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    Scale ship modeler.
  1. YazawaSoetsu

    CV rework FAQ

    Rip RTS carrier kinda like it, Well tier 4-6 at least[IMO] that's where i only got up to. Also can someone send a pic on the new CV tech tree thx.
  2. YazawaSoetsu

    Mysterious letter from Dasha

    hope its like some special camo or creds mabye ship? but thats kinda overthinking it.
  3. YazawaSoetsu

    Mysterious letter from Dasha

    same mabye scenario have to wait lol
  4. YazawaSoetsu

    Mysterious letter from Dasha

    Can anyone explain what does this mean? or what is it lol.
  5. YazawaSoetsu

    WoWS Update 0.7.7

    Do i have to have an american cruiser to join the go navy event?
  6. If there anyway i can install a mod that translates square letters into actual letters or english if ever cause im having trouble communicating with my clan/division members if anyone can help that will be great. Thank You