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    Looking for Clan Members

    [RANS-] The Royal Aaryan Navy Navy Unit of Royal Aaryavart (fantasy city) We are recruiting Members for our newly built Clan. No Strict Rule for the clan. make sure all members know English to communicate. Be nice to other members of clans and have fun. 28 vacant places. No tiers limit. Average Players and Learning players can also join clan. DD, CC, BB, and CV all are welcome :) __________________________________________________________________________ Note: people usually get mis-understanding that we are [content removed] Nazi. Aaryavart was an Ancient city located in India Sub-continent in 3000 BCE formed by Lord Krishna. 'Aaryan' is one of his names. Nazi lovers please stay away from my clan. Hail Hydra! :D Profanity. Post edited, thread locked, user already warned. ~amade