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  1. Karasuma_Hifumi

    How to uncle Wyoming

    I play Wyoming recently and feel like something is wrong. I don't know how to fight with 2 aircraft carrier that constantly bomb me left and right until I sunk. Uncle Wyoming is very slow too. I think he's 20 knot at straight line but drop to 15 when I try to dodge left and right. Why uncle? Well ... Playing him feel like he is an old man...
  2. Karasuma_Hifumi

    Later Suckers!!!

    wait you can switch region?
  3. Karasuma_Hifumi

    Yugumo : Smoke or Reload Boost?

  4. Karasuma_Hifumi

    I'm crossing T opponent, why I'm still lose?

    I kinda know about angling but i thought it for cruiser and destroyer since their armor is thin. Battleships on other hand have thickest armor so don't have to worry about angling... guess I'm wrong T_T
  5. I'm not naval expert or anything but it's clear that T crossing is huge advantage through out history of naval battle right? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crossing_the_T I'm sailing wyoming against enemy battleships (can't remember the name, sorry) and able to crossing T him. I have all my gun to bare and he only have frontal gun, yet I'm go down first? how?
  6. Karasuma_Hifumi

    So 6 CV games are a thing now?

    ah ha ha ha... I get 3 CV match myself and it's no fun at all sir, no fun I'm sailing Wyoming and don't even have a chance to reach half way across map before sinking.
  7. Karasuma_Hifumi

    So 6 CV games are a thing now?

    umm... all other type seem to have no limit in number is aircraft carrier is much so different? I use to ask why carrier is big deal but herd that after rework they have less impact to the game they still are?
  8. Karasuma_Hifumi

    Is aircraft carrier that big of the deal?

    today I try Carrier and against enemy america Carrier of same level he have 6 plane of fighter squad but I only got 4 plane fighter squad. I try sent my own fighter to hold them off while my torpedo go in for attack they can't even last a minute and he still have enough time to came and take out all my torpedo plane basically he single handily wipe out all my plane with just 1 squad not even need to land and refueling. I though this game was fair T_T
  9. Karasuma_Hifumi

    CV-get rid of them already.

    reading this made me hesitated to try CV it's like... if you not the best, don't play it at all thingy like... no room for low, mid, intermediate skill in this line, if you not at master level from the get-go than don't touch it....
  10. Karasuma_Hifumi

    Is aircraft carrier that big of the deal?

    oh... boy... you guys make me even more worry now...
  11. stop playing for a several month and came back WG give me new ship and lot of gold xp enough for me to get my first air craft carrier. (japan tree, Hosho or something) but my friend who been play for years since game launch warn me that this class it not for the faint heart, because if team were to lose those who play carrier will most likely take all the blame and all trash word will throw at me that... give me quite a scared to play it but I still want to try so for a time being he told me to keep play co-op until I'm use to it control first. is aircraft carrier really big deal in game?
  12. Karasuma_Hifumi

    which country should I start with?

    thank you, I got some rough idea. I'll get tier 2 ship for US first since ship slot is very limited (wonder those ship collector spend how much money for all those ship...) but one thing though, did wait 5 minute for every match is normal?
  13. Karasuma_Hifumi

    which country should I start with?

    a game start with 6 ship from 6 country I try play them all but don't quite see much distinguish aside from that one weird ship that have AP instead of HE like other so, if I don't have advance resource like old player, which country should I start with? oh and some question there's match that I fought 1-1 with other player, we on very same boat but he can fire more rapidly than me. how come?