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  1. FinbarAu

    New Black Friday ship

    Ok, the 'BlackShip' camo looks fantastic. It really does. However, there are no Black Ships that I want. I already own those that I want. I owned them last year too. Why can we not get the Skin as a permanent camo for the ships we own? I didnt need 2 Mass and 2 Asashio. I dont need 2 Scharnhorst. Why not simply make it a permenant camo option like they do with everything else?
  2. FinbarAu

    Commonwealth ships

    You could also have HMAS Vampire as a T10 DD. It is, after all, a real ship, a Daring class DD and currently docked in Sydney Harbour. How would they make it 'special'? Easy, make it a specialised Sub Hunter. Add half a second to gun reload, add 15 seconds to Torp reload, all based off a Daring, then give it something that makes it better at Sub Hunting. Easy, Relevant and fun.
  3. FinbarAu

    Le Fantasque

    I am loving the Fantastaque, though I really really need to learn not to charge full speed, because then I die in the first five minutes. On the other hand, it is so much fun to play. The first really fun to play French DD in the line.
  4. FinbarAu

    Shots damages Modules

    Ok, so when playing ships, if you take a big enough hit to an area, you loose modules. These may be AA guns, they may be Engine or Rudder.... More importantly, for the purposes of this topic, you can loose torps and guns. You can loose them for a while until they repair or they can be destroyed. However, you can't loose consumables. So I had a thought. Effectively, Torpedos are a unlimited refresh consumables, so why can't we loose other consumables? Now, some, like Repair Party and Damage Control are obviously not something you loose because it's the Crew in action (so maybe?) but Hydro? Radar? Smoke? Why can't you take a big hit which knocks it offline for a period of time? Like you can with Torpedos. It's the Radar emitter being struck and having to be repaired, it's the pipe for the fuel to the smoke generator being broken. It's the delicate Hydro module needing repairs. It's the ammo-loaders knocked offline for Reload Booster, it's the Fuel Line disrupted for Speed Boost..... The point is, while frustrating, this could be hilariously fun.
  5. FinbarAu

    How's your French Event going?

    Up to the Week 3 French set of Directives, all 4 packages unlocked, all the snowflakes shaken off........ Played the T5 and T6 DD and.....the T5 is pure CV bait. Not fast enough, not turning fast enough, just begging to be killed. The T6 is kinda fun.......but overall, I find the line doesnt like being uptiered.
  6. FinbarAu

    First French Container....

    I've done Stage 1 and 2 of the Baguette operations. I've snowflaked every ship in my port (and re-purchased the Neptune just to get the snowflake).....and bought 7 containers.... I now have the Jaguar and the mission for the T6. Of course, I also now have earned Packages 1, 2 and 3 in the Armory, and completing the missions for Jaguar and Guepard means I get 500 Tokens....which will get me package 4.
  7. Ok, first off, well done to War Gaming for reaching 50K Followers in the various streaming services. I know I follow them. I will also praise them for giving away what looks like a bunch of loot. Nice! That'll get lots of attention. However (Yeah, this had to be here). It's at 2am Sydney time. I don't know about the rest of you, but I start wok at 6am. When I need to get up for work, The stream will be two hours old. On a week night. I understand that most of the players are in the Northern Hemisphere and that Europe, Russia and North America is where their focus is..... But it just feels like we here in the SEA server are being screwed yet again. I like watching live streams, I like the community, I like having fun in the chat. What I don't like is being told that there is no way I can watch, participate or win anything from the stream because I have a job. Sorry Finbar, You cant participate or win anything because of....arbitrary reasons. It's not like they have the potential to have Regional streams or the like.
  8. This is fantastic work and you should be praised for the amount of thought that went into it. The only addition I might add is the T10 Premium DD HMAS Vampire, the Daring Class DD But that's only because I've been onto that ship a half dozen time and love it.
  9. Thats the point, the bonuses stack. More to the point, they stack with the legendary module, from what I understand. 3 stages of re-grinding. You then pick a ship (not the entire line) and apply the Class bonus to that ship. Then, the next season, you can re-grind that line again for more. Specifics? I doubt the base idea is written in stone any more than 'Regrind the line for bonuses'. Lots of base ideas and speculations though.
  10. That.....was pretty much what I was saying. I don't think one should just post a variation of 'this sucks', but rather, come up with ideas and work around. Better to be constructive than destructive.
  11. Well, aside from choosing a ship to have a substantial bonus to? I mean, wouldn't you want your T10 BB to have 10% better dispersion? Your DD to be better? For some players, it's well worth it.
  12. Ok, I can see that many people have many ideas about this. I have to say, the base idea, for the ability to grind out 'Prestige' versions of ships is one I like. I think it has real potential. I have 12 lines which I have completed. That's not a boast, I just like playing a lot. I'm about to finish the Russian BB line too. So, for some lines, having the ability to boost one ship in the line (likely the T10) is an attractive drawcard. I really do like the base concept. That said, there are a number of issues that would need to be addressed. 1. What happens to the unspent XP on ships? Not everyone has either a premium account or is willing to spend hard earned money to cash in ship XP for Free XP. I know of people with over 3 million XP on some ships, simply because they dont want to spend the money, but rather they just enjoy the ship. They have had the ship for years and love playing it. (Looking at you Yamato). Does this ship XP just get lost? Does it get converted to Free XP? Is it kept in reserve for when you re-grind the ship? If it is lost, is that fair on the player? EDIT: Just checked, it goes to the T1 ship of the line. Well, i'm not sure if that is worse? I'd have to win Lotto, one of the big payouts, before I'd have the cash to be able to afford to cash it all in. Why don't they just keep it on the ships? Held until yuo have re-ground to the ship and then apply it again? Oh, Wait, that would mean you arent spending cash to turn it into Free XP. 2. We know that the exact details of the promotion/prestige/whatever bonuses will be changed from the initial blue sky examples given. However, it is still going to give a significant bonus to the people that have re-ground the lines. How do you prevent the seal clubbing that will result? When a newish player has his brand spanking new, still smelling like the dockyard first ever T10 and enters a match against the same ship, but is Prestige Level 3, he is at a massive disadvantage in the quality of the ship. Sure, consumables will all be free and Premium now, and that doesnt really matter because the other ship has more HP, faster consumable reload and so on.... 3. It wasn't specified if having a line re-ground would be an option or not. Some people may be happy to stick with the vanilla Rank 10 ship, some may want to go through the grind. Will we get a choice? I put many hours into getting my Des Moines. To log on and find it gone would infuriate me. 4. Legendary Modules. Would we have to re-grind those? Just getting them is a huge effort. To suddenly need to re-grind a line and THEN re-grind for the legendary would leave me so frustrated, I may never touch that line again. 5. How many times? I mean, from the descriptions, it varies depending on interpretation from 3 times for maximum bonus, to 7 times that you can re-grind a line. 6. How long is a Season? I understand that you'd only be able to grind 3 lines a season, but how many days is that? Is it ever specified anywhere? Would I have 3 months? 6 months? A Year? 7. Premium Ships. Would we be able to apply the Prestige points to a premium ship? It's one thing to be able to boost your standard line ship, but will we see these bonus' applied to the Stalingrad? The Tirpitz? 8. Credits/Silver. You would 'Sell', your entire fleet and have to re-buy them and all the modules. Without using Dubloons, that means you only get 50% of their Value. Now, to buy a new T10 BB costs 20 Million credits. Not counting the extra, what? 4 Million for Modules? Because you have to re-buy them all? The biggest slow down for some players is the grind for credits. I know players who do 5-10 Operations a day, just to get Credits. If I had to re-grind a line, without all the credits, I'd be tempted to walk away. It's flat out saying to the players that you need to purchase Credits to make any progress in these lines. Because the Credits you earned to buy these ships? Half of them are gone and thats, more than 50 million credits for a BB line. 9. Why make the bonuses the same per class? You have a perfect opportunity to have a range of 'upgrades' that can be purchased which would apply to these prestige points. Lets take an example. From what I have seen, If I was to grind the Russian DD line and the IJN DD line at the same time, The same bonuses would apply to the Khabarovsk as well as the Shimakaze. Which is silly. Frankly, if I am looking at upgrading my Khaba, I don't care about the Torpedo reload time, the torp damage and the like, I care about speed, rudder shift and my guns. In the same vein, My Shima is primarily about the torps, but I may want to boost the gun power and turn it into a very very nasty Generalist DD. OR boost the Torps even more. Why not simply have a list of 'Upgrades' that can be purchased? For example. I could buy from a list of 10% more HP, 10% faster Torp Reload, 10% faster consumable refresh, 5% faster gun reload, 20% faster rudder shift, 20% faster acceleration, 5% better stealth, 10% longer Smoke duration, 10% more speed, 2% better chance of fire, 5% better chance of causing Flooding, 5% more Torp Damage. However, each Grind allows me to buy 1 item from the list. Suddenly, this becomes a VERY serious choice. I have to look at the ship I want to upgrade, how I play it, how it works in the Meta, try to guess at future meta changes, what the focus of the ship will be. Because it's not like I can switch them out later. No, this is a permenant reward upgrade for that ship. If I want another reward, I have to re-grind the line yet again and I can only do it 3 times. So, my choice for the Khaba would be based on Speed, Guns and HP. Or maybe Rudder shift? Or acceleration? It's a hard choice! It also means, if the Khaba I am facing goes a different path to what I would choose, it is so much nastier as you never quite know what to expect. For my Shimakaze, Rudder Shift is nice, speed is useful, torp reload is a must, but do I go for more damage? Better smoke? etc. This, to me, seems a far better idea that having a fixed upgrade applied across the board. Why give the same bonuses to the Kremlin, a ship based around getting in close and brawling, that you do to the Yamato? Why give the same bonuses to the Khaba that you do to the Shimakaze? Let alone the Moskva Vs the Des Moines vs Henri IV. Different lines have utterly different play styles, despite being in the same 'Class' of ship. You may want to re-consider giving them the same bonuses. However, having a pool to buy from, that exceeds the total amount you could purchase, means more variety of play. 10. Speed. I took 2 years to reach where I am, however, I have a Premium account (Thank you delicious Christmas Loot Boxes in 2017) and am prepared to shell out money for Dubloons so I can re-use Modules, convert Free XP etc. I'm not typical in that regard I'd imagine. However, I have seen Flamu and other CC's quite literally grind from T1 through to T10 in a matter of hours. Because they are that good. Sure, they have to do it in a maximum of 3 lines, once per season, so one week of re-grinding per season and they remain the best players in the game, but with the best ships now. Me? I'm looking at many months because I am just not that good. Suddenly, I may have one line re-ground, but 2 more are untouched and the next season has rocked around, leaving me falling further behind the players who are pushing for maximum power, simply because I don't have the time to play as much. This then prompts WarGamming to sell 'grind boosters' or even just the Premium Economy Flags,which means I need something else to keep up on. So, yeah. That was a bit longer than I planned. TL;DR I like the idea. I really really like the idea, but it's going to need some serious re-thought from what was indicated to make it viable for the game long term. Otherwise, it's going to cause players to walk away because they can't keep up. On the other hand, they may also find they just focus on one ship entirely and leave it at that. Your Methods may vary.
  13. FinbarAu

    Rogue Wave Containers

    I will first point out for myself, that I think that buying the 'Premium' containers for some different releases is worth it and some are absolutely not worth your cash. This is because, for the company, these are profit. By being willing to purchase some, I, with my wallet, encourage them to give loot box options that are worth it. A prime example was not last Christmas, but the year before, I bought 7 containers and I am still using the Premium time I got from those containers and have over 200 days left. An example of containers I didn't care about? Honour and Glory. I didn't see the worth in them. Sure, I could have gotten fast access to a premium captain and a shiny ship, but frankly, I got them anyway. Not a cent spent. That said, I have been looking at the Rogue Wave containers and thought to myself 'Old Man, these look to have some shiny's.' so took it upon myself to purchase 7 of them. Well, 14 days Premium time, 10K coal, 100K Captains XP, a permenant camo for my Groz (with a +20% Credit bonus) and 30 single use Camo with some very nice bonuses, ......of yeah and 105 of those fuel tokens i'll likely never touch except at the end to buy camos. The point is, do I think this lot of Lootboxes are worth it? Yes, not in excess, but these arent just giving some pretty flags, but some rather nice handouts. Not comparable to Christmas lootboxes, but little is.
  14. FinbarAu

    12th Ranked season is so stupid

    My issue is the way the XP works for Ranked. In such a setting there is a strong need for Spotting (if you dont have a CV who does that part of their job) and capping without being murdered. As such, a DD (if it survives) and the Minotaur really come into their own. However, like for example the last Ranked game I played, I got 2 caps, 2 kills, spotted a bunch and only got 3rd on the xp table because my raw damage was less than the BB's who spent the match brawling each other. Well, when I say brawling, I mean sitting bow on and tanking each other at 15km. With my side using me in my Minotaur to keep them and the other side's CA's spotted. So, it came down to damage, not contribution to the game....which I think takes away from the matches.
  15. FinbarAu

    Honour vs Glory

    Honour? Glory? What are these things? Some of us fight for The Cheese