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  1. SeniorMaidBelfast

    Division player slots (3/3)

    There are only three slots available for people to play when you play in a division with friends. I think we should have four slots so if you want more than three to play, you don't need to hassle and keep switching the players who are in the division. I find it annoying to deal with as if another friend wants to play; they have to wait for a few others' battles to finish. It also increases the hassle of switching people around. So, I think this may be a good idea to have four player slots in the division lobby.
  2. SeniorMaidBelfast


    Happy New Year from New Zealand Yes, I have got Kronshtadt and some good ships. In fact, I spend 100 containers and I receive 30 ships - see below the ship list. New ship from Santa Containers VII Yudachi (DD) VI Mutsu (BB) VIII Kii (BB) VI Monaghan (DD) VII California (BB) VIII Alabama (BB) V Murmansk (CA) V Mikoyan (CA) V Kirov (CA) V Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya (BB) VI Molotov (CA) VI Makarov (CA) VII Leningrad (DD) VII Poltava (BB) IX Kronshtadt (CA) VI T-61 (DD) VII Z39 (DD) VII Scharnhorst (BB) VIII Graf Zeppelin (CV) VI London (CA) V Siroco (DD) VI De Grasse (CA) VI Dunkerque (BB) VI Ashan (DD) VIII Loyang (DD) V Genova (CA) VI Duca D'Aosta (CA) V Viribus Unitis (BB) VII Haida (DD) VII Nueve De Julio (CA) All total is 30 Disappointed I never got Enterprise which tried to spend with a lot of containers but happy with lot others.
  3. SeniorMaidBelfast

    Spot The Difference

    Done and my signature on bottom right. Thank you!
  4. SeniorMaidBelfast

    Last Chance to Get Your Hands on Festive Treats!

    Would like to say - Merry Christmas and of course Happy New Year 2020 to all Captains! Just already brought a Santa Big Bundle which includes Gorizia VII, a commander with 10 skills, x40 Santa's mega gift containers (haven't open them yet as I prefer to module upgrade first), x2 New year permanent camouflage for all tier VIII ships, x3 XP for 25 battles plus Gorizia's flag too - It's a wee Xmas gift for me Unfortunately, Gorizia VII doesn't show up with the module upgrade in WoWs wiki Can anyone please give me some information or another link about module upgrade of Gorizia VII. Thank you.
  5. SeniorMaidBelfast

    Ranked Battles: the Fourteenth Season

    Agree with you, and they should pick two tiers between VII - X or something with between two tiers and will get more fun. But wondering why they removed our rank.
  6. SeniorMaidBelfast

    How can you able to see all of ships?

    Hi all Newcomers & Captains, How can I see all of my ships in one screen or have to see each of them ship in one slot? Because I do like to snapshot them in one screen. Please advise or any idea - Thanks!