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  1. You guys might seen the translated version of this before but some were mistranslated / taken out of context. This is the Amended QnA translated from the RU forums. Amended QnA 1. First closed Q&A. 1.1. Soviet BBs will have a guns with good (maybe best) ballistic, which are mostly for fighting BBs. 1.2. Main caliber will be 305, 356, 406mm and 457mm. But which guns on which ship, wasn't been shown. ^ These two points were not part of the GAME Q&A and were part of a historical talk. (as stated below, do not confuse) Most of this Q&A was in historical theme. Opened Q&A. (will say what was in both of them) 1. Devs don't refuse a possibility to release ironclads as prems. EDITED - 2. Devs plans about 'collectors club' wouldn't be changed. 3. There was a question about in-game trade between players. Devs are not planning to add such mechanic. 4. +-1 matchmaker not in plans. But known about T8 problems (against T9-10s) 5. "There's enough resources in game, but in-game event currency practice will be continued". 6. Kitakami. "Time hasn't come yet." EDIT - 7. About legendary mods. Devs are still collecting statistics about them, and already did with some ships. So, those mods can be adjusted as required in future. 8. And... if you think, that in end of year there ends a personal battle task for those mods, don't worry. It will be postponed. Devs planned to make those tasks unlimited in time, but there's no such setup, so postponed and postponed. EDIT 9. In 2019 there will be new battle achievements. - NOT CONFIRMED 10. Work about subs continues. Will they be in randoms? - still question even for them. - STATUS UNCONFIRMED 11. Updating in-game engine will be if future. But not in 2019 12. Replay functional are not a priority, so, in at least 1st half of 2019 will be no big work with them. 13. Devs want to update a karma system. But they doesn't know - how. EDITED - 14. Changes to maps are planned, but not a high priority. - NO, FIRST WE PLAN TO FIX OLD MAPS, THEN ADD NEW ONES. EDITED 15. Devs are planning to add a "support kill" ribbon - WE ARE THINKING ABOUT IT, NOT CONFIRMED 16. Murmansk may become a new port. 17. Helicopters - maybe. But we promise nothing. 18. Interface rework is planned. In 2019, maybe, if we'll get luck. 19. Increasing of prime-time of CWs are not in plans, until releasing cross-server CWs. 20. Hybrid ships like Tone and Ise may be added after CVs rebalance (yep, again) EDITED 21. Global map isn't planned, mostly because low number of people in clans. INCORRECT REASON. AT PRESENT WE ARE PLANNING MORE ACTIVITIES FOR CLANS 22. Devs liked collaborations experience, so they promise more such mini-events and collabs. (TANAKA, PLEASE) 23. Wait for new camos from Makoto Kobayashi. (that man, who made a camo for Roma) 24. Radar planned to remake (as in dev blog said). 2nd close Q&A. 2.1 - Soviet BBs are planned in spring. April-May. 2.2. - Next ranked season... i think you already know... 2.3. Devs have a plans about changing economy in 2019. Maybe even global. 2.4. Cross-server CWs postponed to 2019. EDITED 2.5. DDs for free exp not in plans. (Neustrashimy then, not free exp ship) - WRONG INTERPRETATION. WE SAID THAT FOR NOW WE DON'T HAVE ANY PLANS (CURRENTLY FOR THIS WEEK) WE DID NOT RULE IT OUT. 2.6. Devs still think about question. "Should prem CVs be after CV rework?"
  2. If I remember correctly, if you get reported for miscommunication etc while you have 0 karma, you are very likely to get chat banned temporarily.
  3. Izumo is extremely tanky against both HE and AP and it does not eat citadel from "weird angles" like Yamato. Izumo also has 57mm deck armor that shatters even German cruisers 1/4 HE penetrations. Izumo also possesses sloped citadel armor which makes it harder to citadel it compared to other T9 battleships like Iowa. Izumo also has the highest shell velocity among the T9 battleships. Izumo also has extremely high penetration values. IIRC, it also has the second fastest turret traverse among T9 battleships with FdG being first. Overall, Izumo is an extremely sturdy battleship that does not sink easily and is a decent ship.
  4. Serazahar

    Salty reports

    People tend to do salty reports on the Asia server more then the other servers...
  5. I used to think Shimakaze was the best destroyer at tier 10 because it has 15 torpedoes.
  6. Serazahar

    birthday giveaway

    Drakonation is back. owo
  7. Serazahar


    Without the red stripe camo? Blasphemy! Never heard of it.
  8. Serazahar


    When will Harekaze be back on sale? On Na server, it is still on sale but asia isn't selling it anymore. Hope it will be available again when the part 2 of collaboration begins.
  9. Serazahar

    Petition to change Drakon233's forum title to "Drakonation".

    I second this.
  10. Serazahar

    Give Z52 option to change Hydro for DFAA

  11. So I was wondering if Z 52 should be given the option to change Hydro for DFAA since I think the trade off is pretty balanced and also the fact that the game stated that she has "very powerful AA defense". At least even Akizuki AA build can hold it's own against its respective tier carriers.
  12. Serazahar

    Zao vs Des Moines vs Moskva

    Here is a word of advice for you. Any T10 cruiser that foes AA build will melt planes with DFAA. Yes, even Zao will with AA build.
  13. Serazahar

    My losing streak

    I feel you...
  14. Serazahar

    so now the forum shows clantags as well eh

    Typhoon clan tag little contrast with white colour!
  15. The firing angle for kiting is bad and that's what I dislike about this ship ultimately overall. >.<