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  1. FinbarAu

    When do I start worrying/hassling?

    Yup, I have similar. SEA account locked out, unable to log into NA. No Email. Yeah, I'll go play something else and see what happens by Monday
  2. So, my account is locked, I can't play at all, because it seems to be transfering to NA, which is good. Except I can't log into NA, as the account is invalid. I guess I'll play Final Fantasy until this is fixed and wait for their email. I will of course be asking for the premium time to be compensated.
  3. FinbarAu

    Asia server is down?

    Makes me wonder how long it will take before I can log in? I want to do the grind, I want to buy some Santa crates (It's a vice, but it's my only way of possibly one day obtaining the Kutuzov), In short, since I only have a few hours available, I want to get on with things... Ah well.
  4. FinbarAu

    In Game Client. News and other windows.

    Edit added to update what isnt working despite reinstalling the game twice. Pls note this was once with the War Gaming Control Center and when that failed, I deleted it and reinstalled the game afresh without it.
  5. FinbarAu

    Blardy Jingles!!

    "Enemy Submarine Detected" What? What the hell? Did I miss their intro? What is.....oh, wait....Jingle.....Damnit!!
  6. Yup. TF44 just won a game (Finally) in Clan Battles and instead of match results, we mostly got dropped and locked out.
  7. https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/announcements/server_transfer/ Or, you know, it could be related to this?
  8. Ok, so not sure if this is something anyone else has or just me. I switched to the WarGaming Control Center when I created a new account on NA. This way I can switch between them with ease. However, since then, on both clients, SEA and NA, when I go to the drop down menu to look at the News, which is still alerting me to new News, It is blank. It is the overlay screen that News should appear on, but it is utterly blank and only has the 'Esc' X button at the top right. Anyone have a way to fix this? Edit: Cant get into the Armory, or Naval Battles, but can get into Combat Missions. Edit x2: Ok, I've reinstalled the game twice. This is ridiculous. The GUI has a serious bug. So far I have not been able to enter the Clan tab, News, Armory, Naval Battle, Premium Shop and Inventory. Dos anyone know how to fix this or is the game permanently useless to me?
  9. Sad to see you go Max. Have fun over there and don't forget to be a sneaky bugger.
  10. Right, so I've created a NA account and there is no lag, Ping is 100-110 and thats fine by me..... The issue is, the fact that I'm grinding the RN CL's and want to see how things go. Right now, I'm at Tier 5 with no captain, no upgrades, no signals, no camo and I only just got Free XP. There really needs to be a way to just......skip or accelerate the new account process. I get why i exists and how it helps new players, but..... wow, this is frustrating. It's basically Co-op because even in Random Battles, 3/4 of both teams are Bots and they ram each other... a lot. Still, i've got a few Krakens, and am so very ticked off.
  11. Thats what I'm going to do. I have until Dec 10 to apply, so I'm going to DL a NA version, and grind up a single line, like US Cruisers or IJN DD or something, then see how it goes. If I find the meta metter and the ping isnt bad, I may transition, but the biggest drawback for me right now? Is the average DL speed of 800KB/s to get the bloody game. It's taking far far too many hours.
  12. FinbarAu

    The next big premium

    We've all had our words about Smolensk, but the quest for new premiums goes on. The next German ship, a Light Cruiser with less armour, and survivabilitym does not look promising. If you want a DD, you can get the Sommers, America's answer to the Shimakaze, only with better guns and comparable AA. However, I am curious what the next BB will be. I mean, Thunderer looks like a lot of fun, but it's just not a 'Big Stick' in the same way the Yamato is. So, since most of the top premium BB's are already out and have small guns (looking at you Bourgone), We need something to keep our attention. I was trying to work out what they would do next and I wound up on Reddit.... I didn't create this, but it made me laugh....
  13. FinbarAu

    German Cruiser Ammunition Selection

    I've found with my Hindenburger, I have to switch. German HE has their high penetration, but relatively low damage. The AP is fairly light weight in terms of penning at long range. So my policy is simple. Over 12km and I use HE, under 12km and I use AP. It's worked so far. Oh, it helps if you hang back and set everything on fire, a lot.
  14. FinbarAu

    Moving to NA in 3... 2...

    My average is 150, for where i am thats ok. Would I take the move? If I could keep everything? Likely, yes. It comes down to the style of play on the NA server is more dynamic than the SEA server which has a specialization in camping. However, If they offer the move, it's because the business model they are using has failed. Thats because, to my understanding, each server is classed as their own business.
  15. FinbarAu

    New Black Friday ship

    Ok, the 'BlackShip' camo looks fantastic. It really does. However, there are no Black Ships that I want. I already own those that I want. I owned them last year too. Why can we not get the Skin as a permanent camo for the ships we own? I didnt need 2 Mass and 2 Asashio. I dont need 2 Scharnhorst. Why not simply make it a permenant camo option like they do with everything else?