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  1. notyourfather


  2. notyourfather

    How to aim my AA?

    Not just "O", also "`" right next to "1". It's easier to reach than O unless you're an octopus.
  3. notyourfather

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    With all the ramming flags I got from SC, this is the next big thing.
  4. notyourfather

    What are the current replay controls?

    There's no controls. You can only fly and change player view. Ready some pen and paper.
  5. notyourfather

    Epicenter is so broken

    Had a match once with two enemy Shimas, they thought they're sneaky so they just went left and right without contesting the circles. Our DDs just cap it all and won the game without anyone dying. It felt like a lose.
  6. notyourfather

    Check your email

    I received an email from WG with SIX codes. Three bonus codes (which you can only activate one for yourself)and three invite code. The invite code will give Dreadnought, Aurora, Tachibana and 30 Days of premium time. So check your email NOW.
  7. notyourfather

    Raptor rescue | rants

    Especially CVs... Please don't use torpedo planes on broadsiding enemy ships. Instead of them being deleted immediately, now they're angled. Use rockets and bombs first. (Applies on all ops except Narai)
  8. notyourfather

    Against Radar

    Ships with radar Note that some ships have to trade a consumable for radar I.E. Minotaur: It trades Smoke for Radar. Don't get comfortable with those ship, it may pop radar instead of smoke. Also high tier German ships have 6km hydro. If the enemy team has, Z-52, don't get comfortable inside the smoke. Ships with Hydro
  9. notyourfather

    AI gave up

    This happened because the Raptor is trying to dodge the enemy torpedoes, it ran itself aground. It is still moving but very x3 slow diagonally as it slid across the side of the island. Maybe the AI doesn't know how fast it's moving and a tiny forward movement equates to "Yep, I'm still moving forward. Must continue forward" and it doesn't know when to reverse and change course.
  10. notyourfather

    AI gave up

    No, it was already stuck on that island. I pushed it out and backed up and still not moving. The convoy also won't move.
  11. notyourfather

    AI gave up

    Was playing Raptor Rescue then this happened. Ranger got stuck after dodging torpedoes. It was trying to reverse but it wont move. I tried to dislodge it and it just stopped, not a single knot. . All objectives are done but we timed out.
  12. notyourfather

    FP worth it on Moskva?

    I opted for EL, JOAT, EM. There's still a free reset but I you might have to stick with this captain build. You can also try RPF for invisibtch Shimas.
  13. notyourfather

    Any idea which branch will sub start from?

    Watch the recap of the Gamescom stream. They said it'll start off DD line. They said that players need to know how to play DD first before they can play Subs... goodluck about that.
  14. notyourfather

    A disappointing Narai

    Find a division on "Operations" chat. They're far better than random. Just copy the boxbox+ it's either "Nalai+" or "Aegis+". You can google translate it to make sure.
  15. notyourfather

    Any idea which branch will sub start from?

    They'll branch from destroyer line.