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  1. notyourfather

    Can add new feature

    Trading? No. Not gonna happen. It ain't mmorpg Inventory: https://warehouse.worldofwarships.asia/#/all , https://armory.worldofwarships.asia/
  2. notyourfather

    Asymmetric battles...

    Ikr. There's a f-ton of metrics that can affect a battle not just ship tier and count. And there's also RNG.
  3. notyourfather

    Asymmetric battles...

    Asymmetric battle survey: Will they consider the players' skill level? Is this how they gonna get their data? from a survey?
  4. How he creates his topics: Wheel Decide
  5. notyourfather

    Excuse me?

    Yep, he also messaged me. I don't know who would fall for this type of scam.
  6. notyourfather

    Who's playing what in ranked?

    Had only 2 loses before I got to rank 10 with only Massa and Lenin. That's enough for me.
  7. notyourfather

    What happened to Hoods AA?

  8. notyourfather


    Check the newest ERROR entry on wgc_*_*_*.log in the logs folder. It might give you some clues. If doesn't give any clues, check the Event Viewer. Just run or search and run eventvwr. Just search for Error event on Windows Logs->Application which corresponds to when the WGC error occurs. Might also give you some clues. Or just submit a ticket to WG.
  9. notyourfather

    NOOBS destroying ranked battles

    You can post your replay file here so I can render it. (Only the minimap). So we can see clearly what you're doing.
  10. notyourfather

    To Lemming or Not to Lemming?

    A minimap render of that replay: Don't mind the wrong AP plane icon.
  11. What ships you wanna know? I can extract positional data/speed from the replay so I can calculate it "accurately". I can only get data from Massa, Lenin, GC, Kreml since it's the only BBs I currently own. And I don't have PT client yet so I cant get it from there. Kremlin: Distance to full speed: 492.64m Time to full speed: 49s Stopping distance: 249.37m Time to stop: 38s Massachusetts: Distance to full speed: 446.42m Time to full speed: 48s Stopping distance: 228.1m Time to stop: 38s Lenin: Distance to full speed: 447.18m Time to full speed: 45s Stopping distance: 187.43m Time to stop: 28s Nelson: Distance to full speed: 436.24m Time to full speed: 53s Stopping distance: 252.15m Time to stop: 48s Dunkerque: Distance to full speed: 515.4m Time to full speed: 51s Stopping distance: 253.61m Time to stop: 39s West Virginia: Distance to full speed: 360.69m Time to full speed: 50s Stopping distance: 200.6m Time to stop: 44s Giulio Cesare: Distance to full speed: 436.41m Time to full speed: 48s Stopping distance: 222.89m Time to stop: 38s All ships has Sierra Mike mounted. Can't make graphs since I don't have all BBs
  12. notyourfather

    Harrugumo gameplay

    It's a GUNBOAT. Don't rush in caps. Sail away when you start firing (you should be sailing away when you start firing so you wont have problems disengaging since it has a poor turning radius). Also you wonder why they can't detect Harugumo that easily on the videos you watched, it's because they're playing it smart. Know every DD detection range. Look at the minimap and the team line-up for radar ships. Know every radar range. Learn how to bait radar.