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  1. FinbarAu

    Is this ship any good?

    I loathe you. I just wanted you to know. I have been wanting to get that in a crate since the week we lost access to buy it in the shop. (I could afford one ship, I got the Belfast)......
  2. You know, you missed one step in the process..... You see, you could have gotten Admiral Hipper earlier in the year, and then played her on your Admiral Hipper. That way, you'd have done what I did.....which is, I put Admiral Hipper on my Admiral Hipper, so I could get Admiral Hipper and her Admiral Hipper flag, To put on my Sister ship to Admiral Hipper...
  3. Marblehead is a Phoenix/Omaha.....neither of which are that fun. Same with the Murmansk. Monaghan is.....if I want to play a torp boat, I'll play IJN. It's not great and it's a one trick pony that gives up half it's guns to do that. I was desperately holding out for a Kutuzov or a Kamikaze.....but suspect I may never get one.
  4. I picked up......a few ships from those crates.... Huanghe, Monoghan, Murmansk, Marblehead. On one hand, awesome! Free Ships! On the other......those ships suck ass. I think this is the perfect example of Blessed with Suck
  5. FinbarAu


    I thought to myself 'Hey, I might want to get Kronshtadt, and decided to grind for it..... Then, half way through, Snowflakes arrived and over 100 co-op battles later, I now have both it and Musashi.... and I dislike Musashi. I just... the style of play is so very not me. I like to move and keep moving and this beast.....just ick.
  6. FinbarAu

    Match Making hates me.

    Playing for fun means getting a chance to do so. If I take out my Bismark, I don't expect to spend 50% of the match on fire and unable to return fire. If I take out my US Cruiser, do I expect to be multiple citadeled by a german BB from half way across the map on a blind shot?......and then I take out an IJN DD and over extend because I am heading for the cap with 4 other players, but when I look up from examinging the area in front of me, I realise they have buggered off to another cap, leaving me alone..... All this happening constantly.
  7. FinbarAu

    Match Making hates me.

    I'm not the best player. I'm not brilliant, but I watch videos on how to improve and try to implement what is suggested. I try to win, to not over extend (This still happens far too often), to do my best. Yet, after the 4th game in a row where my side points out....that is, was reduced to 0 points...Well, the 3rd one, was close, between us reaching 0 points and the other team reaching 1000 without loosing a ship... I have to ask, what the hell is up with the match making? Have they changed something that puts the teams together? Or is it just my luck to be constantly stuck with teams of people who are seemingly going out of their way to loose? I mean, I average being in the top 5 mostly (except when I over extend and die, but I am trying to work on that), so why am I constantly matched with teams that just.... fold. I've been keeping track, the past 20 games, I have played in Random Battles, I've lost 18. Top 6 for every single one. Across Tier 6-10 matches. Yeah, I'm ranting, but, I am really trying to find a reason not to just walk away.
  8. FinbarAu

    German dispersion?

    However, this is a German ship, so the next volley may have a 30 degree firing arc and straddle a BB at 10km....... Not that I'm bitter. Really.
  9. FinbarAu

    Week of New Ships

    Christmas has been pretty good for me. With the new Snowflake Campaign, having Cherry Blossoms run (and lots of Economy Flags), and all but 12 of my ships being used to grind.... I am now the proud owner of not just Kronshtadt, but Musashi as well..... I am very happy about this. Now, some will say 'Why did you go for the Musashi and not the Jean Bart?' To which I reply. A) Musashi goes away soon. B) Bugger the French BB's sideways. I loathe their 15 inch, High penetration shells. Republique is ok, but even then, all I seem to get is Deflections and Over-pens with the rest of the line. C) I can still get Jean Bart later if I want....
  10. FinbarAu


    If it's in the privacy of your own house, then play nude all you like..... I love the RN CL line, lots of fun, but..... just remember, if they can see you, they can citadel you. Even the DD's it seems.
  11. FinbarAu

    50% off WOWS premium 360days HAS COME!!!

    Meh, I've still got over a year left from last christmas......
  12. FinbarAu

    Blowing off Snowflakes

    How does this last? Because I have over a hundred Snowflakes to blow....... This might take a while
  13. FinbarAu

    New premium: HMS Exeter

    Ok, lets look at this seriously. It's a CA with paper thin armour. Like the Emerald, I expect it to be citadel-ed by harsh language, or even a particularly belligerent opponent using a hand gun. Sure, you can use Spotter Plane or Smoke......but not both, so will be reliant upon it's team mates spotting for it if the player decides that safe shooting is more important. Not to mention, the problem with Smoke Firing..... All in all, I expect this will be a 'Collector ship' and not a serious threat like the Furry Taco is.
  14. FinbarAu

    New premium: HMS Exeter

    So a Furry Taco, but with RN Armour. This sounds like the definition of a Glass Cannon.
  15. FinbarAu

    Op of the Week - Cherry Blossom

    Well, I love Cherry Blossoms...... It is such a great XP grabber. It's taken 4 weeks of 3-4 games a day, and I was up to 450K Free XP. Along comes Cherry Blossoms, I load all my Free XP flags up, and last night, I got my Kronshtadt. I'm averaging 6 kills, 20 planes and 13 citadels over the past 3 days. Thats 'Per Battle'. Baltimore really is awesome for this mission.