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    Operations Directive Four Grind

    Its doable - not as grindy as i initially thought (Social Isolation not required as initially feared) America - Des Moines (with freedom camo), Indianapolis Japan - Musashi, Izumo (because i am grinding to Yamato) U.K - Nelson, Cossack (i have completed above three - 1 per day - for playtime of about 3 hours with premium account and Wyvern flags - good damage numbers = credits) Now begins the tricky part - German - Bismarck (that is the highest tier ship i have with perma camo) French - Charles Martel with Perma 2nd Anniversary Camo + Aigle Russian - Minsk OR Pan America NDJulio (This will be toughest for me) I wont be able to complete it as fast as other 3 but still quick enough to spare few days for Campaigns (fingers crossed) Those that don't have premium time - should have planned ahead and opened the Belle Epoque boxes now during 4th directive = each sub collection gives 1 day of premium warship time

    Which T6 ships have you kept?

    Yeah your profile says - registered on 20/7/2015 - so probably you are one of those loyal players playing the game since it started (alpha/ beta testing and all) That is the reason i guess....

    Which T6 ships have you kept?

    139 ships in port and 32 vacant slots....

    Match Making hates me.

    Wait for CV rework - and just keep on bombing, torping and rocket launching till the worlds end. I think there are going to be unlimited planes. Win Rate and Damage dealt numbers will definitely improve after CV rework i think

    Which T6 ships have you kept?

    It depends on your play style i have Nurnberg, Dallas, Fuso, Normandie, Fubuki, Farragut, Icarus, Hatsuharu, Independence of the tech tree ships (Premiums - Aigle, Warspite, Graf Spee at tier 6) I also had New Mexico but sold it due to port slot issues (just before the discount kicked in) Perma Camos = be careful because if you plan to complete PEF directive and its mission you will get T6 Ships & Permanent camo for Nurnberg, dallas, icarus, hatsuharu, Normandie (with port slots) {or just credits if you already have these ships in port) I just brought the perma camo for fubuki during current discount period. i already have perma camo for Normandie obtained via daily missions (Normandie Cruiser liner camo) i plan to sell hatsuharu, icarus, farragut as i don't play these ships that often

    Shooting accuracy

    This happens in early stages of game play. There is training room option where you can set it up - bots moving and unarmed - there you can practice without affecting your stats or your emotions - 1st aiming then once you have got hold of that then make bots armed and high skill level with 2-3 bots at same time. Engines, stearing gears get knocked out frequently in destroyers and in cruisers. You will have to use last stand commander skill (level 2) almost all destroyers need it as well as french cruisers (it helps you to keep moving at 50% speed despite your module being knocked out) Don't go full speed towards the enemy - common mistake made when learning the game. You will get focused fired by all the enemies. Pop up smoke - as soon as you get detected, until you master the "art of when to use the smoke" (again use commander skill level 1 priority target) so you get to know how many enemy ships are aiming at you) Aiming - Here are couple of videos to help you =- To Know more about commander skills - https://worldofwarships.com/en/content/captains-skills/?skills=&ship=Battleship General Random Advice - Tier 5 can be daunting - the level of play (good play) goes up drastically - i remember - the first tier 5 i played was Emerald - and it exploded like fire cracker - and it was damn frustrating. But it is about getting used to game play, understanding tactics and strategies - it is not just about aim, fire, rinse, repeat. Cruisers work best by hiding behind islands, using the terrain to advantage. Cruisers sailing into open sea are vulnerable to fire from all sides, they have little to no armor, hence get deleted pretty quickly. There is thing called as not showing broadside (exposing citadel). Tactics like firing from max gun range, tactics like holding fire and getting out of concealment range to go invisible after 20 sec if multiple targets are firing at you. Watch You tube videos of WOW community contributors - flamu, notser, i chase, flambass, jingles to name a few. Most of these people are also on twitch streaming live content. I did not know there is large community that helps players improve the game till i reached tier 5 on 2 lines It seems you are playing on Japanese lines - Japanese dd are good at stealth torping. There guns although improved in recent patch are not as good as other lines. Like all games. it takes time to get used to. (i did not know what citadel was till i reached tier 5) Of course there are players that have mastered aiming as they are playing this game from start (3 years) and there are others like me who have 5k + games under my belt but still mislead or over lead in every game.... :) Your stats seem decent at this early stage. (Mine are still crap) Don't give up - use training rooms till you improve aiming and dodging skills (use of W A S D keys when ships are firing at you)

    Update 0.7.12 Snowflake rewards not being given

    There is no icon or any logo that says you got coal or steel but the snowflake disappears and you can check in notification panel in bottom right, that's where you come to know about it ... I played in scenario battle and we won - snowflake on my Dallas disappeared. So i checked notification panel in bottom right and there it says addition (coal with amount that has been added) But yes, any logo or icon just like the one for daily mission/ challenges would have been nice

    Twilight Battle to farm elite commander xp or free xp

    So there is already a thread running on this topic and it seems most players are ok with what is going on
  9. Thread is already running in forum section regarding this - i am sorry for posting this before searching forums

    Is it worth to spend $3.5 for cossack?

    Here are two links - should have shared earlier.... http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Cossack Commander skills at the bottom https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/170684-premium-ship-review-110-cossack/ Little White Mouse Review (Exhaustive Review - it is exhausting really ) I do not own the image given below, nor claim any credit for the image. Copied from Little White Mouse Review of Cossack.

    Is it worth to spend $3.5 for cossack?

    Its tier 8 premium dd - at such a cheap cost. Get it - its a good ship and gives decent credits for doing very little. ( i capped 1 area, 2 defended ribbons, did 7000 damage on z 52 and my team lost, still ended up with 132000 credits on standard account without running any flags) Decent concealment 6.1 i believe without commander skill (with concealment upgrade) -[i have 10 pt commander on fiji, edinburgh and neptune but does not have last stand] Premiums that i have - Aigle, Warspite, Indianapolis, Murmansk, Texas, Okt Revolution, Musashi, Graf Spee also lower tiers like T. Lima, Vampire, Varyag, Campbeltown So for me it was a no brainier
  12. Thanks a lot. That is damn informative stuff. Will look into it when buying new PC (which is not anytime soon sadly)

    WOOT! Collection done!

    and if your system breaks down ...
  14. Oh well, i guess my problem is limited RAM on my laptop or as someone pointed out Intel thing that does not support directX 11 even if it says it does....
  15. Yep, Intel Graphics Card. When i installed the game, it was set to direct X 11, and the game crashed. My previous experience with other games meant i switched to direct X 9 and game started running well. Switching to another graphic card like Nvdia was not advised by local computer guy - he said it would make my system unstable (whatever that means) and i should stick to graphic card that has been pre-loaded. There are options like using external usb to increase RAM but i don't really know that sort of technical stuff. I guess i just have to enjoy the game while it lasts for me