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  1. birthday giveaway

    Drakonation is back. owo
  2. Harekaze

    Without the red stripe camo? Blasphemy! Never heard of it.
  3. Harekaze

    When will Harekaze be back on sale? On Na server, it is still on sale but asia isn't selling it anymore. Hope it will be available again when the part 2 of collaboration begins.
  4. So I was wondering if Z 52 should be given the option to change Hydro for DFAA since I think the trade off is pretty balanced and also the fact that the game stated that she has "very powerful AA defense". At least even Akizuki AA build can hold it's own against its respective tier carriers.
  5. Zao vs Des Moines vs Moskva

    Here is a word of advice for you. Any T10 cruiser that foes AA build will melt planes with DFAA. Yes, even Zao will with AA build.
  6. My losing streak

    I feel you...
  7. Typhoon clan tag little contrast with white colour!
  8. The firing angle for kiting is bad and that's what I dislike about this ship ultimately overall. >.<
  9. WG lying about PTS rewards

    Yay thank you! :)
  10. Nikolai isn't for sale anymore.
  11. WG lying about PTS rewards

    I just checked the reward thing to see whether I was hallucinating but that's a screenshot taken fresh out of the oven.
  12. WG lying about PTS rewards

    So apparently doing PTS and getting 4 star and above will net you 5 special flags right as stated over here in this picture. It states quite clearly 5 x Special Signal Flags right there for earning 4 stars and yet when I checked my bonus, I found this instead. Instead of getting the 5 flags I was promised, I gotten 3 instead. Since there was 2 PTS testing it should be 5 special flags and another 5 special flags but instead I gotten 3 special flags and another 3 special flags. What is this scammery !?!?!