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  1. CMDR_Rookie

    Update 0.7.8 Ranked Battle rewards

    Yes. After the season starts, play your first battle at your starting rank of 16. Once the battle is over, win or lose, you will be awarded all the prizes of your current rank plus all the previous ranks.
  2. CMDR_Rookie

    CV Squadron voices not working

    Ahoy Captain! Please see my post on the NA forum here: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/165253-cv-squadron-sound-bug/ I've been doing the described procedure on every WoWs client start, and have been able to to keep my cv squadron sounds working about 95% of the time. (Without the procedure, it's about 10% or so) Procedure works best if done right after client is started, and is then followed by a cv game (either random or coop). My experiences have been the same on all 4 servers and the PT (even though my ping is as high as 180 on SEA server) While doing this 10 minute procedure gets dull after a few months, I find it's far better than losing the cv squadron sounds and having to continually restart the game client to get them back. Please let me know if you have any new information to add! Good Luck! CMDR_Rookie (SEA)
  3. Same here. Missions accepted, game played, no credit for XP received. (I don't know about the BB one, as I didn't sink one)
  4. CMDR_Rookie

    How to quit a Clan group ?

    1. From your PORT screen, click the clan tag to display your clan's facilities. (near the top of the screen.... Port / Modules / Exterior / Tech Tree / Profile / CLAN TAG) 2, On the clan page, you'll see your clan's name with a little white down arrow on the right. Click this arrow. (of just click the clan's name) 3. Choose between 'clan rules' and 'leave clan' 4. Find another clan (or not), and be happy :-)