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  1. SycoraX81

    KM Ships.

    But does that mean it is an effective line of ships? Or one fun to play in-between those situations?
  2. SycoraX81

    KM Ships.

    Yeah they may of buffed them, but you still get that massive lag between a target entering detectability range and them opening up with fire. I read a while back that it was to do with the guns not loading until a target enters range, unlike other munitions that load at the start of the match. But yeah, I have to agree, for the point investment in 2ndry build, It is pretty ineffective now. Makes you wonder if you need IFHE for the 2ndries.
  3. SycoraX81

    KM Ships.

    Yeah, that's once in every 25 battles. The other 24 a plane spots you in the way in and you're a HE piñata for the next 3 mins. By the end of it your two heals down and 60%health. All the KM ships are super situational. You can't make something happen.
  4. SycoraX81

    KM Ships.

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone out there was having positive matches in any line if KM ship in the current state of the game. In general is this an entire nation that needs to be buffed, whether it be shells, ship design, range. I have the feeling that all three classes, BB's, CAs and DD's were intended to be played as grinders. Making sure you live into the second half of the match is essential or your damage will be anemic. No line has that burst damage were in the opening minutes a match has been swayed as a KM ship did what it is meant to do. It's just a lucky detonation if it happens. For myself they don't seem to suit what WG is doing with the game. The game seems to be progressing into a variant were there is more emphasis on large burst damage in quick strikes, I can see this trend through all the new classes. Russian BB's have finished any possibility of aggression from a KM BB, their guns regularly pen for 20k+ through an angled ship at 13km. Your guns do anything from 0-13500 in reply. Yoshino lighting 2 fires a volley 4 km past the gun range of a GK doesn't help, making picking an engagement impossible. French BB's with reload boost flinging HE right after repair is too strong, they can guarantee a double relite even with full HE damage spec reduction. My gameplay with a GK is creep forward at half speed till I know where the HE ships are, and run to the other flank. Essentially you don't have enough heals in any config to make it to the second half of a match if you are on the flank being pushed. The KM cruisers are the only ones (RN out of this) forced to use AP, as their HE was saddled with anemic Alpha damage unlike every other HE shell in the game. The guns lack pen, and the ships have low survivability in how cruisers are played in the current game. Hard to be out alone getting broadside angles when cv's can 50% life hit you in a volley, and every gun in the game fires over 20km now. The KM DD's, well like all DD's the match is CV dependent, in CV'less matches, RN DD's have better guns, slightly less useful hydro but lets be honest when do you get close enough to use a 5km hydro., less maneuverable. French can melt your giant ungainly mess of a ship in a few moments even though you're similar size. With IJN gun buff last year, picking a fight with one of them will likely leave you victorious, but battered and bruised from your troubles. I was struggling a lot with the Z48, finally found some success doing nothing but sitting 4 km outside of the cap, and waiting till their initial push separates. Can pick of a stray DD. But essentially I'm a pointless member of the team, getting screamed at. I guess, my question is is anyone enjoying how you have to play KM ships now. If not, what Ideas do you have to make the better. For me I'm fine that they're not HE focused. Jesus everything else is too rewarded for pressing the 2 key. If the intention for the game is that everything does large damage and every german is meant to do chip damage until the moment you get a perfect broadside then give them a version of American AP, from DD to BB that can pen an angled ship. You can leave the BB's with their shitty aim, leave the DD's with their shitty maneuverability, leave the CA's with their middle of the road for everything, but let them punish like everyone else can, expand the time period in the match where KM ships can dish out some damage, at the moment it is down to moments, and certain ships that you're fighting can do it for the full 20 mins. It is killing any enjoyment of the line for me. I have a dreaded sinking feeling, that as Hydro is becoming less and less relevant and more and more prolific, that the KM's have been left untouched as everyone got buffed around them so they will become the Sub hunters once that gets brought into the game. It really would be a sad way to end the lines
  5. If you want us to play low tier ships introduce commanders than can only be put on 6-8 etc. If you have that commander make it 1 spread MM. Clearly no one plays them, what is there to lose. My 6 fight 8 My 7's fight 9, the rest is in T10, clearly there is a server distribution problem. As already said just make T6 so if I just in my bloody Queen Elizabeth I'm not fighting a Richeleu.
  6. SycoraX81

    Has the premium shop officially hit rock bottom?

    Enjoy the worst of T10 BB experiences. When I started the game I had 3 lines I enjoyed. RN CL's, KM BB and KM DD. If I'd known then that the KM lines in general are a gigantic struggle at high tiers I would not of bothered such a waste of effort. GK is so woefully inadequate at T10, you're just a damage feed to everyone who can load HE. How the hell you can be Torp saturated but not HE I do not know. Only BB you can damage is another GK. Anyway, deleting the game for a year or so. I have 7 ships stuck at tier 8 and I refuse to give wargaming money to convert Free XP to skip them to T10. A part of me believes that making so many T8 and 9 mainline ships so shit was so people would spend money to skip them, clearly not effective enough so now we deal with all the OP premiums captained by people with no clue. The server is just Georgias, yoshinos, Jean barts. Why bother leveling a mainline.
  7. SycoraX81

    This the second time I agree with Zoup's concerns

    I never bother at range, these days I fling HE in my Bismark and GK until the outer third of range is used up. The volume of O-Pens those ships dish out at max range is ludicrous. At least if you get a fire it messes their engagement plan as they don't have a heal. Or you get some damage. With my Bismark, I had a completely broadside Jean Bart, circa 6km away, bounce 7 shells at the water line under the front turrets last night. In an earlier match in the same ship I had whatever the T8 RUBB is chunk me for 35k at 8km while angled far enough to get my 8 turrets to engage, my reply volley at a broadside ship got 1 citadel, 2 overpens the rest dispersed into the sunset. I can't help but feel the line is becoming obsolete. The only ships KM BB's can successfully damage are KM BB's as all of the super structure guarantee pens and there is so much of it that most of your shells hit. I've heard they are going to buff the secondaries, I'm sorry, stop fixing the ship with 19 pt Captains required, just make the guns work more consistently. Every ship is a HE spammer now, so they can't be damage sponges. Also if you're fixing secondaries make them also work. I had a ship in open water in my GK, BFT, AFT, probably a 30 degree angle on my hull, rear turrets just out of firing line, and not a single secondary fired until I got down to 9.5 km. Next ship came around the headland at 11km, fires immediately. What the hell. Were my shells dispersing before they got to the firing barrels. It is the only line where I feel there is 2xRNG, first for no of hits, second for if they will do anything.
  8. SycoraX81

    This the second time I agree with Zoup's concerns

    I guess the other good point that Zoup made was the economy thing. I hate that my T8's have not shot at a T6 ship in months, but I also jump in my Musashi, Krondstadt, every time I need credits because I walk away with 250-600k credits of an average match. Let alone a good one. I did keep hold of lower tier ships that I loved, but sold my beloved Fji as it was constantly fighting in T9 and couldn't damage all the armour and no longer fun. I also went on a 40 match losing streak in it since the CV rework. I guess we actually need an incentive to play the lower tier ships, I'm sure all these new Premium 9,10's are also impossible to lose credits on. Why waste your time in a lower tier. 1-4 is seal clubbing. 5-6 is good but small reward, 7+ is now effected by the myriad of T9 premiums, guaranteeing always being bottom tiered. Might as well join in, in the 9 10 premiums. An average match in a T10 mainline ship, loses you money, prior to paying for consumables. Being in top 4 doesn't guarantee a positive return. As Zoup mentioned the intention was to force you to keep playing the lower tiers, but 1 20 min Musashi match is just more effective.
  9. SycoraX81

    This the second time I agree with Zoup's concerns

    🙂 So Kind of like British short fuse AP. More ammo only useful when you get a broadside, and all the new ships come with armoured noses, yay, our prayers have been answered. More bouncing ammo. Here I was hoping that they will eventually give more lines better AP angles, like say the KM Cruisers, Hell even the BB's, at least then the occasional time it actually hits a ship it might pen rather than bounce.
  10. SycoraX81

    Some random (German ships) suggestions...

    Interesting this is up, I was coming on for a read, as all my Germans are struggling at the moment, glad it's not just me.
  11. SycoraX81

    Carrier Suggestions (Constructive Please)

    Make damaging a CV reduce the max size of squadron that can be launched. It should tip the scale early in battles from dd focus to trying to get chip damage on CV's to have a compounding effect on match outcome. Lets be honest the battle of midway was not about bombing all the fleet ships into oblivion and then going ok lets get their CV's now. As said above, the CV should not be immune to the current stay with team blob meta. Maybe once CV gets down to 50% health stop wave size reduction and impact plane regen times. I guess I like that over the course of a match the fleets AA gets whittled down by HE etc getting damaged and less effective, it would be good if that happened to the CV also. Fighters need a serious rethink, utterly pointless, I assume it is a platform problem why they are not controllable/flyable so you could actively hunt other planes rather than using them as glorified radars while farming fleet damage.
  12. I don't know about anyone else, but I run into CV's in attack runs on vectors to caps all the time, I dodge around by 1-200 mtrs most of the time, as far as they're concerned it is a wave that will be waiting for relaunch. Why bother spotting first, take a punt? I have not had a match when a CV overflies me while in a AA bubble of other ships that I'm not looked for every single attack run afterwards. At 150-200knotts, they just do a quick look first, make sure the DD is in its place. (not doing damage, not capping, not spotting). What is saving DD's now is that 2-3 are returning for higher tier matches. It gives you a chance that you can contribute, while another DD is being kept in it's place. I'm not against the CV rework, (I may be against dual CV's), but the gameplay it is creating for the rest of the game is dull. Clockwise team swaps around the map, or rofl stomps. Your or their BB's are so scared they keeping heading till there is no more map, I don't like losing or winning that way. My matches were at the end I think "that was rewarding", (win or lose) are few and far between now. In fact all are in DD when I survive to 12 mins and can sink then CV that made my life so miserable. On another note, have the starting formations been updated since the CV's can no longer protect ships? Many a fight there Is a sacrificial Bb spawned in the middle of the map next to the CV, with the flanks having all the AA. Many a time now I've had to do the dash to a flank losing half my health just trying to get protected. Fine with later tier ships. Not so much in a Nelson.
  13. Since the CV changes has anyone managed, on a team behind at 10 mins to come back and win, honestly? My biggest issue is this, once behind they compound the problem making it very hard to sway a match. As each game in this is a 20 min commitment it is a little disheartening when at 10 mins you're at 6-10 your team is fleeing, and all you're trying to do is chalk up some excess damage to minimise the financial loss. I know the matches where rare but you could reverse a match from behind with the old CV's being alive on the other team. I've just had a night being stomped with dual CV's every time I play a destroyer, my last match the two of them were bottom tier, me top, there is still no evasion or any way to cap and change the match, you could avoid the old drops with a little thinking on the angle of approach, not any more. No only usable DD at the moment is English, as the smoke reloads as quick as the planes return.
  14. SycoraX81

    Getting the GK to work in the new meta!

    Well it's a giant HE piñata, as good AA ships tend to have good HE as well, it is really not great at the moment. I think I will put it on the shelf for a while. The plane spots with HE cruisers being everywhere is making it difficult to use islands to get closer. Without team mates pushing with you you're still likely to be the one ship isolated and forward when you get there. I guess I'm struggling now to find that window when pushing is effective, the window has narrowed considerably. I'm either 1 min too late and its ships ass's kiting away, landing 1 shell in a volley, or too early. I guess she is not a ship for forcing cruisers out of their cover anymore. More sit behind a rock near B and wait to see which side collapses and respond.
  15. SycoraX81

    Getting the GK to work in the new meta!

    Umm, interesting, so it may not just be a range thing as I was thinking. Thanks for reply.