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  1. Mother__Russia

    you see ivan...

    is maek joke about kommisar comrade? once mother russia make hole crew all loyal kommisar 2 days out of port all found dead with reports to comrade stalin all suspekt other of cowardice so all shot each other such gloeious loyalty
  2. fat capitilist satan brings coal? this is insult yes?
  3. Mother__Russia

    what means this?

    what is this komrade? is capitalist trick? you want Mother Russias roubles!?
  4. Mother__Russia

    is fair

    how you know komrade Joeseph my Great Uncle? but no matter for hording becuz someon must always eat the caviar
  5. Mother__Russia

    is fair

    just like glorious Great Russian Communist past (and future) all get fair share of spoils. this is why socialism is best all get 1. is best and fairest way
  6. Mother__Russia

    This is why KRAMA is good and valuable thing

    what means this? Glorious Russia is Karmaunist country? and here is Great Russian Bear, master of snow and mountains and Ukraine. he drinks and thinks more than western decadant
  7. Mother__Russia

    This is why KRAMA is good and valuable thing

    when everyon is laugh and party but that one guy is unhapp becuz everyon else is happ and look its lt dan maybe he is sad becuz invade glorious communist country vietnam lose and also lose legs?
  8. Mother__Russia

    7 stalingrads can be beaten

    is bias is good
  9. Of course is Russian must keep bias komrade
  10. Mother__Russia

    Is bias?

    You make fun of Mother Russia? I am send soviet shark with laser beams for punish
  11. Mother__Russia

    Is bias?

    Is good makes me how you say? hot under collar Like looking at picture of Stalin
  12. Mother__Russia

    Is bias?

    Is good is Komrade Phoenix making Russia great again
  13. Mother__Russia

    What one thing you wanna add to wows or change

    Make capitilistic freedom boat cost more yankee dollar to fix after battle then see how much you like your dollar then