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  1. O_n_y_x

    Off to hiatus once more and over.

    Same. I will certainly NOT spend any more money on this game as is. Just not worth it.
  2. O_n_y_x

    the fix

    No more money from me (even with the doubloon bribe just released - a sign that they are worried about players closing their wallets). Multiple CV's per team is just stupid. Endless planes is just stupid. Stealth planes is just stupid. I will keep playing operations until I get bored and then I'll find something else to play.
  3. O_n_y_x

    CV rework day 1 observations

    QFT. Agree with everything said above.
  4. O_n_y_x

    Dunkirk Collection Duplicates...

    Many thanks! Is there a list of the available premium ships for the Super Containers?
  5. Through all of the Science of Victory tasks, I have been unable to succeed in claiming any of the Heroic Achievement tasks. Just today I scored First Blood and Devastating Strike in a single game with the Gallant which should have granted me the level 10 Task 5 but no reward was registered. It's been the same with all Heroic Achievement based Tasks for me. Any help would be gladly appreciated!
  6. O_n_y_x

    Dunkirk Collection Duplicates...

    I received a Gallant and the new Captain in a Dunkirk container but I already own the Gallant. Any ideas as to what happens with that?