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    Current Brawl season: 1 vs 1

    Clearly you're doing well. I have 21 point capt, full AA build & just get burned out due to the relentless bombing. I've tried sailing around in cap points, hiding behind island or avoiding cap points looking for Cv....nothing has worked for me. But good on you 3 for 3 is amazing.

    Current Brawl season: 1 vs 1

    The only way a BB can win is if the CV sails toward the BB....not likely to happen, if the skipper is smart. BB can't cap because the endless wave of planes just resets the cap. If a cv just sits at the back & sends waves of planes the BB has no hope. Plus the fact the the planes have been made stronger, more powerful armaments, while ships AA has been reduced. I like the concept, but maybe CV vs CV would be better the ANYTHING vs CV.......& yes i use a Masso.

    Feedback Thread for Update 0.10.1

    Brawls.....WTF??? Why are you thinking staging BB against CV when you have increased plane strength etc & nerfed AA defense. The only way a BB would have any hope is if the CV skipper sailed toward the BB....not likely. CV can send planes over & over....doesn't matter how many we kill they never end. BB can't even cap, because as soon as planes attack, it resets the cap. AGAIN WTF WERE YOU THINKING?????
  4. I feel the same in general about cv's. The "old" way was that cv skippers would have to be wary about who to target, eg. not fly over 5 ships, keep away from Worcester etc other wise you loose all you planes, & be no use. It's the same as in a DD, CA, or BB, you're going to intentionally go broadside yo a Yamato at 10k away, you'll be deleted. So why is it now that CV's can just keep being able to send plane after plane, basically without penalty?


    I mainly play BB It's impossible to play Sub battles in a BB with no support, which is usually the case. Torps just appear out of nowhere, there is no defense. It's hard enough to deal with rapid firing cruisers, sniper DD's & aircraft....now subs. If it remains in it's own battle group & not into random, that's ok. At least we have a choice. But i fell if it goes into Random Battles there will be a lot of people leaving....me for 1


    Thanks guys. When it was on last time I was relatively new, trying to grind my way to T10. I just wanted it really for sentimental reasons. I went on a holiday to Pearl with my son & did the tour. It's a beautiful ship.


    I noticed on the Launch Calendar that 29/01 is noted Missouri
  8. I agree totally. The old way of CV play made CV captains have to play a strategic battle, i.e. pick lone targets or weaker ones, otherwise they would run out of planes. Now, however, they don't run out of planes (I'm pretty sure that real CV's don't have an infinite amount of plane, the same as Warships don't have an infinite amount of HP) ..it's a free for all... go into a group of ships drop torps, bombs etc, get the squadron annihilated, then start again. Meanwhile the slower BB's still remain Plane fodder. I used to play CV's...not anymore. Warships is about controlling ships, not flying planes, which is the new way of controlling CV's. You used to be able to send out fighters for defence while using Torp & bomber planes all at the same time

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    I'm in

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    Happened to me yesterday as well. I'm still trying today.