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  1. SycoraX81

    0.8 Roll Back Date

    The problem with the old CV's was that there was no way to learn. I played them up to 8 but had to pick my time of day to minimise chance of getting unicums demolish me while learning strafing and the little bugs with over clicking. Even the plane turn times for strafing. Surely t4-5 could have had alt drops and strafes, you just shouldn't of been able to play them once you had unlocked the T6 so it was a protected learning area. Instead you hit T6, end up in T8 AA, more planes to command and alt mechanics. T4-5 was not learning exercise for the line it would be like the guns auto aiming on the normal ship lines then hitting T6 and going now you work out the lead times.
  2. SycoraX81

    CV rework day 1 observations

    I took out an AA Monaghan for fun, but missing Manual AA, it was utterly pointless. Not had the balls to take out a KM DD, I can not imagine it doing well. Maybe a Kidd is the only option.
  3. SycoraX81

    CV rework day 1 observations

    Yeah, canceling my premium account. This is shit. Can not do a cap trade unless you have the CV as they can reset every 15 seconds. German BB's with 2ndry build unable to damage an equal tier CV's planes, as without the flak burst the constant damage is too insignificant to be worthless. They nerf concealment to create more diverse builds, and replace the essential 4 pts of concealment expert with the essential four points of Manual AA. Great work. Let the blobs of ships roam the map super exciting to play.
  4. SycoraX81

    CV rework day 1 observations

    I know this is early days, but attempted a few CV matches, nothing has changed in terms of ships layering AA and blobs being impenetrable. Obviously over time there won't be captain resets so there might be some variety for AA builds, but at the moment seems the same as old CV, can only damage stand alone ships and the Asia server BB population is blob like and none moving anyway. Like the old CV scorned by everyone. interface is buggy, had my screen locked on press F to return to carrier, but could launch planes, just got no interface that I was controlling planes fun when you still need to look for the keys. Speed boost refuses to work, highlights with the button press but doesn't activate. Oh and on a super buggy game could exit to port while still alive and match active. That's a new one. In general seems like same old CV gameplay. Unable to do damage until some ships die, they've just removed the ability of the other CV to deplane you now before you can hit that point if they were massively better than yourself. It all seems a little bit pointless.
  5. SycoraX81

    AA module 1 reimbursement

    I am the same, I thought there would be the 500k back for each one, but I lost my 2 active CV's both T7 and all my modules and can't afford to resetup a t6 and T8 CV in the new version. The maths seems very wrong.
  6. SycoraX81

    None Damage Pens

    Thanks for those. Didn't know about the dual health pools, but makes sense. Doesn't quite answer 0 damage pens. As mentioned in the opening minutes on full health ships I landed shells, 5 were pens, and none recorded damage. Only the overs did damage. I guess it's just a ribbon error.
  7. SycoraX81

    None Damage Pens

    Hi all. This is really just a question as I don't know if something is broken or not. In my Freddie, T9 German BB it has bad dispersion, is part of the line so I don't have high expectations but why is it so prone to dealing out none damage pens. I'm just trying to understand the game mechanics better. The results I have in front of me, 37 shells actually hit (we lost so short game) 12 pens 4 None pen 11 Over pen 10 Ricochet I expect to see the bottom 3 being high in this ship, as aiming and landing is a bit of luck to be honest, but why do 12 pens in this lead to a total match damage of 58K. Does dispersion sigma then have a further roll on the damage? At one stage I had 5 pens and junk and was running 7.5K damage. This is one of the worst ships I have seen this with. Is it a problem, or just a graphic issue, and actually there was no pen? Cheers
  8. Hi all, I'm not sure if this has been brought up before, but playing on the Asian server and speaking English, makes it extremely hard to communicate with each other, as I've seen things written in Malay, Thai etc etc they're obviously thinking the same of me when I don't respond in a meaningful way. Typing, radar'd in when you're a dd and bug out of a cap erratically looks confusing, especially if you have no idea what was typed. yes advanced players would go yes they have X ship, probably a radar, but that takes a while to get there, and being able to communicate that, might teach it earlier in the curve. Is it at all possible to get a second wheel, like the B key, with things like, radar'd, hyro'd, located, push the flank, hold the flank, etc etc, so you can signal your intentions and what is happening to you. I tend to get rather frustrated when you spot your flank is 4v8 and you type hold here, and half your team keeps pushing, but maybe they're not bad, maybe they've got tunnel vision and they simply can't understand what was written, and vice a versa. I'm sure people can think of other things that need to be signall'd, so no matter the language gap, you can do basic communication with each other beyond target that person, and well done. ( I am assuming that the words on the B wheel are set for your install language) Anyway, just an idea, sorry if this has been brought up before.
  9. If the other side of the map is collapsing constantly are you then saying I should be crossing the map at the start???? I'm not being blatted getting into position, I get into position and the other flank collapses and match over. No chance for recovery, 12-8 ships at minute 15-13ish, every match. The only way to counter this, is for me to push against the radars, but as I said, due to prevalence of radar and passiveness of BB's, it is instant suicide to push where you know there is a radar, as second your lit up it's 7 people targeting you, and it is not the ship for that kind of stuff. To be honest I have not been observing if every cruiser is avoiding their radars, hence why we're getting the side collapses, but a RN CL is not going to patch that hole. And you're also saying I'm so bad in this ship that it cancels out the entire teams ability to win a match. I wish I could have that much influence. Anyway as stated I've deleted it now. My issue is not with doing damage, I'm only 5k behind the server average, and had quite a bad time at the start while my captain was on cooldown. My issue is the damage I do, whether it is 40 or 120 never leads to a win. I don't feel this ship can swing a losing match???? Are you saying it can, and how. How can you recover a collapsing flank in this ship?
  10. I'm not getting blatted, I'm unable to get damage as the battle and collapse is always on the other flank. Generally due to the threat once you start pumping out shells the enemy turns away, limiting ability to do damage. Your smoke runs out, you sit there they sit at 18km range taking pot shots with your BB's, then the other flank collapses, match over. Again and again. As for relocating, on most t10 matches, (unless you sit in the middle which is highly dangerous with the giant citadel) by time you relocate to the other flank they're on 850+ points while your team is 400 region. it is a lost cause, and how can a T9 RN CL change that. Anyway I've sold it now, such a waste of effort.
  11. Hi all. A question, After grinding my way through the British CL line to the Neptune, and sinking to a record low of a sub 10% win rate with a ship, I find my self in the position of deleting the ship and not returning to the line. I'm tired of blaming the match maker, but team after team just keeps melting and due to how the RN line has to be played, if this occurs on the other side of the map, you can't get over to help, as you are stuck looking for escape cover from the place you're already behind. In this situation it has no ability to push in the open on your flank without a team, and team play is none existent. To me, simply the RN ship line does not have a place, it is so team dependant to get into a position to assist dd's with capping, ie they need to play for a cap. Once you're there your ability to do damage revolves around your dd not hiding in smoke, or hiding behind a rock, then the other team needs to push so your range comes into something effective 11-15km. Then I find every match ends in a team collapse around 7mins in, 3-5 ships instant disappear, I've found the entire line fragile but on occasion able to sway a match in certain occasions. The Edignburgh was crap but I thought, it's all the t10 MM, The 9 will stand a better chance, but it isn't that, I watch videos of the good players playing. Those situations simply don't arise on this server. You would have to wait 14 mins to fire your guns and hope your team has not already lost before I ever see a BB push past their start line so you could actually inflict damage. Anyway, I'm just salty, so many hours on this line, and it's purpose is to support your team, who at the moment, run somewhere in a big mob, get encircled and die. Oh its redeeming feature it has amazing AA, lucky I've never seen A CV in it. Useless ships. Anyway, if someone can offer something constructive other than play better, on how you can actually sway a match in this line at high tiers, I'm all ears. Think you've lost 4 ships on one flank, enemy is pushing, and you're in mid or other flank. In this situation I find the T8 and T9 unable to change a match outcome. it is a coin flip from 5 mins onwards, if they get blatted you win, if your team gets blatted you lose, and unfortunately all I get at the moment is my team blatted.
  12. Hi All. First time, poster, I play semi regularly, but in no way amazing. This is just an observation I've had, sorry if it has come up before. As of last night, the 10th, the end of all the aftvent material my match making at T5-T7 is consistently throwing up matches where one team has 4-5 players who play ranked, and the other team having 8-10. Leading to a steam role for one team, at T8-T10, one team tends to be loaded with 1-5 ranks, while the other in in the 17-10, also generally leading to a steam role. It works for you some times if you get on the stacked team, but I have to say I've been on the losing end of this stick quite a lot. To the point now that I've been opening up every score sheet to look. I know rank is not a guarantee of player skill, but to get past 17 you need to have a certain consistency, and understanding of the game mechanics. I just had a match in my Bismark, highest ranked person in my team 12, their team had 3 3's, all in T10's, we got obliterated, it was dull, and just makes me want to delete the game as there is no way of overcoming that, we lost 3 ships within the first 4 minutes, which is what is happening in nearly every match. Anyway onto the positive, generally is there any appetite or willingness to balance teams based of bands in ranked. Using the irrevocable markers to split up the players, say 25-18, 17-12, 11-1. Then trying to make sure each team has equal numbers of players in each team. Also, lol, maybe balance the number of radars on each team also. Is anyone else having similar experiences? Anyway sorry if I broke some rules, in posting this. Happy sailing.