTRL +SHiFT + BACKSPACE to detach the camera from the ship. Arrow keys to move the camera around. Page up/down to raise/lower the camera's altitude. Swipe the mouse around to rotate the camera horizontally or vertically. Basically, WG changed the "free" mode from left click to C key. The rest is the same. However the old bugs still exists. If you move the camera around when you pause the replay, all the HUD above your allied & enemy ships do not change their positions. That screenshot was taken without pausing the replay. And thanks to @Fanmarsh
  4. Reinhard_of_Avercland

    What happened with the replay controls? [SOLVED]

    Oh thanks for the info. I will try it.
  5. Reinhard_of_Avercland


    I actually bought the FXP, and used them to skip Albemarle (I hate that thing). I consider it a good skip because Drake turns out to be much more enjoyable than that T8 Abomination. Yes I could have just ground through it in Co-Op. But I value my time over the efficiency of the slow grind in Co-Op. That of course is the reason I managed to get a lot of T10 ships even when there are huge speed bumps along the way like Seattle, Albemarle, etc. Sure I should have had ships like Alaska if I did not waste my FXP to skip the crappy ships. But I don't really care if I miss them. No I did not reset the lines. My RB points built up constantly at 1200 per month. And because I never spent the initial 10k RB points, I only had to wait 3 months to buy the FXP.
  6. Reinhard_of_Avercland

    Shimakazes using AP

    Yes I did I don't think DDs have the short-fuse thing, not even the British DDs. However I ground through Jutland without using HE. I mean most DDs like Kitakaze, Fletcher, and Friesland tend to show broadside whenever they tried to outgun me. So AP-only Jutland kinda worked back then. I also switch to AP immediately when an enemy DD when they show broadside to my Kitakaze & Marceau. I also did AP-only Venezia yesterday, and it worked.
  7. Reinhard_of_Avercland

    What's her gimmick then?

    Well... commies hate the monarchies. But what makes Kremlin an absurd choice of name is that it seems switched with Moskva. I mean Kremlin is located inside Moscow, but the ship Kremlin is much bigger than Moskva. Had WG not named the T5 as that, I would have picked it for Kremlin. Ah yes, Bore-a-dino He was literally a PR disaster. Not even the "you-know-who" is as goofy as he was. Maaaaaaaybe.... but no Belfast exists. It's Russian, no hard nerf will ever happen.
  8. Reinhard_of_Avercland

    Shimakazes using AP

    Maybe someone is trying to do some experiment of that playstyle? I remember someone came up with AP-only Hindenburg.
  9. Reinhard_of_Avercland

    What's her gimmick then?

    Turtleback? Nope. Heal? Definitely not. That broadside is as flat as Hipper's chest Before anyone complains about the name change, it was used on a battleship. I might have to shorten it later. Who the fudge name it Kremlin? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russian_battleship_Imperatritsa_Ekaterina_Velikaya
  10. Reinhard_of_Avercland

    Earl's Inquiry - British Supercruiser Proposal

    And that's an ironic twist, considering the IJN actually learned from the RN (Mikasa, Kongou, etc.)
  11. Reinhard_of_Avercland

    What do you think about Marceau?

    Marceau is fun for trolling CVs. If you know how to wiggle your ship through everything thrown at you of course (shells bombs, rockets, etc.). However unlike the other high tier French DDs (Le Fantasque to Kleber), Marceau's shell arc is floaty at long range. To put it simply, Marceau is literally half Colbert. Trades half of DPM & 14k HP for the saturation gimmick & high speed. And unlike Harugumo & Khaba; Marceau doesn't take full damage from BB AP. Which makes her a real pain in the aft to kill if she goes YOLO against a lone BB.
  12. Apparently we can no longer use the "Angry" & "Boring" reaction. Not saying it's a bad thing though.
  13. Reinhard_of_Avercland

    kansas rant

    This bit is not too bad. Ships that drift easily tend to get stuck into the bay.... No drift = no chance to get beached
  14. I was trying to watch a replay from different angles, but it doesn't seem possible to detach the camera from the default position like it used to. I suspect this has been happening since WG killed the legacy launcher. The only controls that are still working are those related with the playback speed. This is what it used to be: Yes it is an old footage from T5 Ranked Sprint.
  15. Reinhard_of_Avercland

    A salty player confronted me via msg after losing game

    Thank God he's not one of my clanmate. Some of my clanmates are now raging in the discord because CVs ruin their day. Back to the topic. As the others have said, just ignore him. There's no need to get dragged into his rage.