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  1. Personator

    Shokaku VS Des Moines

    I'm putting out the fact that it can see Tier 10 & have a chance of being the only Tier 8 in a Tier 10 match, rendering it a nearly useless ship with the kind of AA at Tier 10. But if you want me to compare it & have it test out against a Tier 8, sure. **Also note that Evasive Maneuvers applies only when the planes are returning to ship (HITTING 'F'), and thus is only used after dropping the bombs. Additionally, these are all based off of Shokaku's TBs. Every other plane at her tier has less HP (Lexington's TBs are 1710), so the chances are relatively increased, and are significantly increased so for DBs (Shokaku's DBs are 1610; 1k HP less). Keep in mind that these are % chance / second. This basically means that, say for attempting the attack, the NC has 1/4 chance to shoot down one of the TBs per second. (Also, don't forget that planes are slowed to 70% of their speed while under AA fire). So the planes are slowed down, giving the BB more time to shoot down the planes. When the TBs reach 5km, the chance is greatly increased, nearly 2-fold (to over 50%). So there is a high chance that the planes will all die before they even reach their target. And keep in mind that most CV players will attempt to drop within 5km to ensure the hit. Now let's factor in Evasive Maneuvers, which assumes that the planes reached their target. This further decreases the planes' speeds, rendering them at 50% speed (148*0.7*0.7). This gives the BB even more time to shoot down the planes, basically rendering the skill useless and pointless. The BB will still have a high chance of nearly 40% to shoot down the planes per second until they are 2.9km away from the ship. And let's just say he wasn't even AA DPS spec'd at all. He'd still have a 23%, nearly 1/4 chance to shoot down your planes before they leave 2.9km. 40% / second is a high chance. If you try running that through a RNG, it'll pump out a hit chance enough times that basically all TBs will have died before they can even get out. Just set the approximate time to be about 15 seconds for the duration of the TBs to be within 5km / 3.5km.
  2. Personator

    Shokaku VS Des Moines

    Stock DM vs Shokaku (no DFAA, no LMB) 24.73% chance (at 5km) Stock DM vs Shokaku (LMB only) 32.15% (at 5km) Stock DM vs Shokaku (DFAA only) 74.20% (at 5km) Stock DM vs Shokaku (DFAA + LMB) 96.46% (at 5km) DM (with AA mod 3) vs Shokaku 120.57% (at 5km) DM (with BFT) vs Shokaku 115.57% (at 5km) So how many of you still think Shokaku is blatantly OP?
  3. I think an extra change to this that would reduce camping is nerfing deceleration / max reverse speed. BBs would be unable to easily bow-camp and reverse out of the map fast enough / away from the cruisers; they would be forced to actively move about more.
  4. Personator

    Will i ever get a pilot ace on CV ?

    Seems like a sound idea... though it brings in a whole new hellish world of balancing
  5. Personator

    How the hell does one Warspite?

    What Tier 6 BB has good enough secondaries? I count 0 Only ships with good secondaries are Kaiser, KMS BB Tier 7+, and IJN BB Tier 8+. USN secondaries are horrible, but they make up for it with superior AA
  6. Personator

    Teaching new CVs...

    Is just global nerf, like stealth fire removal. Not nerfing premium ship directly
  7. Personator

    Teaching new CVs...

    That blind torping into smoke is futile and not worth it, right? After all, smoke best shield against CV drops in Tier 4-5 We should also remove BB AP to stop further sealclubbing for Tier 2-5, because it's "good against sealclubbing". No, I put a 2 there on purpose, not a 3. Because...
  8. Personator

    Mogami Turrets

    Going off on what they said, think of the turret like your neck. You can only turn your head 180º forward, no further than that. The turret works similarly with its turning limitations. Trying to turn further would result in... consequences
  9. Personator

    Just Introducing Myself

    I'm still playing on NA, just decided to try out playing on Asia because I was bored I'd need more experience with playing on Asia before I can make an accurate comparison, but I'll try Thanks for the welcoming notice
  10. Personator

    Just Introducing Myself

    No no I'm not that old lol You can never be ready enough
  11. Why don't you trust the wiki? D: Generally from Tier 4-8 for USN, you're stuck with 1/1/1 for your loadout to actually manage dealing damage and simultaneously defending your team / shutting down the enemy carrier. However, they are the worst due to their lack of plane mobility and multi-tasking capabilities (lol). IJN have multitudes of squadrons which requires more multi-tasking and also more precision due to the squishy-ness of the planes. If used correctly, they can inflict heavy damage to the enemy team.
  12. Personator

    Torpedo Reliability

    You want historical accuracy? Try playing when citadels are guaranteed 100% chance of detonation, as normally citadels are the ships' protected vital parts which include magazines or boilers.
  13. Personator

    Wiki Accuracy

    Hello! I'm from the Wiki Editors on NA. As we're a small group of regular editors with permissions, we will miss certain mistakes such as that on various ships. And I'm not sure about why you can't access the page, as you should normally be able to. However, we'll try & fix the page soon
  14. Personator

    Buff the Atlanta.

    Atlanta is fine as is; she just requires a certain playstyle to make her work (think DD style). Calling for Atlanta buff would be also calling for Flint buff, as they're similar ships. Not that Flint would need a buff, but many people would be outraged at Flint not getting a buff while Atlanta does.
  15. Personator

    Just Introducing Myself

    Hello! General background: I came here from the NA server just to see what it's like here (in the battles). My IGN is the same as over on NA. Game community background: I'm an official Wiki Editor under the supervision of Pigeon_of_War, updating wiki pages constantly and testing ships to give accurate recommendations for their playstyles. IRL background: I'm Vietnamese and am looking to see if there is a Viet community here, as I don't know many others of my own ethnicity playing this game. Hope to see you all in battle! \o/