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  1. Entropy_Sky

    Mini Map Positioning

    Hello all. I am just wondering if there is a mod out there, where I can move the mini map to Top Left, or Top Right of the screen. Currently, it at the bottom right of screen, is since I spent 1/3 of time staring at it, my neck hurts. I would like to move it up to the Top o the screen, so my neck don't look down that much, causing neck sprain. If there isn't a mod can do that, would WG consider us to move the mini map to top of the screen for Health reason, example, Sprained Neck. Regards Player that is not from average 4 out of 12 that is bot in your team.
  2. Entropy_Sky

    Why this game sucks?

    Only Smoking ships you should complain is Smolensk and Venezia(Kutuzov maybe too).
  3. When you have 4 or 5 bot in your team, doing circle at the back of map, trying to get over the edge of world. They aren't decoys, and they aren't meat. And your are assuming both team have equal amount of bot. More frequently, in my experience, the bots are distributed unevenly, the wining team will always have no more than 3 bots, and losing team(which almost always happen to "me") will have no less than 4 and up to 6. Which is just a game at extreme 10 VS 6, and 9 vs 8 at best(but if it a DD that is bot vs human, bye bye at the start).
  4. Cool. But couldn't they limit the bot to Coop mode only?
  5. Sorry for my ignorance, but what is KPI?
  6. If that is the case, fine. Money matters.
  7. Random, if it coop, I would be ok, since all enemy is bot anyway.
  8. How can you expect people to spend money when game is filled with bots. When you know you enter a battle, half of your team is going to be bots. When you know you going to lose before the game begins. When you know you going to waste another 20mins of your efforts, brain, life to a losing game, When you trying to use that last few hours of premium time you bought, but all you get if frustration.
  9. Entropy_Sky


    Selling both now, but one question: What about Captain skill on DM Donskoi? I specifically did not upgrade IFHE instead of RFP for Moskva, do I get a reset for my DM Donskoi Captain?
  10. Entropy_Sky

    A new record for AFK/ BOT ers in one game?

    I have experienced 7 out of 12 is bot from my team, they all charge in at full speed and died in less than 5 minutes.
  11. It dives faster than free fall, and it torpedo turns better than modern day missile.
  12. Entropy_Sky

    Fun and Engaging ranked season.

    Well, now you going back from skills to ships. You cant even keep your argument straight. Pick ONE.
  13. Entropy_Sky

    Fun and Engaging ranked season.

    If you want to change the argument of ship to skill, fine. In this case, pray to MM. Its not like there isn't bot in Ranked.
  14. Entropy_Sky

    Fun and Engaging ranked season.

    Thanks for confirming what I just said. But with politician's wording.
  15. Entropy_Sky

    Fun and Engaging ranked season.

    Competitive in what? Which team have more Sinop, Scharnhorst, Belfast, Atlanta, Z39 and Haida. That is it.