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  1. In recent updates, I found the time delay between ships appearing on the minimap and in the game is removed. As a low configuration PC player, I don't feel it a comfortable change. For instance, if I was driving a Kagero (5.4km w/ full concealment build) , and spotted a Jutland (5.7km w/ full concealment build). With former ship-spotting tech, I could immediately see a Jutland appearing 5.7km away on the minimap and had about 3~5 secs to slow down and turn away. With current spotting tech, I could not even know I've spotted a Jutland before its model completely drawn and he was...like just 5.5km away from my ship. How much seconds is left for me to react? It sounds like most of my opponents gain a concealment buff just because my PC is not as fast as his. If players paid for strong premium ships and they have more chance to win, we could accept it. Cause we understand WG has to make money in order to run the game healthily. However, a player have 2 or 3 secs in advantage just because his PC is faster? None of the money he paid for this fast PC went into the pocket of WG! I don't think it is fair for players who have slowlier PCs.
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