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  1. Do I care? I searched Atlanta...
  2. I've only just got me one of these Gatling gun cruisers, and in my 3 games (yeah, only co-op to learn how to handle her) I've put her to use as a dedicated dd flyswat. And she does this job with ease. This may be her purpose, as well as filling the sky with horrible amounts of flak, however I have found since the release of the rn bbs the word firestorm has a while new meaning. I thought my Perth was a fire breather, well Atlanta can just watch the world burn and giggle. She's not as wiggly as I had hoped even with the rudder mod however you'll find she can get out of sticky situations pretty well. Excellent cv hunter too. Oh, what's that? An ijn cv is spamming me with tp planes? 5 seconds later.... what planes? That all u got? Oh BTW. Here's some he for your trouble bahaha
  3. Felix1987

    USS Atlanta (CL-51)

    If they were trying to recover especially after the tin fish left a hole more than likely they'd be trying to hold her in position. The anchor dragging means they couldn't do this, and if they were to cut the anchor (chain) the localised flooding would become pretty much a storm within the hull with other various compartments getting flooded. A ship under duress with flooding that is spreading becomes well, less of a ship generally especially if she's full of ap shell holes
  4. Felix1987

    Asians, what ships do you really want to see?

    Another Aussie here, personally I'd love to see HMAS Vampire (the museum ship in Darling Harbour, Daring class. D11) My grandfather served part of his term on the RAN as a petty officer in the rear turret. I know she was released post WW2 however she'd be a good fit as a high tier dd. 4.5 inch DP guns, decent AA suite, radar, decent speed etc. She'd have to be featured in her pre modernized state to fit in but hey Aussie Pride, right?
  5. Felix1987

    the Myoko heavy cruiser

    Beautiful ships, easy on the eye. Yeah thin armour but as usual high speed. They could pick their engagements wisely. Awesome write up again Felix
  6. Felix1987

    O-class battlecruiser

    Anything that fell under plan Z really intrigued me, so naturally so does this. But I play prinz eugen so I already don't make sense lol. All in all, awesome write up Felix
  7. Unfortunately the Japanese armed forces (all of them, not just the ijn) we're underestimated. They had serious shortcomings but we're however a force to be reckoned with. An example of a fault would be the carrier decks, which tended to light up like a bonfire after one or two direct hits from either he rounds or bomb impacts. Unfortunately this really wasn't enough of a weakness to halt them in their tracks. Well, certain scenarios it did but yeah you get the idea. Severely underestimated Felix
  8. Felix1987

    Historical Turret Design

    Also, as a side note most turrets were essentially dropped into their housings, which consisted basically of a large ring gear so to speak. This is why in many wreck dive situations the turrets are found totally separate to the ship itself. I'd imagine the weight of a large diameter bore weapon with triple barrels would put far more stress on these components, especially if it was a heavily armoured turret. This essentially equals slower traverse speeds or more powerful equipment used to rotate the turret. My 2 cents Felix
  9. Felix1987

    Game simply wont open. I'm a noob

    Update, after a full reinstall the game is running but time shall tell. Time to get on with the kriegsmarine grindage ?
  10. Felix1987

    any aussies playing?

    OK topic wasn't old my bad. Give me a break it's Sunday (I think)
  11. Felix1987

    any aussies playing?

    Sorry to drag up an old post but another from not so sunny at the moment qld here, south Brisbane actually. I mainly play cruisers, have a few premiums bla bla. My stats probably suck but I'm still a bit of a potato and had dramas settling on a specific line to play. Feel free to add me should u wish
  12. Felix1987

    Game simply wont open. I'm a noob

    Afternoon all, Please bare with me I'm not a computer genius lol. So I played Wows yesterday with no issues. I open it today, get to the launcher. I press play and am constantly getting an error message in regards to a txt file or similar and the game won't open. I did a quick search on the forums couldn't find anything similar. My PC isn't the best but it's fully updated with windows etc, link to it here https://www.jbhifi.com.au/computers-tablets/desktops/lenovo/lenovo-ideacentre-510s-tower-pc-i5/351983/ So, I'm sorry I couldn't screengrab the error msg. I've tried everything and have now resorted to re-installing the game. For arguments sake the PC hasn't updated at all or even been turned on since playing wows yesterday. Once it reinstalls I will try again but had anyone experienced a similar issue in the meantime? I really wanna take my prinz eugen and Perth out for a friendly walk lol. Regards, thanks in advance Felix