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  1. Yeah, I had the 500 secondary hits mission....so I took my Massachsetts. 3 missions later, I was a hundred hits over target, and the first game was a complete potato flop.
  2. FinbarAu

    Best tier for fun?

    There are two CL lines, USN and RN. Both have their own strong points and weak points. However, they do have similar play styles. The difference is the RN line can provide it's own cover. They are both armoured with wet cardboard, and the RN suck against bow on enemies due to the AP rounds not doing so well, and lacking HE. But they get torps, so, it's all good. The thing is, they lack the punching power of all the other lines of CA. But really? Does it matter? I wouldnt call them a mistake at all. That said, the best tier for fun? T7. You get best match making most of the time and the times you don't, you can hold your own against the T8 and T9 beasts. Still, it seems to be the sweet spot for me. It has the level of skill coming into play, but still isn't as static and counterplay heavy as T10.
  3. FinbarAu

    TYTY10KINSTAGRAM - Redeem it Fast

  4. FinbarAu

    Great Eight

    Ok, so this amuses me and leaves me frustrated as hell..... Yes, I have been collecting the Great Eight collection......and now I have the Russian Captain chain completed, I checked out my American Captain collection.... I have all but 1 of the collectables. I have 4 'already collected' pieces, and I need 5 to complete the collection and get the 10pt special US Captain... Which I may not get, because I have no more missions for it, and there are no more containers in the store. Even 1 would give me what I need to complete it.... and my OCD is kicking in. I have an incomplete collection and no way to complete it.
  5. FinbarAu

    All in a day's work.

    The answer clearly is..... 'All of them'.
  6. FinbarAu

    Concealment Expert

    You know, this could all be linked to the new CV re-work. Suddenly, it becomes far more neccessary to have AFT or Manual FireControl for AA
  7. FinbarAu

    Concealment Expert

    You know, suddenly, the Asashio becomes more relevant, because of clusters of BB's at the back
  8. FinbarAu

    Concealment Expert

    So, in the developers blog on Facebook, they say that they are trying to standardize the 4pt Captains Skill Concealment Expert. Rather than different classes having different levels, it's going to be a flat 10% reduction in concealment. On one hand, that's going to make things interesting. I know, that up until now, I have it on every single captain of 10pts and above. It's such a vital skill. However, now, it's such a cut back in the concealment of BB's, that it frees up 4pts for things like Fire reduction. Very interesting.
  9. FinbarAu

    WoWS Update 0.7.10

    Can't say I'm happy with it, feels like a ridiculous grab to make players spend doubloons. "Oh, you don't want to have to spend 200K credits and a half dozen games without captain skills? Spend money.
  10. FinbarAu

    WoWS Update 0.7.10

    It took 24hours, but I managed to get it, finally..... Only now, all my British DD captains need to be re-trained. Seriously WG? If you didn't want us using the captains, then say something. As it is, I need to either waste several battles or spend doubloons to retrain my captains!
  11. FinbarAu

    Technical issues found.

    I just got on......of course, I now need to go to bed, but still, I got on.
  12. FinbarAu

    Technical issues found.

    I cannot connect, my housemate was able to connect at 3pm Sydney time and 5 stared one of the older Halloween missions, and had a few more missions before logging off at about 5pm. Yet I, who am on the same network as him, cannot connect....
  13. FinbarAu

    Clan Drydock

    Ok, so looking at the Drydock for you clan. First, go in and take a look at each of the 6 levels of it. Slot 4, 5 and 6 have all got a Ship in it. Slot 4 is either the Atlanta or the Flint. Slot 6 is the Stalingrad, based on the guns, funnels, length and bow shape, and having watched a few video's of her in action.... Using questionable logic, Slot 4 is the Flint and this means the ships in Drydock are the ships purchasable with steel. So whats in Slot 5? It;s a very distinctive Bridge tower, funnel and gap between them. The stern is rather busy with what looks like AA emplacements.... Is that Alaska? Have ween just been quietly hinted at that Alaska will be available for Steel?
  14. FinbarAu

    Is Izumo still crappy?

    The new, thicker deck means she is much more resistant to HE from non IFHE cruiser fire. So, overall, she is much tankier, or at least less prone to being murdered by HE fire. Of course, the turrets turn slowly, the turret layout is terrible and like all T9 BB's (Except Iowa), she feels like a step down to the T8 and so many people just Free XP straight past it. Is it just me, or are so many T9 ships mediocre compared to the T8 and the step to T10 is just huge in terms of power.
  15. Glad to see it finally happening. Now, lets see it happen across the board, including the Naming and Shaming. Not that these people have any shame. The mentality of someone who needs to cheat at a computer game for no real life advantage? That's just lame and sad.