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  1. The firing angle for kiting is bad and that's what I dislike about this ship ultimately overall. >.<
  2. Yay thank you! :)
  3. Oh wait I got bamboozled.
  4. Nikolai isn't for sale anymore.
  5. I just checked the reward thing to see whether I was hallucinating but that's a screenshot taken fresh out of the oven.
  6. So apparently doing PTS and getting 4 star and above will net you 5 special flags right as stated over here in this picture. It states quite clearly 5 x Special Signal Flags right there for earning 4 stars and yet when I checked my bonus, I found this instead. Instead of getting the 5 flags I was promised, I gotten 3 instead. Since there was 2 PTS testing it should be 5 special flags and another 5 special flags but instead I gotten 3 special flags and another 3 special flags. What is this scammery !?!?!
  7. Hey remember me?
  8. I heard that the current Graf Zeppelin's Deep Water Torpedo is uanble to hit the Moskva. Is this true?
  9. Also T7 BB lolpen themselves so Musashi lolpenning them is no matter.
  10. And also 5 second more reload time which is M A S S I V E .
  11. "Historical reasons"
  12. ST, Japanese battleship Musashi, tier IX. Hit points - 97 300, plating - 32 mm, belt - 200 - 410 mm. Main battery - 3х3 460 mm. Firing range - 26.5km. HE damage - 7300, AP damage - 14800. Reload time 35 s., 180 degree turn time - 72 s., maximum dispersion - 275 m. HE initial velocity - 805 m/s. AP initial velocity - 780 m/s. Sigma - 1.8. Maximum speed - 27 kt. Turning circle radius - 900 m., rudder shift time - 18.7 s. Surface detectability - 17.5 km, air detectability - 16.0 km. Detectability after firing main guns in smoke - 19.3 km. All stats are listed without crew and upgrade modifiers. I am very sad that WG decided to nerf the Yamato guns so much. Infact these guns are going to overpen cruiser most of the time at lower tier and T7 battleships already overmatches themselves so complaining about overmatch to T7 BB is ridiculous. 1.8 sigma with 35 second reloads is just like the old Kii guns. I also think that T7 BB will have a easier time dealing with Musashi then MO or Iowa or FdG simply because it has raised citadel and octagonal shaped citadel as well meaning it should be easier to citadel Musashi / Yamato in a T7 BB like Nagato and Colorado. The only thing going for Yamato are those guns but nerf those then........ Also Kaga / GZ with D E E P water torpedo should be feasting on that booty as well. Hope WG won't go though with this "stock" Yamato to live. Nerfing the guns sigma to 2.0 or 1.9 would be more acceptable rather than to 1.8 with a massive 35 second reload.