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  1. David_O_neill

    Game Mechanics

    Thanks but I am based in Europe, and I have checked with the Europe servers which is how I know is a problem with WOWS and not my system. Unfortunately I was living in au and moved over here, if I could transfer my tier 10's to Europe server I would but I can't be bothered grinding all over again. The feedback but from Europe is they know about the problem but have no idea why or how to fix it.
  2. David_O_neill

    Game Mechanics

    Yes there is a Mac install version, and no it doesn't need to run through a 3rd party. I have also tried that and same issues still happen.
  3. David_O_neill

    Game Mechanics

    Its been reported more times than I can care to remember, and it affects about 5% of the playing population currently. And I'll say again its a wow's problem not a users problem. No matter how many you uninstall and even a complete system wipe and restart the problem doesn't go away. It mainly affects Mac users and has ever since the new cv's rework. And yes there is a financial drop-off one only need look at wows own traffic reports to see that.
  4. David_O_neill

    Game Mechanics

    typical responses from players that have no idea. No its not my pc, internet or anything else related to me at this end. ITS A WOWS PROBLEM, THAY HAVE KNOWN ABOUT IT FOR ATLEAST 3 MONTHS. But hey no skin off my back, I like many other players have stopped spending money on the game till it is fixed. Maybe once WOWs start to see a financial drop-off in revenue they may decide to do something about it.
  5. David_O_neill

    Game Mechanics

    Instead of creating unnecessary crap like space battles and xbox and playstation rubbish how about fixing the game mechanics for the players who after 3 months of constant complaining are still suffering game freezes, game crashes and all the other rubbish that no one at wows seems to care about. In addition the players still suffering this get pink or game bans for quitting battles early, why not turn off that feature until you fix it? Fix the game mechanics or atleast tell us you are working on it.
  6. David_O_neill

    Stuck at the Battle Loading Screen

    Good Luck its been like since the last major update, now imagine having an iMac that it happens 15 to 20 times a day and after numerous players have complained and months gone by guess what.... wows still haven't done a dam thing about it nor do they actually care which is why myself and many many others have stopped spending money on a game that dev's can't be bothered fixing
  7. David_O_neill

    Chat bans

    It was in reference to his game play and the continued inaction on bots etc from WOW. I get a chat ban for calling out players like above who sit back and offer no contribution to game and then complain that dd's don't get out there and be there personnel spotter. Calling a spade a spade is now not acceptable because of snowflakes who get offended at the slightest comment, so as I said man up and take it on the chin
  8. David_O_neill

    Chat bans

    Maybe if you didn't camp like a mofo, and demand that dd's become your personnel spotter people might help. Watching you play is like watching paint dry. And as for my clan being toxic BS most of them don't even indulge in chat because of players like yourself. So nice try but for now back to your camping Oops sorry for my comment if you have become offended snowflake, but you could always try a different approach being a man?
  9. David_O_neill

    Mods or Support Please Explain Ranked Battles

    I would love to, but here is the problem if you go afk you get reported..you say something in chat you get chat banned. Bring back the old days where my torps can sink someone and I go pink for 2 games or more that would solve it, then I could just torp the idiots and do supports job for them
  10. David_O_neill

    Chat bans

    Almost forgot, for my above comments I wouldn't be surprised if I now receive a forum ban to go with the chat ban
  11. David_O_neill

    Chat bans

    Welcome to the world of snowflakes. Wow continue to take no action against bots/ multiple player accts ruining ranked games. The same goes for campers and general idiots not contributing to the side etc etc. So you say something in chat to the effect and presto, you get chat banned. Don't we have enough of the snowflake shit in everyday life without having to deal with it here. Get the(Edited) over it, if you are a camper or someone who needs to hop on the special bus then what is the harm of making it known to them??? Profanity, Post Edited, User Sanctioned ~lengxv6
  12. David_O_neill

    Mods or Support Please Explain Ranked Battles

    It has been reported many many many times. There are even threads about this player on Reddit............ How long before something is done about it.................................. Im considering calling a clan leaders meeting in regards to inaction from WOW on bots and players like the above named one. The result of the boycott would be a freeze on buying premium or doubloons, would that finally get someone's attention to do something about it???????????
  13. More proof if it was really needed. WOW time for action or lose your paying players who are now more than fed up with this garbage.
  14. After numerous complaints by numerous players, about the player **** and his multiple accts playing ranked games with 2 accts on opposite sides on 2 computers Why is this player still allowed to do this and not banned yet?????? He plays Cv's everytime and has 2 accts with 2 cv's playing against each other in ranked battles continuously. He does this so 1 acct wins, while the other acct gets top points and doesn't lose a star. As you can quite plainly see in the attached screen shot what he does in ranked battles. player **** and player **** are 1 player on 2 computers. Can anyone offer me a valid reason why this is allowed to continue and ruining ranked battles for all? Look forward to the response!!!!