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  1. Hey_Potato

    Why play CV when you are bad at it?

    Dont be angry with me during this mission
  2. Hey_Potato

    Has anyone received the bonus doubloon?

    I have received my 500 doubloons bonus
  3. Hey_Potato

    birthday giveaway

    Happy Birthday....select me to give the rewards :)
  4. Hey_Potato

    How to improve solo win rate?

    I dont have any friends wanna div up with me ....want to div with me and be my friend?
  5. Hey_Potato

    The threshold of Ranked battle should be higher

    Got to agree on this point.... just lost a match in ranked....friendly benson tk'ed own edinburgh....solo loyang sitting inside the cap despite with 4 enemy ships (of which there are 2 loyangs+1 atago+1 bb)......1 alabama+1 kutuzov+1 kagero still camping way back at spwan area despite losing 2 cap areas.... Speechless
  6. Hey_Potato

    British warships discount in May????????

    I want my HINDY.....HINDY.....HINDY.....HINDY.....HINDY.....HINDY....HINDY......HINDY.......HINDY......HINDY
  7. Hey_Potato

    Worst Luck

    Try getting this if you think u r having a bad day :-
  8. Hey_Potato

    World of Battleships - Random

    noob, if your average damage is higher than server.... your win rate will become 100% who will have higher win rate? someone with 90K average republique damage at 200 match someone with 250K average republique damage at 200 match
  9. Hey_Potato

    how to cruiser ?

    Click on top left, select from the playlist of videos to watch: ichase video no.9 - How to cruiser Flamu video no 10 - Commentary on tenryu
  10. Hey_Potato

    Let's play a guessing game!

    Nope.... its the Mighty
  11. Hey_Potato

    Let's play a guessing game!

    Guess who wins?