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  1. archebuster

    Favorite Ship Class

    Yea what the question says. If you can just give a reason for your choice too.
  2. archebuster

    Ohhh! The rage

    Man this thread went another direction entirely. To bring this thread back on line, I'll share my experience with you. My win rate has dropped to 49%. Much love. Much skill. For every random match I play like an absolute idiot, I am put with a team that costs me the victory in the next 2 games. I feel matchmaking hates my name
  3. archebuster

    Ohhh! The rage

    Really no idea what you are trying to say
  4. archebuster

    Ohhh! The rage

    This thread is turning less into a, "how my team has disappointed me/ how I have ruined their day." and more into an entertaining shitfest. But I am confused if Skarhabek is a troll bait or if he is really like this? Eitherway, I had giggles reading this thread
  5. archebuster

    Ohhh! The rage

    You are lucky. I had my share of getting deleted quick thanks to friendly DDs. And when that happens the WTR says I deal below average damage. (I place team screw ups on par with my noobness) Either torp hits or I get teamed up with dd players who don't try to cap at all. Eitherway lost matches.
  6. So, the DB loadout is a nerf?
  7. archebuster

    Ohhh! The rage

    Always great when a friendly DD just blind torps the entire water line from inside a smoke screen and it ends up hitting you out of anything else. Yup My WT win rate has dropped down to 50 from 54. Very good. Much like. Based team Okay, other than this BBaby rant, I am curious to know how did all of you ever get screwed by friendlies during random matches. P.S. Not really saying my matches have been terrible thanks to terrible teams because I am a potato player as well. Deleted a pretty helathy cruiser with one BB AP salvo during a Co Op. So, please take this thread as a fun way to express your disappointments.
  8. archebuster

    Pathetic Team ups

    There is little a green BB player can do other than rage when he sees enemy destroyers and cruisers not capping in a Domination match.
  9. archebuster

    I am getting why teams hate on Cvs

    So, a CV player either makes you a team favorite player or the most hated player. Just the kind of ship I need to play.
  10. archebuster

    I am getting why teams hate on Cvs

    Then this thread would have had the same title, but only me laughing at the enemy carriers for screwing up
  11. archebuster

    Myogi: Snipe or Brawl?

    I guess, I am up against fellow green players like me. Shooting them and then hitting them 11 km away despite the dispersion is very satisfying. Although I feel, that Kaiser has faster reload which gives it an edge(although the dispersion makes me sad at times)
  12. So recently, I was in a match with my Kaiser. It was one of those matches where there were 2 carriers on each team. And, oh God both carrier players were so bad lol. I checked, one was a Zuiho and the other I forgot. Meanwhile the enemy carriers knew what they were doing. Our Carriers were Derping around with their bombers. But it seems they could not use fighters. We got no Aries recon, no air support and we're one after another taken by the combined bombers of both the enemy Cvs. Not once anyone got fighter support. Like the main fleet of our team just got dwindled quickly because of no recon. And everyone, Cruiser and BB captains alike were screaming for air support as our ships got torpd, bombed, burned and sunk.
  13. archebuster

    Myogi: Snipe or Brawl?

    I suggest from limited experience of playing this game. I got the Kaiser and I encounter Myogis a lot. I love the Myogi. Because it is such a great target to shoot at. And at brawling range, Kaiser can 3/4 times set Myogi on fire. And close range AP salvos to a Myogi can Diss out serious damage, at least it has been in my case. So, my advice is to prefer Sniping as much as possible, at least against German Bbs. And when enemy Bbs are getting close, turn away and kite them. Cuz a Kaiser with the right Captain skills will give you a bad time.
  14. archebuster

    Why the hate?

    So from what I can gather, German DDs need extremely skilled player Base to utilise and a green destroyer captain will have a bad time playing them. Good for everyone that can play them and enjoy it.
  15. archebuster

    Newcomer's query

    I guess Japanese fighters will have to attack enemy bombers or just be used as bait. I guess anything else will just chew em up. Special fighter to fighter combat against the Americans