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  1. Best is not to reply, tho you wanna make some edits on your images
  2. notyourfather

    I have 18000 tokens

    There's a lot of incoming events. Surely one of them requires XP/FXP to complete. A stock of camo would be very handy.
  3. notyourfather

    I have 18000 tokens

    Is Kansas a keeper? No or Are you planning some grinding?
  4. notyourfather

    GIFT CODE (each valid once, while supplies last)

  5. notyourfather

    Submarine test feedback thread

    Suggestion: When a player locks on a submarine, show its silhouette so it can get shot by MB properly. Show where your are pinged at on the ships health bar or the compass on the bottom left of the battle UI.
  6. notyourfather

    Remove Bay

  7. notyourfather

    PT server

    My statement still applies, no matter where you are or how good your internet is, ping still heavily depends on the route to the server. You can use third party services like WTFast, or other similar services but your mileage may vary.
  8. notyourfather

    PT server

    You can have the best internet connection but latency(ping) depends on how good the route is to the server and the PT server is no where near ASIA.
  9. notyourfather

    Please help me

    If it's slow in changing ships, or entering the battle, it's because your drive is slow. I literally have a separate 128 GB SSD (it should be SSD) just for this game.
  10. notyourfather

    Twitch Drop (Gothic Camo for Bisckmarck) mission Not Receive

    It will only drop on official World of Warships Twitch channel which will stream today.
  11. notyourfather

    This has happened a lot lately.

    Well, if your ISP routes your traffic to JGA-S -> Guam -> AAG -> (Dunno where the server at SG? HK?), AAG is under maintenance and there a high chance that your traffic gets routed somewhere else.
  12. notyourfather

    Just don't ask me how much...

    So... how much?
  13. notyourfather

    Happy Birthday, World of Warships!! Tier VII Challenge.

    OMG! Reading is hard.