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  1. Lipovitan_Z44

    Colorado Or KGV : Which one should i buy first?

    grind the Yolorado to unlock the NC.. :D
  2. Lipovitan_Z44

    How to Richelieu?

    Mid range is the sweet spot for Richelieu,, bow on and use the speed boost to forward / reverse hack :D. . and i would say richelieu is far more accurate guns compare to alsace
  3. good idea - better to improve Moskva reload time to 6s as well.
  4. Lipovitan_Z44

    Having problem with keep losing? Deal with it!

    blame it on RNG!!
  5. Lipovitan_Z44

    Read this before blaming the camper BB.....

    I'm a BB player also. I would say that it depends on the situation. sometimes you need to keep a minimum distance to provide enough support to your DD and CA. but on the other hand, it would be very difficult or I would say its a suicide mission if a bb will lead a push without any help on spotting the enemy upfront.
  6. Lipovitan_Z44

    Best premium for noobs?

    I would say - none, you need first to know your playing style and what type of ship you usually enjoyed playing. explore normal ships first and improve aiming and situational awareness, I think that is more important imo. :D
  7. Lipovitan_Z44


    thanks it works for me.
  8. Lipovitan_Z44

    How much win rate is good enough?

    mine only 48%, but I would say the WR on the random battle is entirely pointless since the outcome of the battle will still depend on how everyone played the game. I think average damage per game is more relevant compared to WR.
  9. Lipovitan_Z44

    What Ship to get?

    cool thanks - I just started a KM class, seems not a best pick after all for newbie
  10. Lipovitan_Z44


    seeing this scenario everyday and sadly im always a victim of friendly torps .
  11. Lipovitan_Z44

    What Ship to get?

    any suggestion what nation is suitable for newbie for cruiser class?
  12. Lipovitan_Z44

    What destroyers are the most versatile?

    im using German DD and right now i could not appreciate the power of their guns although its fast.. i guess i need to improve my aiming skills or am i wasting my time to German DD line?