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  1. RN Normal Container OP

    Nothing so far from 6 RN Containers I remember last time this happened was during French Battleships update - that time bretagne, Normandie and Lyon Dropped out from those containers - from first 5 of those containers that i opened. The only regret is, i am missing out on British dd specific directives and rewards associated with it. The more you play the game, the lesser RNG based rewards you get like these mission drops and super container luck - just my observation.
  2. Gifts for Sincerity - Containers not received

    Received the containers as on 18/9/18 - Thank You It was my first video upload on you tube. Thanks again Wargaming and World of Warships Team
  3. Gifts for Sincerity was announced in which players playing world of warships were invited to share why they play world of warships ? https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/community/my-wows-story/ Results of this was announced recently - https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/community/my-wows-story-results/ Now this article had said - If we missed your video for some reason, let us know by commenting on this article with a link to the video you uploaded and double-check that you included the required hashtags, your in-game nickname, and server As bad as my RNG gets, my name was missing from this list from Asia Server. Two other players also had similar problems. So its been 3 days now, whether the concerned team have gone through our videos and whether we are eligible for 5 Free containers as mentioned in article ? If yes then when are we going to receive the said containers ?
  4. WoWS Update 0.7.7

    1. Go Navy - Became too predictable after certain period of time. Join Sharks - get 2/3 containers just like daily containers - get coal + special flags. Felt nice initially, but now its grind with no fun. i know i am gonna get the Des Moines Freedom Camo spending sharks tokens and get sharks flag and patch. I know i am gonna get it after few days - so where is unpredictability or challenge in it ? Same is for all the players. Those who joined Eagles will end up with lesser coal and special flags. This probably did not go as planned which explains the dasha eagles rallying cry. Loyalty system should have been based on wins/ damage done rather than just loggin in getting a win in co-op and declining invitation. 2 and 3 Good Change. Always felt the Co-op where bit too easy, so welcome change. 4. Updated Arsenal - Like this Arsenal. Esp the buying Upgrades part. Instead of spending credits to buy upgrades i can spend the coal. Also like the ships - Just brought the october revolution with coal. Nice Work with Arsenal ! 5. New York Port - Does not really matter much. I dont like to keep 1 port for long time - so would probably switch over to other ports as i normally do after few weeks. Aiming Circle on Mini Map was nice addition in this update. Few suggestions for future - Would like to see the change of colours of HE and AP shells - to red and blue instead of yellow and white just for better visibility on low graphics mode. i know there is Mod to do that but i would prefer it in-game option to change shell color rather than installing something that might make the game potentially unstable. {Was using Aslan Mod but game crashed after every 4 random battles so stopped using it}
  5. There is Tachibana Lima (tier 2 premium destroyer) mission available for both EU an NA servers. The mission runs between 23rd May to 4th June. https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/common/free-premium-tachibana/ Why is this mission not available for Asian server ? Its a Japanese Ship so why not for players playing game on Asian server ? It would have been nice if it was made available for us.
  6. Uploaded camo design yesterday but the image is not displayed in Gallery section of the page Had uploaded yesterday - it said thank you for submitting your entry, but today it says nothing. My design does not appear in Gallery section likes others that i can see. So how can i know whether my design has been accepted, rejected ? Am i suppose to upload it again or just wait ? or assume it got rejected and redesign and re upload again ? https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/contests/camo-content-helena/ This is news link for camo contest details http://paintmyhelena.hscampaigns.com/#enter-now This is the upload page and Gallery section
  7. Cruiser line suggestions

    Can you compare turret traverse and reload time of all cruiser lines, tier wise please when you have time ?. i think its slower compared to other lines. i haven't checked the stats, but Omaha, Murmansk seems quicker than Emile at tier 5 (in terms of reload and turret traverse), Cleveland, Leander surely quicker than La Glass at tier 6 or is it due to gun configuration ? (number of guns in single turret)
  8. Viola ! Changed only one thing in above settings - Effects Quality set to High - now i can see the smoke, fire and pillars of water (after shells land in water) - so no need of mods anymore. Just played around with above settings and hit the jackpot. Although there is some drop in performance (drop in FPS) more noticeable when ships very close to each other and firing at each other, but it is playable. Thank You for all those who provided their valuable input.
  9. Thank You Mr Aslain for Mod Pack i have been using - Tracer mod (HE red and AP blue) - Zoom Mod (x3) - ship movement indicator mod - Damage indicator mod These mods provide me with useful information and i believe should be built in the game. Thanks again and i hope you continue your good work
  10. Thank You WarGaming ! More French containers headed our way https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/common/fr-campaign/ Hopefully i would be able to complete my first collection - i prefer in "earning a collection or reward" rather than buying it Cheers !!!
  11. Cruiser line suggestions

    I have reached tier 6 in German, French, British, American Cruisers Each line has its pros and cons French Cruisers have - fighter plane on board it also gets AA Defensive Boost from tier 6 on-wards. Their guns take a long time to turn around from one side to another, they also have high reload time, So you will need to have commander skills like - expert marksman and adrenaline rush. The damage they do is poor - AP most of time non-penetrate and HE same. So you are basically support ship for team mates. Duguay at tier 4 was my favorite. Tier 6 LA Glass - less said the better. They tend to explode pretty quickly - so if yolo into open sea - your battle time is going to be short. British Cruisers - Most friable and most weak armor of all - explodes like fire cracker. (Emerald is worst ship) AP shells only, no HE shells. So you are not going to be setting anyone on fire. Target selection is also important - you don't want to be hitting anyone angling at you - your shells will simply bounce off. You look up on right hand side - 20 shells hit and dmg done 2500 - so be ready for that. Big advantage is smoke screen. You can smoke up and start firing - but you need to master this art of using smoke screen for attacking purposes. Torpedoes can be fired individually from all British cruisers. The best is HMS Belfast Premium ship with HE, AP shells, smokes with hydro. I don't have it but seen videos of this inaction. You know it is special when your team mates spot enemy belfast and demand to sink it first. American Cruisers - Great rate of fire, can produce the so called circle of death. Cleveland at tier 6 is blow torch - starts fires pretty easily. (i got the aigle marathon part - "5 fires 10 k damage and win" using this ship) No airplanes will dare fly over this one. - it obliterates them out of the sky. It has no torpedoes. Omaha at tier 5 is also pretty good at doing the same- setting fires German Cruisers - Nothing that really sets them apart - i mean to play and take notice - i haven't, i have just started playing Nurnberg Torpedo tubes can launch 2 sets from same side - unlike french and american which fire 1 set from each side. Russian Cruisers - i am stuck at tier 3 - Bogatyr - quite similar to st louis tier 3 american - loads of guns and good reload time i have got Tier 5 Premium Murmansk - its good ship, decent torpedo range (9 km), spotter aircraft - to hit those unsuspecting battleships and aircraft carriers from long range. Good to bully tier 4s, does not feel that great when up against higher tiers. That may be because i am a noob This is Noob Analysis based on personal experience.
  12. Just completed Viva la France collection Mission - collected all 25 containers but was not able to complete 18 items or collectibles Got 13/18 with 12 duplicates (3 duplicates = 1 item) that still would leave me 1 short if i exchange my duplicates which i obviously wont do at the moment i wanted to know if there is any update regarding future "Return of Collection France" in same way as "Hunt of Bismarck Collection" ? i know there is an option to buy containers or buy aigle and get containers daily - but i wont be doing it - simply because of prize is not tempting enough (captain + flag) i will get the Aigle if i deserve it (via marathon) But then the collection will remain incomplete - should i keep the duplicates, wait patiently or just exchange it for camouflages, they are offering for sub collection ?
  13. Thanks for the reply May be when i retire or something (buy new one) or if this one breaks down - i am not frequent gamer as such - only logging in because of number of events that are going on currently - Viva la France {completed with 13/18 items and 12 duplicates} and Aigle Marathon {9/10 - currently struggling with 70K and win mission} Found ways to sort some issues - its long time since i posted this forum There is a Mod Pack - Aslan Mod Pack 1. Shell Landing and tracing problem - there is this Mod that changed color to Red for HE and Blue for AP - so i do see where they are landing, accompanied with x 3 zoom mod) 2. Smoke Problem (smoke from ship chimney to guess its speed) - there is Mod that highlights the ship with colored circles - green moving forward, red stopped, purple moving back - although it gives no idea about speed of ship as chimney smoke would do - it is certainly helpful. I was giving lead in front to my shots when ship was going backwards (when in binocular mode) - x 3 Zoom mod also helps to see the ship up close and personal giving idea about ship direction changes and speed (based on observation from multiple hit and miss salvos) 3. Ship on Fire Issue - well i just look at that ship's hp - if it is draining away then it is either flooding or on fire After these little adjustments my aim has improved (simply from the fact that i am hitting citadels more frequently) - although sites like warships today or wow stats and numbers still classify me as "Bad" rated player :) (That is more down to my impatience - the tactics of hit-run-hide - repeat or patiently moving with team mates - is something that i am not yet used to - i start off with real patience but then get that urge to yolo Pirates of Caribbean style) Anyways these are my current graphic settings - the game runs fine without any freezing. Any suggestions or tweaks would be welcome