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    Terror of the deep 2

    Keep using chat section to remind allies of killing 20 foes before killing Rasputin. Same thing was happening to me - 19/20 foes killed only 1 left before Rasputin died (this happened about 4 times). So i started spamming chat, almost like a countdown for number of foes to be killed. Gun Mounts/ Towers was not a problem - most were getting spotted before the end. The major issue i faced was spotting Black Lair Castle in specified time - so i just Yolo towards the Castle leaving enemies for my allies, kept reminding/ spamming in chat to my allies and finally with 10th attempt managed to get the 5 stars - (of course i finished bottom of the team score because of poor damage dealt) Be careful when targeting destroyers, most submarines die engaging those rats/ worms. (3 of submarines need to stay alive at the end) Try to division up with Clan Mates or some sensible ones (you will know them from chat) Plenty of time to get those 5 stars. Good Luck.

    Where's my Kraken & Double Strike

    Check your achievement section - in Profile - check for Kraken last date achieved & ship, same for double strike It has happened to me - did not get in battle but got it in achievement section Also that 4 goal haul thing is not showing under profile achievements but only in battle

    What's your Warships music?

    I play the in-game "War Drums" music option

    Daily Shipments Button - Where is it ?

    Just got loaded - that shipments button Sorry, should have waited for while
  5. Can't find the daily shipments button in-game. It was suppose to come along with current update. Then it mentioned 31st October as date when this tab was suppose to appear. Website has already announced the November Combat Missions for entire month already - i thought this was going to be replaced by Daily shipments section. (i was wrong) So where is this Daily Shipments Section ? Is this only after buying the option from premium shop - https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/sales-and-events/premium-shop-october-2018/ (Daily Shipment Doubloons) https://asia.wargaming.net/shop/wows/specials/7815/?force_login=1 This needs to be cleared up So I can stop looking for it.

    Ranked-Kamikaze edition.

    WG in fact uses the ranked season for promoting premium ships - there is a ranked bundle up for sale - Murmansk, Okhotnik, Okt Rev trio In Main Ranked Season - tier 8 trio bundle was up for sale. So premiums won't get banned from ranked as someone already pointed out. {I am not premium player. All premiums that i have got is via mission marathons (Aigle and Indi) or in-game doubloons (Murmansk)} @Rina_Pon There are tier 5 premium cruisers - Murmansk, Marblehead (nothing overpowered about them i guess as compared to Omaha) @dieselhead i used to get frustrated previously but now i just take it as part of the game and move on. Not just OP premiums but things like - tier 10 MM for tier 8 ships, Camping at higher tier, Incoming HE spam when in BB, Being out detected by premium dds or 19 skill commander players, lack of team work and blame game in chat, CV imbalance (enemy has unicum CV, allied CV is average Joe). Now i am used to all these things. Submarines ? Less said the better.

    Ranked-Kamikaze edition.

    The Normal Ranked Season has no premium ships - only tier 10s (except for few Salems sailing around) Tier 5 premium use was bound to happen - the moment it was announced players were discussing which is best premium suited for ranked sprint. So what you are saying is no surprise As far as maps are concerned WG does ask for feedback at the end of ranked season - i hope you took time out to take part in the previous survey (at the end of last ranked season) A lot of effort goes into developing the game and i am sure it requires more than common sense to work at War Gaming. It is much easier than tier 10 ranked for below average player like me. i see that you are DD player - with Fletcher and gearing being your warship with most kills. So coming up against Kamikaze in Nicholas can be frustrating but for player of your ability with 1400 xp 50% win rate, 44k damage per game - i am surprised to see you post this forum.

    Technical issues found.

    Played 2 games of Transylvania Operation - got logged out automatically and then unable to get in again - Not using War-gaming Center Official Website says - UPDATE ARRIVES 19 OCT i guess to sort this technical issue out

    Daily Containers Content need rethink

    Suggestions are not way off mark - upcoming update 0.7.10 update notes - Halloween container have a small chance of dropping permanent Halloween camos https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/game-updates/update-0710-halloween/ What should drop/ options of daily containers is open for debate, but it should not be all about coal as it currently is.

    I Love WG!

    It happens almost all the time tier 8 thrown into tier 10s - it can get worst - with Okinawa or ocean map. Take it on chin - upgrade to tier 9 then to tier 10 sell tier 8s - stick with tier 10, tier 7, 6, 5 - at least that is what i plan to do. I used to get frustrated a lot with Match Making but then i realize that the game is Free of cost and developers are doing their best to prevent it and are open about it - as they discussed this issue few updates back.

    Daily Containers Content need rethink

    Thank You all for reply That is why i think the daily containers content needs rethink Few suggestions - May be couple of doubloons drooping out from each container (enough to get upgrade demount, or port slot after month or so) Something like 300000 credits from 1 container Confirmed Economy flags drop from signal containers Chance of Permanent Camo dropping from Camo Containers (may be lower tier 4-6) Discount Coupon for Arsenal dropping from 1 of these containers Something that would make players think rather than going for "more resources" all the time.
  12. Most of World of Warships Players are aware of above options that are given on obtaining daily containers. I think these options/ content needs a rethink. 1) More Credits - If you are lucky you can get maximum of 1,50,000 credits. Now i can earn that in premium ship. I missed out on the Missouri. But i earned Indi and Aigle, which earn decent credits even if you have bad game. So why would i go for Credit containers. Also the daily missions gives me credits occasionally. Duplicates get converted into credits (Go navy and WOW anniversary special arsenal currency if left unspent) So only new players will pick this option if they are short on credits for buying new ships. Having said that the cost of lower tier ships is pretty low. 2) More Signals and Camouflages - Most of the in-game missions and events give me signals and camouflages as rewards. For Example - Go Navy Event, WOW Anniversary Event or Current Royal Navy Event - gives everyone signals and camos from dedicated containers. On going Kitty event also is rewarding with signals. Also in game rewards like dreadnought, fire proof, etc gives corresponding signals. So why on earth would i choose this option from Daily Containers. 3) More Consumables - Again something that can be brought using credits (auto-resupply feature uses credits).These consumables are also available via daily missions. 4) More Resources - a no brainer - Coal is needed in Arsenal - to buy new ships, upgrades, even signals, or commanders. So almost all players go for this option to stockpile on coal. 5) Try Your Luck - few players will go for this option of trying luck of obtaining Super Containers. I only try this on my 3rd container of the day. So if coal is highly valued in current setting, the other 4 options are almost rarely selected. I think other players might be thinking down same line. So i think these daily rewards need re-think. Players must be made to think long and hard before going for an option, rather than just grind for coal. (Just like current Royal Navy Event - I have to think hard on what i want to buy using Sovereigns - whether i want to buy premium dd or premium bb or 10 point special skill commander)

    RN Normal Container OP

    Nothing so far from 6 RN Containers I remember last time this happened was during French Battleships update - that time bretagne, Normandie and Lyon Dropped out from those containers - from first 5 of those containers that i opened. The only regret is, i am missing out on British dd specific directives and rewards associated with it. The more you play the game, the lesser RNG based rewards you get like these mission drops and super container luck - just my observation.

    Gifts for Sincerity - Containers not received

    Received the containers as on 18/9/18 - Thank You It was my first video upload on you tube. Thanks again Wargaming and World of Warships Team
  15. Gifts for Sincerity was announced in which players playing world of warships were invited to share why they play world of warships ? https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/community/my-wows-story/ Results of this was announced recently - https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/community/my-wows-story-results/ Now this article had said - If we missed your video for some reason, let us know by commenting on this article with a link to the video you uploaded and double-check that you included the required hashtags, your in-game nickname, and server As bad as my RNG gets, my name was missing from this list from Asia Server. Two other players also had similar problems. So its been 3 days now, whether the concerned team have gone through our videos and whether we are eligible for 5 Free containers as mentioned in article ? If yes then when are we going to receive the said containers ?