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  1. FA_Leviathon

    KR streaming code

    KRSTREAMINGCH0M1N Dont know if it gives new mission or repeats old mission. Not with PC to check
  2. FA_Leviathon

    0.8.11 Hot Update incoming

    Nothing ? maybe update to enable the Ajax 1940 camo for Leander
  3. FA_Leviathon

    SEA Server Nov 7 Horrible Connection.

    Sorry for the late updated. They rerouting the server yesterday and after that it fixed my ping issue. Hope everybody also get good connection now. P/S : Used my brother phone XD forgot to log out
  4. FA_Leviathon

    I'm crossing T opponent, why I'm still lose?

    The main different is that the rate of hit ( number of shell that actually hit enemy ship over total shell fired ) in real world is very low. So it is better to fire as many guns as possible to achieve some hits. In WOWS, the hit rate is much higher so it is wiser to get hit less than to fire more. That is why crossing T is not very good idea in this game.
  5. FA_Leviathon

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    If the T5 freemium trend continues, i hope Yahagi will be T5 reward for IJN Cruiser split line XD