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  1. Tex_Power

    Not playing again til next year.

    Happy New Year.
  2. I think I first came across the term "Carrion player" when I was playing MWO. I think in THAT game it can be a little unfair as there IS a role for light mechs to harass and torment the enemy without necessarily alphaing every enemy they come across. But I think it's different in World of Warships - it seems that every ship (if used correctly) can kill any other type of ship. Sure there's a bit of rock paper scissors built in, but it really seems that any ship can be effective if deployed correctly. So my pointless rant is this: /init_pointless_rant I was on Big Race yesterday. It was a T4 mostly match and I was in a Phoenix. I was in the top right corner with an allied French cruiser right beside/behind me when a Kuma rounded an island and it was on. The Kuma player was accurate but his navs not so much - he beached himself in front of me and my French ally and I started pumping shots into the Kuma. Now it was early game and other enemy cruisers started to take shots at me as they saw me/came into range. We needed to end the Kuma fast and get out of there. The Kuma hurt me as much as I hurt him - a credit to a captain struggling to unbeach himself AND fight off two enemies at once... ...but wait... TWO enemies? Where was my French ally's fire? Nothing, nada, zip, nyet and of course NON. Though right beside me, he wasn't firing. I was getting hurt and we needed this Kuma dead and he wasn't shooting. That is of course, until the Kuma had a smithereen of health left - THEN the French player launched his torps and opened fire, getting the kill. I looked up his stats later and they read along the lines of "does very low damage" and "often finishes enemies". I can't complain THAT much as ultimately I survived the battle and got top of my team on the damage that I did and he was way down the list but with 3 kills. This annoys me. I know kills don't count as much as damage and objectives but goddammit! If I do the damage I want the kill credit! /end_pointless_rant
  3. Tex_Power

    Upgrading to SSD

    ..scrubs... You're talking about scrubs!
  4. Tex_Power

    Upgrading to SSD

    No. I looked. There is no S.uper S.laying D.estroyer in any nation's tree to upgrade too? is it a premium ship?
  5. Tex_Power

    Losing streak

    So I've considered this a fair bit. Two comments; 1. IF MM randomly assigns players to each team with considerations only for nation, same botes spread across teams, tiers etc, then theoretically every game you join has a random smattering of skills on both teams yes? That means that over time, your win/loss ratio will depend on your skill. IE if, with reference to yourself only and being placed in random battles with 11 randoms on your team and 12 randoms on the other (or x-1 on your team and x on the other where x is a number of players per team when the game is not 12 a side) of equally randomized skill, then over time, your win/loss becomes an indicator of how effective YOU are at affecting the outcome of a battle - as, over time, YOU are the only constant in a sea of randoms (heh, SEA of randoms). So if we rank players with a skill rating from 1-10, 1 being no ability to change the outcome of a battle and 10 being ultimate ability to change the outcome of a battle and assume some kind of standard distribution, then you will come across pretty much zero 1-2's and zero 9-10's with most of the people you play with and against being 5's and 6's but with plenty of 4's and 7's. This means over time, you can easily be randomly allocated skill 4 and 5 players on your team while the enemy team can randomly consist of skill 5 and 6 players. This can happen randomly - it is possible. It is possible for MM to be both random and unlucky in assigning you teammates. So assuming that you are a skill rating of 5.5 (arbitrary allocation) and you end up randomly assigned to an unluckily rolled team of 4's and 5's then your total team skill might easily be something like 4.5 (all skills averaged) while the enemy team may be lucky and have 6's and 7's meaning their overall team skill is 6.5. Imagine playing 10 games in a row with all tier 4 ships on your team and all tier 6 ships on the other? How would that play out? So yes, MM can take SOME things into account while attempting to create games but it can't take player skill into account and considering what I've suggested above, this can mean a string of defeats through no fault of your own. 2. I have a mate who loves casinos and the roulette wheel in particular. I don't condone gambling or encourage it (*runs off to Buy Tirpitz to see if it betters my win/loss ration :p ) but I sat beside him one night while he was at the wheel. There was beer and flashing lights and he's good company so I was happy. He favoured betting on a red or black outcome that night. A simple 50/50 chance. I watched as the previous rolls board filled with black results. The screen showed maybe 15 previous results (more maybe!?) and they were all black but as we had been sitting there watching, we knew that more than what was being showed had been black. The dealer (spinner whatever you call her) was as dumbfounded as everyone else. In short - MM is random. You can be randomly assigned good and bad players and this can happen over a long period.
  6. I know. I researched. German BB if you want secondaries. But USN BB seem to end up with so much passive AA without trying - do you really need to invest hard in USN BB AA? Don't you kind of get it for free anyway? Is a secondary build for USN BB viable - even if not as much pew pew as comparable German BB?
  7. Tex_Power

    Teamkiller without killing team

    This happened to me once. Left me with an 8 inch stump.