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  1. leerm002

    Your most unique and fun ship design!

    I'm loving these crazy ships! I have to say: I have also wanted either an extreme version of the atlanta or a bb with a ton of small caliber guns 🙂 ...it may not be as effective, but it would be fun as heck! Also: HMS Furious was a REAL ship?? Wow. We might actually SEE that monstrosity in game some day... Awesome 🙂
  2. Hey everyone! So, I have a fun/silly challenge here I want to propose: I want to hear the communities ideas for the weirdest & most fun ship design they can think of to be included in the game. I am NOT thinking along the lines of historical ships, or even PRACTICAL ships...but weird, outlandish, totally unique ship ideas that you think would be a blast to play as! 🙂 This thread is just for fun (obviously,) so it would be cool if we didn't make fun of each others crazy ideas here. What some people think might be fun others might think is stupid and that is OK. Seriously: no one is going to make these ships, so there is no point in blasting each other over it. I would guess that all of these designs would be premium ships, but honestly that doesn't really matter in the spirit of the challenge. Really, just go nuts with the fun ships everyone! I will start: I think that a dedicated ram ship would be a hilarious and fun. I think to make it work you would want a ship with either extremely weak main guns, or possibly no main guns at all. You can add in something supplemental like some torpedoes or a strong secondary battery, but I think the main feature for this ship would be strong armor, fast speed, great maneuverability, lots of HP and (most importantly) a huge reduction in ram damage taken, and increase in ram damage given (maybe 50% and 50%?) Personally, I kinda love it when I get to ram an enemy ship in this game and having a dedicated ship for just that would be great for me. Well, what is YOUR crazy fun ship idea?
  3. leerm002

    Expand Operations

    I totally agree with this sentiment. Ops can be both the most fun and most frustrating part of this game. An op with great teammates is a true joy to play, but even these can get repetitive after awhile. A bad op is...well...let's just say that there are a few I just don't even try to play when they come up as op of the week. Also: we NEED some more high tier ops. I honestly don't know if I'm ever going to get past tier 8 just playing co-op and the ops already available!
  4. leerm002

    Prince Eitel Friedrich or PEF

    I've gotten through the grind recently and my own thoughts are pretty much what others have said: She's decent, not great, not terrible. If they buffed the guns, added torps or some other gimmick then I think she would be a great ship...as it is, eh, pretty forgettable. I AM going to add something else though, that someone else only touched on a little: The P.E.F. makes one heck of a good ram boat! I know, I know, a lot of folks are going to roll their eyes at that one, and it's certainly not the best use for most ships...but seriously: spec this baby up for secondaries and then find a way to charge through the enemy line and blammo! I've managed to sink a couple of tier 8's this way in co-op (though not on the same game, obviously...) Think about it: she is faster than a lot of other BB, she has decent enough armor for a one way trip (as long as you don't get focus fired) and enough HP to really do the damage. I know it's not "good playing"...but it is REALLY fun to play her like this 🙂
  5. Greetings all, So I recall last year (I think) there was a big sale on the webstore that offered quite substantial benefits for premium ships. This year, so far, all we have had was a bit of a discount on ships that you can buy with gold...are we not to have a big store-wide discount this year?
  6. leerm002

    Steel Monsters

    I was actually looking forward to the "Steel Monsters" campaign, but the price tag actually got my jaw to drop. If it was a THIRD of the cost I would probably get it. If it was half? I MIGHT have gotten it. As it is? I can right now get about half the games on my @#$%ing steam wishlist for the cost of that one campaign. Now, I love this game...but that is simply ridiculous! I really really hope that this stupid cash grab doesn't make them nearly what they were hoping and when they revist the idea they price it appropriately. (Yeah right)
  7. leerm002

    removal dates, of the Musashi, Kronshtaht

    Oh man! Seriously? I totally must have read that wrong then... I mean, sure the collection thing and such seem pretty good, but not nearly as good as getting the snowflake thing every day. Rats. Thanks for the heads up though! (That Mushashi might be out of my league after all...)
  8. leerm002

    removal dates, of the Musashi, Kronshtaht

    Well folks, do I have some news for you! In case you missed the updates on December missions: starting with the next update (I believe December 20) we are going to have the "Snowflake" event. What is that you ask? Well, every day all your ships (tier 5 and up) will have a snowflake on them, and by winning one match of ANYTHING (yes, co-op included) you get some amount of either coal or steel. The higher the tier, the higher the amount of coal/steel (tier 8+ is steel, lower tiers get coal.) Now, we don't know what the actual numbers are going to be, but I think it is safe to say that even in the 100ish coal a ship range (on average) then those of us with a lot of ships are going to be VERY happy. I'm sitting at about 100k coal right now, and I'm hoping that with this bump (and a LOT of matches) I can get my Mushashi before it disappears. Good luck everyone!
  9. leerm002

    Change server

    Well that is just lame. I'm planning to move out of Asia and back to NA next year (august, actually,) and I was really hoping of being able to transfer my account. I don't know if I will even be able to access this server over there and still have a decent ping... Grrr...
  10. leerm002

    Now! How many statistics of Santa containers(2018)?

    I've opened 25 boxes now... No ships. 1250 dubs, 7500 coal. All the rest was flags, and camo. Bah humbug!
  11. leerm002

    i will regret this

    Yeah, I bought: 5 normal 5 big 5 mega and what did I get? about 2k doubloons, 7500 coal, and a ton of flags and camo... The moral of the story? Don't gamble for Christmas! 🙂
  12. Greetings everyone! Now I want to preface this with the fact that I am NOT very knowledgeable about history (especially compared to some,) nor ship design and mechanics. I think that sort of thing is quite interesting, but I can't say I am "in the know". Now, as to the actual question for you folks that ARE knowledgeable: Were there any ship designs in WW2 that had the sort of super-low deck (or even partially submerged) that is often shown for the old USS Monitor style ironclads? You see, I remember reading a thing on that old ship awhile ago that said that by keeping the majority of the actual ship under-water, and the armoring the top sections, the ship was able to provide a significantly smaller target to enemy ships as well as offer enhanced protection to what it DID present. Now, I have no idea if that is true or not, but it sounds like an interesting theory anyway. That's what leads me to my question: did any nation try a more modern version of that idea? Something with an extremely small profile, topmounted armor, and perhaps a few heavily armored turrets seems like a really interesting ship design. Of course I could be forgetting something very obvious here that would make the design completely impractical... But how about it folks? Any modern takes on the good old USS Monitor out there? (Thanks in advance!)
  13. Thanks mate! That worked like a charm 🙂 Apparently I can even run DX12, so no worries here!
  14. I'm curious, does anyone know of a good website to see if your card can run Direct X 11? I'm fairly sure that some of my games already run it, but I'm not sure. I also game on my laptop so upgrading isn't really an option...
  15. Oh my god...that would be AMAZING! ...never gonna happen though 😞