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  1. Shifty_Panzer

    Submarines is coming

    WG dropped a big one, ladies and gentlemen. Wouldn't it be funny if Submarines are more balanced than CV
  2. Shifty_Panzer

    [Just for fun] A slightly Weeb poll

    Blitz is doing a lot of Azur Lane collab lately I think.
  3. Hit that thing with a torpedo, and you will get an achievement.
  4. Shifty_Panzer

    Raptor Rescue Disappointment

    Anybody got the Easter Egg achievement? You can get it from hitting a torpedo hit to Bad Advice Captain's Nurnberg.
  5. Shifty_Panzer

    Serious bad luck

    Been playing for the last 3 days, but haven't had any win. Any help? I think I'm just gonna stop playing this game for the 2nd time.
  6. Shifty_Panzer

    Free XP problems

    Pan-Asian destoyers be like "Hey why does my torpedoes pass trough destroyers?"
  7. Shifty_Panzer

    I expected this to happen - Pasta cruisers

    Wish the facebook link embedded properly
  8. Shifty_Panzer

    Henri III

    Bayard more like Henri
  9. Shifty_Panzer

    Why I LOVE the Yorck, yes the YORCK

    Yeah i noticed that
  10. Shifty_Panzer

    Je suis prêt

    You smell that son? that is n̶a̶p̶a̶l̶m̶ i mean vietnamese baguette.
  11. Shifty_Panzer

    Je suis prêt

    I'll take two baguette please
  12. Shifty_Panzer

    Best way to get Twitch notifications?

    Don't forget to subscribe and hit that bell icon so you don't miss out Ok i should stop making jokes
  13. Shifty_Panzer

    Why I LOVE the Yorck, yes the YORCK

    holy crap what the hell
  14. Shifty_Panzer

    Why I LOVE the Yorck, yes the YORCK

    Yes, I'm below average, seriously
  15. I recently purchased Yorck and it is a solid ship in my opinion. I mean just look at my personal stats on the Yorck... Look at the winrate, it's such a high winrate. 3 of those battles are just basically these Epic victory