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  1. David_O_neill


    Why does wows continue to allow players from a certain region to keep using bots. After so many years its just a waste of time playing anymore with the amount of bots that are in ranked and random games.
  2. David_O_neill

    Is server down

    Like the title says, is the server down cant seem to log in.
  3. Great idea wow's, the camping is bad enough now. Can you imagine whats its going to be like in ranked.
  4. David_O_neill

    Infuriating experiences on this server.

    [content removed] Racism. Post edited, user warned. ~Beaufighter
  5. David_O_neill

    Why is it like this

    Well atleast your photo shop skills are improving. And btw i am aboriginal so you really want to play the race card by posting photo shopped pics?
  6. David_O_neill

    Why is it like this

    All i stated was fact, if the best you can do is shout racism then there is no hope for you
  7. David_O_neill

    Why is it like this

    Instead of making stupids remarks and cough cough. As i said show me exactly where something racist was said?
  8. David_O_neill

    Why is it like this

    What racist remarks? Nothing i have said was racist, sick of people playing the racist card when they see something they don't like.
  9. David_O_neill

    Why is it like this

    I started a thread asking a questions why players on the asian server camp so much compared to other servers. I also said the eu and ru servers call asian server a campers paradise. How is that napalm?
  10. David_O_neill

    Why is it like this

    So one set of rules for non asian races and another set for asians?
  11. David_O_neill

    Why is it like this

    And exactly what rules have I broken? And most of the replies have been inflammatory remarks. So are they all going to receive bans also.
  12. David_O_neill

    Why is it like this

    Nothing racist has been stated. Asians eat cats and dogs FACT not racist, Asians make cheap cars and clothes FACT not racist. So please enlighten me to what racist terms have been used to merit your THREAT?
  13. David_O_neill

    Why is it like this

    Yes we do, the first people where the asians who crossed the land bridges. It was only after the europeans arrived did the country discover culture and poise. But then again if it wasn't for you who would build our cheap cars or make our lovely cheap clothes and shoes. So thank you asia for your piss poor economy.
  14. David_O_neill

    Why is it like this

    [Content removed] Racist, insult. Content removed, user banned ~TheAzure
  15. David_O_neill

    Why is it like this

    No i actually suck big time. But thanks for asking. Always makes me laugh in many many games when people confuse ability with their hacks. As i said this server is one of the noobiest and biggest users of hacks within the wows network. If i could transfer my ships over to another server i would in a heartbeat.