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  1. notyourfather

    Armoury cannot be open

    You can access the Armory outside the game if it fails to open. https://armory.worldofwarships.asia/. Make sure you're logged in on WOWS website.
  2. notyourfather

    Razer Chroma

    Create your own game profile for WoWs on Razer's own software (Synapse) and customize the keyboard lighting from there.
  3. notyourfather

    the death of CN_70

    I should have listed the clan members so I can monitor them.
  4. notyourfather


    Yashima: Main battery — 3x2 510 mm.
  5. notyourfather

    Weird pause icon on tab title

    The forums has a notification sound and the browser thinks the site has an audio player.
  6. notyourfather

    Carriers ruin the game

    Now they're trying to fix it by adding "strong" AA DDs.
  7. notyourfather


    You forgot about 6KM Hydro
  8. notyourfather

    Italian cruisers are isanely powerful.

    NO HE, NOT OP Those sites are unreliable source of data, not all players registered to those sites.
  9. notyourfather

    Request for 2020 : PvP Operations

    Or they could just add 1 v 1 permanently, tier 6 to 10, rotating, weekly basis. "No" saltiness, "no" bots.
  10. notyourfather

    I love Indomi

    Wow, It got out from dev hell
  11. notyourfather

    Santa Containers Thread

    I'll be damned... I GOT Got 30% discount from WG. Bought 30-day premium time bundled with 4500 doubloons. Used the doubloons to buy 4 Mega gifts, opened it and got camo, signal and 4k doubloons. Used my remaining doubloons + the 4k I got to buy 3 more Mega gifts, opened it, got Lenin.
  12. "Hey, you haven't got this premium ship yet." "It seems you haven't got this patch yet." "lOGboOK"
  13. notyourfather

    30% sale Atlanta

    Want a low tier Colbert experience... buy Atlanta. Want a low tier Smolensk experience... buy Flint. IZ GUD SHIP
  14. notyourfather

    What is the best Tier for grinding credits

    T7 + Narai + High ROF ships like Helena, Fiji. If Narai isn't the OP of the week, just open the Operations chat and type 那莱+ (Nalai). Dunno why it's Nalai. Just spam that until you're invited to an ops div or invite people to a div that types that also.