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  1. n1T_GnoRT

    Asking abour Email Reward

    If u click that button (Reward Claim) It will lead you to User Bonus page to receive rewards. @@
  2. n1T_GnoRT

    Asking abour Email Reward

    Well at this morning, i checked my gmail and received a mail from WG It said that i had a rental Massachuset for 7 days and some rewards like Free exp,credits and Super container But the problem is that the request to collect all of them is Win a battle I have done that request (Win a battle) but didn't receive anything. May you check for me this time? Thanks you
  3. I think loyang or any dd will have a hard time in the future. The radar ships are too many in the game right now. May be in the match only 1~2 dds per team And the BB, with the new Us CL line, they will become the living fire torch in the ocean.lol But also that is the good environment for BB where DD isn't exist and full of Cruiser So invest in BB or any Cruiser may be a better choice than Dd But if u like Dd then i vote Kidd (She has a heal, which is a good consum when u faced with these radar)
  4. me waiting the kidd ^^ hope one day wg will add the ship to the tech tree Personally, i think the kidd is more fitting to the meta at the moment.
  5. n1T_GnoRT

    Vietnam Community

    hey i'm from Buon Ma Thuot too :D
  6. n1T_GnoRT

    Has anyone received the bonus doubloon?

    omg i didnt receive anything i had sent a ticket but it's 3 day and still no one reply me :((
  7. n1T_GnoRT

    Recommend an anime/manga/LN/VN

    i don't know if share the anime or the light novel break any rules of the forum. But i just checked and didn't find any violation about it.^^hope it's will be okay... Actually i'm an anime lover and i want to share with you my favorite anime movie that i like most! That is: "Bakemono no ko" In english name: "The boy and the beast" Storyline : It's a story of the kid-"kyuta" who lost his mom. He was very sad, after saw the indifference of his relatives, he decided to leave the house....In that night, right on the street, he met a bakemono name "kumatetsu"-and kumatetsu take him as disciple. And kyuta go to the bakemono world. That's when the story begin! The picture of the movie: ( very cool right?) The movie is very meaningful. The meaning of life; the story of kyuta helping his master Kutatetsu and himself to met his real father. The true story of anime i look for a long time oh if i tell you all about the movie, i can say more than a day. In my opinion i rated this movie 9.8/10 YOU MUST WATCH THAT MOVIE XD And It's same director from the movie "Summer war" and" Childen of the wolf" too! Hope you enjoy~~ There is one last thing i want to share you, i have watched a lot of anime and i found only "Anime Movie" and "Old Anime Series" give you the most feeling you always wanted, never reget one you find a good one. of couse these is some "bad" ones, but if you don't like them, don't mind about it! movie anime always getting more prepair than the TV series , they have long story, and director can give their true love,insiration into the movie that TV series never can get ( anime tv series usually getting pressure about the time and money production so how the quality can match with the movie?) that maybe the reason why ghibli films are mostly movies and always get the oscar Of couse not all TV series are bad , there are plenty of them which i consider "Super Awesome" like FMA or Cowboybebop, but they are from the past, from the time when they still have the true "fire" inspiration from the artist and director ."Golden time" in 90s Japanese anime Not all "isekai anime "like today, all of them are boring and have the same storyline. I just feel a little sad. Hope anime can be back the glory days it used to be
  8. n1T_GnoRT

    Best Premium Ships For Fun!

    No racist in CV ! Yes of course XD But i'm not a CV player. So if i bought them, i would give salty for my teammates but i had the fully upgrade zuiho and mostly use her for CV missions in event ^^ Playing CV like playing a chess lol. i must think what's the opposite CV player think and which ship i should attack first. There was a time my friends stayed behind me and saw i play cv and he got headache when i explained for him about CV roles and how to use planes. haha fun old time
  9. n1T_GnoRT

    Best Premium Ships For Fun!

    Well thanks for all advice your guys give to me^^ i appreciate all of opinions I think i will wait until there will be some discount on premium ships so that i can buy 2 or more^^ Yeah i missed the Mikhail Kutuzov, Hope one day WG will bring it back ... By the way, there is one tier 8 premium cruiser that i just fought pretty "suited" for me, that is prinz eugen, 45000 hitpoints, Turtleback Citadel and now a heal? Woah she make me suprised! Should i buy her? about the atago,i don't like she very much cause she is very squidshy, easily eating penetration and 16s of guns reload. Of course , she has 10 203mm guns and 10km torpedoes which more firepower than prinz eugen. But PE gets more defense and tougher than atago. Like 50/50 on both ship
  10. n1T_GnoRT

    Best Premium Ships For Fun!

    USSR nation ^^
  11. n1T_GnoRT

    Best Premium Ships For Fun!

    Ranked and Random i rarely play Coop and Operation
  12. n1T_GnoRT

    Best Premium Ships For Fun!

    i only have 10000 doubloons so i can buy atleast 1 premium ship ^^ Well thanks for your reply. I appreciate your opinion. Sims... Is that a destroyer used to be the fastest ? I have heard about it. It's a really fun destroyer with "sea mine" torpedoes and fast reload 127mm guns. I will stick it in my wishlist ^^
  13. With the next patch, there are some premium ships will be added to the tech tree like Atlanta,scharnhorst, dunkerque, etc..So i'm going to buy a ship but i can't decide which one. For making credit, and fun to play. May you give some advice? please tell me, thank you. Well, there are two ships which make me feel so hard to deciced are Atlanta and Scharnhorst. I have grinded USN Cruiser to Des moines so i know how to camp and hug islands. I love staying behind these islands and spaming HE, that 5s of reload make me so intensive XD. that ship sure will be fun for me. But wargaming is going to split USN cruiser and introduce Worcester which most people calling "Mega Atlanta". She have HEAL,Radar and maybe have the same playstyle like atlanta. I don't know if i should pay for 9000 doubloons or just wait the worcester release and get her for free. And Worcester have 5s reload of 152mm guns, and a heal which atlanta doesn't have And about the Schanhorst, since i have grinded free exp and bought the nelson. I don't think that i would pay for any BBs because Nelson is too good and very very fun to play...But there were many people have bought the Schan and nobody had complain about her. In my point of view, she kinda like T7 geman Bb Genesaure (sr i forgot her name)... @@ of course not only them but there are a lot of choice like alabama, tirpitz, loyang, prinz eugen, Leningrad and atago. These are good ship and worth to buy too. Agh so many of choice :(( i have Nelson,Anshan, okhotnik,vampire and huang meh are my main premium ships. Yes, i read the littewhitemouse reviews alot but still can't decice for myself... anyway, thanks for reading and helping me^^ and i must sorry for my bad english :p Hope you enjoy
  14. n1T_GnoRT

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    how about using that mod for the leningrad? that ship sure will get huge benefit from it
  15. n1T_GnoRT

    Has anyone received the bonus doubloon?

    i still haven't received yet i bought steam dlc pack on 28th, i don't know if i was legal to earn the doubloons bonus ...