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  1. PanzerRunner

    Official Forum will be closed permanently

    feedback in discord will scroll off the screen so fast, twitch chat would be ashamed
  2. PanzerRunner

    Official Forum will be closed permanently

    discord as replacement? lmao
  3. PanzerRunner

    Got Scammed Out of the Summer Event

    Got 50 summer tokens again, bought ten 75,000 credits container again Luckily this time around I got my 750,000 credits.
  4. PanzerRunner

    Got Scammed Out of the Summer Event

    Probably Well I got two premium ships last year from 2 containers, so I guess it's not totally lose-lose
  5. Had 50 summer tokens, bought 10 of the 7500 credits container because I don't like gambling. Only got 7500 credits instead of 750000. I don't get it.
  6. PanzerRunner

    USS Wichita

    I'm not a US Naval Historian, but can someone explain why the superstructure on the Wichita differs to its real-life and WoWs Blitz counterpart? Perhaps it's a late war version of the Wichita?
  7. PanzerRunner

    Coal for Unique Commander or Ship?

    I have 20k doubloons to spare and a couple of coupons, should I buy premium time, a commander, or a premium ship?
  8. PanzerRunner

    I am gonna sing....

    can't wait for this to be on genius.com
  9. PanzerRunner

    Harpooning Whales

    potato quality is spot on, what's up with two battlepass?
  10. PanzerRunner

    Server lag issue! Asia server

    my ping is usually fine but lately i get 2000ms and get disconnected
  11. Hello captain! This skin pack includes historical & semihistorical camo for Kriegsmarine BB, CA and mainline DD from tier VI to X. How to Install? 1. Download the zip file from Google Drive. The download button should be on the top right. 2. Extract the zip file and open it, there should be a folder called "content". 3. Put the "content" folder inside your WoWs res_mods folder. How to uninstall? 1. Open your WoWs res_mods folder. 2. Go to content\gameplay\germany\ship. 3. There should be folders for ship types, inside them are the textures should you delete them. Special thanks Tanz for the skin inspiration. Zahra Putri Priska for her support.
  12. PanzerRunner

    Back from a year break

    can anyone tell me the summary on what has changed in World of Warships? pretty please
  13. PanzerRunner

    [ALL] Gneisenau Semi Historic Camo

    You're welcome, I'm back playing World of Warships and I'm planning to make some more for the German BB and Cruiser line. They all should have a similar style.
  14. PanzerRunner

    Submarines is coming

    WG dropped a big one, ladies and gentlemen. Wouldn't it be funny if Submarines are more balanced than CV