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  1. O_n_y_x

    Off to hiatus once more and over.

    Same. I will certainly NOT spend any more money on this game as is. Just not worth it.
  2. O_n_y_x

    the fix

    No more money from me (even with the doubloon bribe just released - a sign that they are worried about players closing their wallets). Multiple CV's per team is just stupid. Endless planes is just stupid. Stealth planes is just stupid. I will keep playing operations until I get bored and then I'll find something else to play.
  3. O_n_y_x

    CV rework day 1 observations

    QFT. Agree with everything said above.
  4. O_n_y_x

    WoWS Update 0.8.0

    4 CV games MUST GO NOW. Pointless nerfing CV's and then seem to face even more planes than before. Not interested in the it's new and shiny and might wear off soon argument. 4 CV games are broken and have NO PART in WoW. I might like the patch WHEN the 4 CV games go away. Until then it's a NO from me.
  5. O_n_y_x

    Dunkirk Collection Duplicates...

    Many thanks! Is there a list of the available premium ships for the Super Containers?
  6. Through all of the Science of Victory tasks, I have been unable to succeed in claiming any of the Heroic Achievement tasks. Just today I scored First Blood and Devastating Strike in a single game with the Gallant which should have granted me the level 10 Task 5 but no reward was registered. It's been the same with all Heroic Achievement based Tasks for me. Any help would be gladly appreciated!
  7. O_n_y_x

    Dunkirk Collection Duplicates...

    I received a Gallant and the new Captain in a Dunkirk container but I already own the Gallant. Any ideas as to what happens with that?