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  1. vtongthongn

    0.11.11 Update Contest - A wish for Santa!

    Just take Groningen, it is same.
  2. vtongthongn

    CV's Fighter: Consumable action time 600s

    I see. so that 600s is right. Thank you.
  3. Hi everyone! Could you please tell me why the Consumable action time can be last for 600s on CV's Fighter? I don't play CV much. Just see it today. Thanks for any comment. Regards,
  4. vtongthongn

    Best Battle mission Supercontainer drop

    Nice. Congrat. I also got IRIAN 2 weeks ago (from SC). Thanks WG
  5. vtongthongn

    Christmas Story Event

    Thanks and happy new year.!
  6. vtongthongn

    Christmas Story Event

    A warm greeting to all of you, the WOWS-loving community, and Wargaming who have worked hard to build-develop-maintain the game. Before sharing my thoughts on the game, I would like to say that I have played a lot of games, and of course, they are all interesting. But one day in mid-2017, a friend shared with me about WOWS, I tried, and it seemed to be a big mistake. I mean, WOWS has reeling, infatuated, and frantic me. I give up all other games, I think WOWS is more than enough. I had to work very hard to balance my work and time spent with my passion WOWS. I have never seen an online game where the legacy left for players is worth owning and being so proud of. It's completely different from previous online games I've tried, every emotion and achievement is just a moment in time, and you have nothing left for the next login. I sincerely thank the producer for building and developing such an attractive, interesting, realistic, thrilling, and dramatic game. It can be said that the memorable emotions in the game are countless, but the most memorable for me are probably two events. I remember the days when my clan members and I were racing for time to build RICO. Those were hectic and exciting days. Building a ship in real-time creates a strange and fascinating feeling that is hard to say, like you are building a luxury villa for yourself (and frankly, it is very different from the rest of the current phase-based shipbuilding events, after RICO's dockyard event). Even though I had to use up to 6000 doubloons, I still had to calculate and complete the task well to ensure the progress of the ship construction. And joy broke out when RICO was built just in time for the expiration date. You know, isn't that feeling the most memorable?!!! Another time, the most memorable but also saddest emotion, was the event of taking BENHAM. I tried my best, tried to complete all the necessary tasks, brought back 797 tokens, and thought that the next day (the last day) to get 3 tokens was the end… But I was unlucky with BENHAM, I was busy and couldn't log in to the game the next day; I lost the last 3 tokens and watched BENHAM go… Until now, I still hope to see BENHAM again someday, as if she will be touched by my regret and come back … I don't know, I'm still waiting for her. The last thing after putting aside the feeling about BENHAM, I want to say, perhaps, what I have to regret the most is my angry words and attitude in the game. There have been times I used excessive language to communicate with players, teammates, and opponents. I regret the last words that came out. Instead of harsh words, I wish they should be compliments or encouragement. I will change myself, will give up bad words. Are you like that? Thank you, WOWS family. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a healthy New Year, overcoming the Covid19 pandemic. Let's welcome a fantastic 2022 with WOWS.!! Love.!