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  1. PanzerRunner

    Back from a year break

    can anyone tell me the summary on what has changed in World of Warships? pretty please
  2. PanzerRunner

    [ALL] Gneisenau Semi Historic Camo

    You're welcome, I'm back playing World of Warships and I'm planning to make some more for the German BB and Cruiser line. They all should have a similar style.
  3. PanzerRunner

    Submarines is coming

    WG dropped a big one, ladies and gentlemen. Wouldn't it be funny if Submarines are more balanced than CV
  4. PanzerRunner

    [Just for fun] A slightly Weeb poll

    Blitz is doing a lot of Azur Lane collab lately I think.
  5. Hit that thing with a torpedo, and you will get an achievement.
  6. PanzerRunner

    Raptor Rescue Disappointment

    Anybody got the Easter Egg achievement? You can get it from hitting a torpedo hit to Bad Advice Captain's Nurnberg.
  7. PanzerRunner

    Serious bad luck

    Been playing for the last 3 days, but haven't had any win. Any help? I think I'm just gonna stop playing this game for the 2nd time.
  8. PanzerRunner

    Free XP problems

    Pan-Asian destoyers be like "Hey why does my torpedoes pass trough destroyers?"
  9. PanzerRunner

    I expected this to happen - Pasta cruisers

    Wish the facebook link embedded properly
  10. PanzerRunner

    Henri III

    Bayard more like Henri
  11. PanzerRunner

    Why I LOVE the Yorck, yes the YORCK

    Yeah i noticed that
  12. PanzerRunner

    Je suis prêt

    You smell that son? that is n̶a̶p̶a̶l̶m̶ i mean vietnamese baguette.
  13. PanzerRunner

    Je suis prêt

    I'll take two baguette please
  14. PanzerRunner

    Best way to get Twitch notifications?

    Don't forget to subscribe and hit that bell icon so you don't miss out Ok i should stop making jokes
  15. PanzerRunner

    Why I LOVE the Yorck, yes the YORCK

    holy crap what the hell