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    Feedback thread for Update 0.8.3

    Unfortunately with current update - My Laptop cannot handle the game. i have directX 11 installed but the Graphics card cannot handle DX11 games. i have x64 bit system. RAM is limited on my laptop Of course War gaming and World of Warships had announced this before hand. With no plans to buy new PC anytime soon, its time to say good bye.

    North Carolina Replay

    Nice Replay. Nice aggressive pushing in battleship High Caliber and Double Strike award. Nearly 1,50,000 damage Care to share some tips ? Share replay of North Carolina in high tier battle. When the warship comes up against Yamato, Republique, Iowa, Missouri, GK, not to mention the HE spamming experts like DM, Worcester, Moskva, tier 10 CV raining damage from above. All of sudden the NC does not look so good. But i am sure player like you with super unicum stats and over 900 battles in NC can make it work

    ST, friendly competition Victory

    Go Navy event gave away tier 10 Permanent Camo - DM or Worcester (left upto players to select one) This event is offering tier 8 warships permanent camo - which is good, but tier 10 permanent camo would have been better. No special rewards or missions for owners of Okt Revolution ?? Current British CV arc had missions/ directives for owners of DOY, Nelson, Hood. A similar directive/ mission for Okt Revolution or Russian Premium ship owners - Murmansk, Leningrad, kronshtadt etc would have been nice. Of course i am aware that - "the information in the Development Blog is preliminary"

    Minotaur Question

    Don't worry about engine/steering gear damage - the entire warship explodes with just couple of enemy shells - something that you might be used to if you have played the Edinburgh with top tier MM. Instant deletion as someone pointed out. The Real question is "Whether you will go with radar or Smoke in your Mino ?" http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Minotaur - Check out the commander skills section

    Exeter Part 3 Stage 3 -not counting main battery hits

    Sorry to all How on earth i did not see that ?!
  6. So i have reached this stage 3/4 part 3 of Exeter's Last Stand. I have hit the enemy with Main Battery Guns - 98 times as 2nd screen shot suggests but they are not counting towards the mission. Those hits scored yesterday have also not counted but i don't have screenshots for the same. Are we suppose to get 1000 main battery hits in single battle ? If it is over n number of battles then why it is not being counted ? Some clarification will be helpful edit - its tier 6-8 Sorry for my ignorance. i was absent minded. Huge, colossal mistake. Forgive me 😞
  7. I have selected commander skill on GK - manual secondaries. There seems to be a problem with control + left mouse click when selecting target. Sometimes the target gets selected but on other occasions i am unable to select the target that i want - which is quite annoying. Are other players facing this problem ? is there any other way to select target for manual secondaries ? (other than ctrl + left mouse click) i did not have this problem with Bismarck manual secondaries - not this frequently for sure.

    March Combat Missions: British Power

    Camouflage for Blyskawica - at the bottom of the page The only problem is i don't have the said destroyer 😞
  9. WHAT'S IN THE BOX!?! Each Wargaming Container has a guaranteed Warships Premium Day, plus a random signal flag assortment. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/deals/teddys-on-fleek/ (Link to article on website NA server)

    [QUIZ] Meet the Ship of your Dreams

    Would have been a pleasant surprise if the boat that you get at the end of quiz was added to your port. (for first 1000 users - just like those codes on live streams)

    Operations Directive Four Grind

    Its doable - not as grindy as i initially thought (Social Isolation not required as initially feared) America - Des Moines (with freedom camo), Indianapolis Japan - Musashi, Izumo (because i am grinding to Yamato) U.K - Nelson, Cossack (i have completed above three - 1 per day - for playtime of about 3 hours with premium account and Wyvern flags - good damage numbers = credits) Now begins the tricky part - German - Bismarck (that is the highest tier ship i have with perma camo) French - Charles Martel with Perma 2nd Anniversary Camo + Aigle Russian - Minsk OR Pan America NDJulio (This will be toughest for me) I wont be able to complete it as fast as other 3 but still quick enough to spare few days for Campaigns (fingers crossed) Those that don't have premium time - should have planned ahead and opened the Belle Epoque boxes now during 4th directive = each sub collection gives 1 day of premium warship time

    Which T6 ships have you kept?

    Yeah your profile says - registered on 20/7/2015 - so probably you are one of those loyal players playing the game since it started (alpha/ beta testing and all) That is the reason i guess....

    Which T6 ships have you kept?

    139 ships in port and 32 vacant slots....

    Match Making hates me.

    Wait for CV rework - and just keep on bombing, torping and rocket launching till the worlds end. I think there are going to be unlimited planes. Win Rate and Damage dealt numbers will definitely improve after CV rework i think

    Which T6 ships have you kept?

    It depends on your play style i have Nurnberg, Dallas, Fuso, Normandie, Fubuki, Farragut, Icarus, Hatsuharu, Independence of the tech tree ships (Premiums - Aigle, Warspite, Graf Spee at tier 6) I also had New Mexico but sold it due to port slot issues (just before the discount kicked in) Perma Camos = be careful because if you plan to complete PEF directive and its mission you will get T6 Ships & Permanent camo for Nurnberg, dallas, icarus, hatsuharu, Normandie (with port slots) {or just credits if you already have these ships in port) I just brought the perma camo for fubuki during current discount period. i already have perma camo for Normandie obtained via daily missions (Normandie Cruiser liner camo) i plan to sell hatsuharu, icarus, farragut as i don't play these ships that often