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  1. JarofVegemite

    Japanese ship names - let NOT talk about CV rework

    I play War in the Pacific a lot (bit too much tbh...) My favorite ship name is this one. And yes, it eventually usually does.
  2. JarofVegemite

    radar ships unbalanced teams

    The problem with DD's, same as CV's, is they are so influential on the course of the game. Good DD play wins you the game by spotting and capping. DD's, though, are so highly reliant on good support to operate effectively. Radar cruisers are a definite threat, but they are massively squishly. Yet the number of times I've seen a New Orleans or similar reverse backwards out from behind an island to shoot at a capping DD it's radar has lit up, and get away with it, is baffling. The issue, as always, is BBs sitting so far back they cannot punish cruisers that misplay. And as a DD player it just makes the game massively frustrating. As that Nagato that is sitting in spawn is probably the same player criticising you in chat for not capping or spotting. If BB players were more intelligent with their positioning and in particular set up cross fires across caps, Radar Cruisers would be far less of a threat.
  3. JarofVegemite

    Thoughts on new DD's and recent changes?

    I'm liking all the DD's currently present at low tiers. The Vampire is proving highly adept at munching on them
  4. JarofVegemite

    Octopus Marathon - Fast and ...

    For someone who doesn't like playing BB's at the best of times, driving this ship is like pulling teeth. Sooooo slow, and the guns turns even slower. Even with my 13 point Izyaslav captain in it it feels like you are slowly moving through treacle....I like the reward containers, but will be glad when I am not compelled to have to play it each day though
  5. JarofVegemite

    Super upset about matching system !!!

    I don't like the MM either, but is your point more that it puts you against higher skilled players? A high ranking doesn't necessarily mean better. I've seen some players do some incredibly stupid things in random, only to check the post battle results and see they have are ranked >5. The skills that work in ranked don't seem to necessarily naturally translate well to a random encounter...
  6. JarofVegemite

    Padding, Clubbing, Scrubbing and Grinding

    This is an issue I had with War Thunder as well, in that I prefer First World War or Inter-war designs over the late war machines most aspire too. I never really cared about P-51's, Fw-190's, or Me-262's. The planes I liked most were Beaumonts, or Hurricanes or Ki-43 Oscars. But if you play those you are stuck playing low tiers, which, by definition, either makes you a noob or a seal clubber of some sort. Having a linear progression, in which higher tiers are considered to be 'better' and for 'more skilled players' just means most won't be caught dead playing lower tier and instead race through up the line till they can get to 'good stuff'. Its a perception thats only reinforced by Clan Wars now being Tier 10 It's a weird conceit, and a strange format for Wargaming to adopt when they put as much effort into making lower tier ships as they do the higher tiers ones. How many players will never even consider the Vampire, because "it's just tier 3"? All those Tier 1 ships which nobody ever plays (beyond a few diehards...). Moving up the tree shouldn't be the be all to end all, and a sure fire indicator of a players skill or lack thereof. I'd love to see a season of ranked at Tier 4 or 3. That'd be interesting, especially with the current smoke/camping meta at higher tiers...
  7. JarofVegemite


    Tbh, beyond the actual rewards (which are great), I've found no reason to go back to this OP once completed. I had hoped to farm Elite XP for my captains, but it seems the overall gain is fairly low and, given the relatively high failure rate, not really worth the effort.
  8. JarofVegemite


    Done it twice now. On the first go in a BB. Just spammed AP at absolutely everything, and then rammed the bugger at the end. Rasputin doesn't have a citadel, that I can tell anyway, was unloading AP at close range for meh results, so ramming seems to be the way to go. DD is harder owing to the AI's magic ability to dodge Torps
  9. JarofVegemite


    I gather the current Halloween Op is the same as last years, but I missed it first time round. First half dozen tries, all failures. That Rasputin eh? So far, playing mostly DD, my thinking is to stay ahead of the repair circle, dodging catapult fire, and torping enemies. Altho the damn AI makes that hard. I usually fire one salvo, wait for the AI to turn, then fire the second along its new course.. I figure captain loadout should emphasise damage dealing, so adrenalin rush, faster torp reload, faster gun reload, as well as damage control to help with all the fires. Still, have not really come close to sinking the Rasputin yet. Teammates seem to sit in the repair circle, which speeds up the escort, or lag behind shooting tailing BBs. All of which means the Rasputin just overwhelms us, rolls into the repair circle and sinks the escort. Bah. Any other suggestions on how to beat this thing?
  10. JarofVegemite

    Tier IV Destroyer Face-off

    Not firing torps at DDs, but rather BBs and Cruisers that push your smoke. If they see two salvoes go past, they almost always turn expecting that to be it, and then you send a third their way Against DDs I usually kite
  11. Anything divisioned with a Nikolai. Although I saw one once divisioned with, iirc, a Kamikaze R and an Okohtnik in a Tier 5 game on Straights. Was over in about 8 minutes.
  12. JarofVegemite

    Tier IV Destroyer Face-off

    I think the Izyaslav torps are massively underrated. They have 5km range, which is better than the next two tiers of Soviet DD's, and better still; three launchers. Most opponents only expect two salvoes, so if you keep one in reserve you can often catch enemies rushing your smoke completely off guard. Plus in close range knife fights, you usually have a good idea where any potential threat is going to come from. A Clemson that blunders into an Izyaslav that has all of its guns pointed at it is not going to come out on top very often in my experience. Obvs if you get caught out yourself, your best bet is to run and hide, but with a potential 5.8km concealment, that's not too difficult. Tbh, I'd argue the Izyaslav is one of the most underappreciated ships in the game.
  13. JarofVegemite

    Tier IV Destroyer Face-off

    Flamu put a vid up the other day in which he descried the Clemson as being severely OP, and the seal clubbers tier 4 dd of choice.....which kinda surprised me, as I've never really felt the Clemson was necessarily all that much better than any other option at that tier. Looking at win ratings, its a little ways behind the V-170. So I thought I'd see what other people think is the premier tier 4 DD. I use all four quite a bit, have at least skill 10 captains in all, and personally think the V-170 is the most adaptable, with a redonkulous potential concealment (5.5 kms), good torps with a unique spread, and decent guns. But my favorite is the Izyaslav, with its great range, good guns and three torp salvos. The only one that I can't get along with is the Isokaze, but that's just me. Appreciate that the Clemson would scale very well, and so with a skill 19 captain would roflstomp most opponents, but given a base skill 10 captain, which do people think is the best DD at the tier?
  14. JarofVegemite

    DD captain Mains may have a valid Complaint

    Wasn't it the case that owing to an error in the game engine, BB AP was doing full pen on destroyers in certain instances when the shells hit the water, then go on and hit the ship? I think the problem is very high penetration damage, much higher than 1/10, is randomly affecting DDs. There were a couple of recorded instances of DD's taking massive damage from only one ap hit.
  15. JarofVegemite

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    Has the Vampire been sent out to testers yet? Dunno how long these things usually take...