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  1. Shifty_Panzer

    Best run ever

    You are a true U-Boot Kapitan unicum on Subs, my best damage record on Subs was like 300.000 Edit : and that was way back while i was playing on the Test Server
  2. Shifty_Panzer

    HMS Vanguard Disappointment

    Premium ships and tanks are meant to be "Meh" vehicles but make a lot of credits and XP, thats the original WG concept of premium vehicles. I feel Vanguard is great because its not OP nor a powercreep premium. I could be wrong, thats my opinion.
  3. Shifty_Panzer

    Pizza Navy inbound?

    DE REEEGIA AERONAUTICA Edit : wait, wrong game sorry
  4. Shifty_Panzer

    "China(?)" player become more extreme nowaday

    Alright mate, chinese people are extremely toxic, not only in WoWs. There this one chinese assh*le that i met in Roblox, he is basically racist to me. I know how you feel mate Edit : gw dari indonesia, gw tau perasaan lu. Cina pantek.
  5. Shifty_Panzer

    STEAM1YEAR - Redeem it fast!

    Danke What a bad luck, i got 6 camo...
  6. Shifty_Panzer

    So I Get Banned From a Game Called Roblox

    Anyone here play Roblox? So i recently got banned for 7 days because i uploaded these "hate speech" pictures, they dont even contain swastikas. I guess they are LEFTIST
  7. Shifty_Panzer

    Best use of dubloons?

    I recently got 350 doubloons and i think camo is not the best option to spend them on. I would say slot or conversions is the best option (for me). You can pile up camo just from containers.
  8. Shifty_Panzer

    Never add submarine into PVP

    I cant imagine BOT playing Submarines.... i do like U-Boot, but i sometimes think how BOTS will play them...
  9. Alright, here is the custom skin for the Gneisenau. It have the Kriegsmarine style camouflage into it. Feel free to download it. This is the second time im making a custom skin. Sorry if theres an error. I will be using mediafire to upload my skin. This skin contains Iron Cross and not the Swastika (pls dont ban me WG) To install : - Put the Hull and superstructure .dds file into C:\Games\World_of_Warships\res_mods\version that you are on\content\gameplay\germany\ship\battleship\textures Note : If you dont have any of the files above in your WoWs, dont be afraid to make one. Download link : - https://www.mediafire.com/view/l3djq2x77ksp3jh/GSB018_Gneisenau_1944_Hull_a.dds/file - https://www.mediafire.com/view/jeoze7jmzld7ntn/GSB018_Gneisenau_1944_DeckHouse_a.dds/file Here are some in-game screenshot :
  10. Shifty_Panzer

    Whats your favourite camouflage?

    Legend has it that they still mop the ship until today
  11. Shifty_Panzer

    Whats your favourite camouflage?

    Hunter camo is probably one of the must have camo in the Atlantic
  12. Shifty_Panzer


    Bloody good old French engineering...
  13. Shifty_Panzer


    Man oh man... i remember when i was a tier VI player, i played the Freddy Der Gross (tier IX German BB) in the public test server.... i did like 138.000 damage lol I was a lucky noob
  14. Shifty_Panzer

    You gotta be trolling me WG!

    One of the text says i_dont_like_twitch_port Excuse me, what the hell?
  15. Shifty_Panzer

    You gotta be trolling me WG!

    I was wondering the whole time why the game always crash everytime i click Log In, and now i know... WG gotta be trolling, i mean just look at the text