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  1. FinbarAu

    12th Ranked season is so stupid

    My issue is the way the XP works for Ranked. In such a setting there is a strong need for Spotting (if you dont have a CV who does that part of their job) and capping without being murdered. As such, a DD (if it survives) and the Minotaur really come into their own. However, like for example the last Ranked game I played, I got 2 caps, 2 kills, spotted a bunch and only got 3rd on the xp table because my raw damage was less than the BB's who spent the match brawling each other. Well, when I say brawling, I mean sitting bow on and tanking each other at 15km. With my side using me in my Minotaur to keep them and the other side's CA's spotted. So, it came down to damage, not contribution to the game....which I think takes away from the matches.
  2. FinbarAu

    Honour vs Glory

    Honour? Glory? What are these things? Some of us fight for The Cheese
  3. FinbarAu

    Death of the destroyers role.

    I am not making an opinion either way..... But in 10 games this past week of T8 or higher, 2 of them had 1 DD aside each, the rest had no DD's.........
  4. There are many things that 'Should' be, like better spotting XP......but are not
  5. 5 Lootboxes, purchased, and I get Enterprise. This is when I realise "Why the hell did I buy these? I don't play carriers at all!"
  6. It seems Kills are more important. At least for Scenario missions. I've been in with my Scharnhorst, doing most of the tanking, getting 150K damage total done, but few sinkings, while the cruiser that kills the transport ships and thats all, gets more XP.
  7. Honestly, that was a pretty good Funtage. Not the best I have seen, but they kept to using WG material and sounds, which I approve of, even if they didn't use the Eurobeat style music for the torp beats.
  8. FinbarAu

    What to expect from 20x Naval Aviation Container

    I bought 5 Containers. $30 is all I'm prepared to wager, and I got the Enterprise. I'm disappointed for multiple reasons. 1. I wanted more flags and Camo. Why? I can use those and the Camo looks awesome. 2. I have never even tried the new CV's. 3. I got what is effectively the weakest of the CV's. 4. The play style of the US CV's is not one I think I would enjoy, being more a fan of the IJN style. So, one one hand, technically, I didn't waste money as it retails for $70 or there abouts, but still......
  9. FinbarAu

    USS Georgia, AKA USS Maine, is coming on Arsenal

    Still, It's another 18inch gun ship, which will make 3 in the game. Up until now, that's been the schtick of the Yamato sisters It's been what makes the Yamato great (and the Musashi). To introduce another is a bad move. Oh sure, it's going to be nice to have another ship with the option to citadel everything, everywhere. However, each line has their own unique trait in the BB's. The US has the much better AP Penetration angles. Germany has the best darn secondaries and tankiness. RN Burns everything and are sneaky! France? The speed and sheer penetration power of their shells. Japan? The biggest guns for the tier. To top it off, it's going to be 6 or 8 guns. At tier 9. 2 gun turrets really should end with the Amagi. They are a pre-war thing. The Georgia/Maine is a late war design. They had the 3 guns thing worked out. So, what will this mean for this ship? If they want it to be at all competetive, it's has to have top level dispersion. I mean, freaking lasers. Ok, sure, it will have US muzzle velocities, but you know what I mean. Tight, accurate groupings. Low dispersion in the vertical and horizontal. Because even mediocre dispersion means with 8 guns, having to broadside in order to bring them to bear.....it is pointless. You will need to either broadside (and that's a paddling) or only use half your guns, which means the dispersion issue is even worse! Yeah, while 18 inch guns may be attractive, the layout seems comparable to the Nagato..... in the body of a Montana, which is just .....leaving me unenthused. Plus, it's going to be a premium. Who's prices have become obscene. Really? I hear you say. Why do you say that? Take a look at the premium shop. The Jean-Bart is on sale now, which is a T9 Premium BB. It's a good comparison. Base price, in Aussie Dollars? $107. Or I could pay $176, with a 20% discount, getting some dubloons, credits, shiny flags and so on..... Yeah, no. As much as I might want Jean-Bart, that's just way way too much to pay. That's the bare minimum this will cost. So, I guess, that even if it does have railguns, with laser pinpoint accuracy, I won't be buying it.
  10. FinbarAu


    2 times, it was on 'Try Your Luck', but the latest wasnt, it was a Resources container. Now, if only they would drop a ship I want.....
  11. FinbarAu


    You know, I am fairly sure that there have been changes to the amount of Supercontainers put out since the patch. Why? I hear you ask? Because I've gotten 3 of them in the past week. Sure, each time, I got Camo paint of one sort or another, but even so, I used to go months without getting one and now I get 3 in a week? Wow.
  12. On one hand, I fully agree that the Carrier game play needed a massive re-work. I also quite like the look of how it is turning out. I look forward to it. On the other hand, from everything I have seen, the new AA system looks terrible. Lets face it, despite the 'Arcade' nature of the game, there are efforts that strive for realism. That said, the new AA system is terrible. Really really terrible. It makes no sense to me, for there to be the ability to focus fire on one side of the other. It's not like the sailors can pick up the guns and move to another side of the ship. No, what I think should have happened, is the DFAA could have been reduced in duration, become more available, and AA have another option. There are many ships out there who had a nice little 'trick' that was standard doctrine. The Secondary Guns have multiple ammunition types. Currently, your Secondaries automatically are AA AND secondary guns. They are both, at once. Which, lets face it, is silly. No, what they should have is a nice little button, for example, the F or G key, which toggles your secondary guns to select their ammunition type and thus the function of the secondary guns. How would this work? Easy. Lets take the Montana for example. For AA, it currently has 20x single barrel 20mm AA guns, 20x double barrel 20mm guns, 20x quadruple barrel guns and 10x double barrel 127mm guns. Secondaries are 10x2 127mm guns. So, if in a battle, currently and brawling (the secondaries in range and firing) and Aircraft fly overhead, the guns are shooting the planes AND brawling. This should change. How would it change you ask? Right, so how would it work? Simple. The Captain (You) gives the order (presses the button) and selects the function of the secondary guns. Are they brawling? Or are they dedicated to AA? Pick one. If brawling, they work like the secondaries do, but lets face it, these could stand an overhaul too, but it's a topic for another time. If you select AA then they do a normal reload because Secondaries have a reloading cycle. Then however, they aren't shooting another ship, but they are filling the sky with Flak. These would give a big boost to the AA range and damage. Why do this? Because the new AA system is flawed and while suitable for the arcade style of game, does not do reality and functionality any justice. It also gives players a real chance to choose what they want to do. Is it a big thing for most ships? Yes, the German Lines will gain better long range flak, but loose their ability to brawl. The Japanese? Not so much. The US lines ....it's not much of a choice.... But the big thing, would be the ability to boost your AA in a respectable manner, but with a price, which is more balancing. It just seems to me, this may be better than flipping between one side and another.
  13. FinbarAu

    Changes to Operations

    With the CV and AA rework coming with the new patch, how will that effect my two favorite Missions? I speak of Dynamo and Cherry Blossoms. For them, the AA component is a major part of the mission, and I know I have a Sims and a Baltimore set up specifically for the missions... However, the rework doesnt just fundamentally change the AA, reducing the range and power, but affects the modules (AA range and DFAA extension) . without going into how differently the aircraft themselves act. Anyone tried to find out?
  14. FinbarAu

    Is this ship any good?

    I loathe you. I just wanted you to know. I have been wanting to get that in a crate since the week we lost access to buy it in the shop. (I could afford one ship, I got the Belfast)......
  15. You know, you missed one step in the process..... You see, you could have gotten Admiral Hipper earlier in the year, and then played her on your Admiral Hipper. That way, you'd have done what I did.....which is, I put Admiral Hipper on my Admiral Hipper, so I could get Admiral Hipper and her Admiral Hipper flag, To put on my Sister ship to Admiral Hipper...