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  1. Ah ok Thanks a lot Black_Ice for the information but i just hope the Asia server it work different way with Europe Server, because i assume that the Asia Server demand will higher (Since Japan is part of the Asia as well) than Europe Server therefore they will release again(If is not wrong). Anyway will the developer ever answer the question is this forum?
  2. hmm... i have seen before this information but is not official from developer post therefore I am not sure is true or not, if there is any link that official announce or reply by the developer about the license contract is over and no longer relaunch again? If that is true than i will just stop playing on this game because that is the only reason i want to play this game and don't mind paying on those ARP skin, and i know there is mod for ARP Skin but i did mention before above which only you can view the skin others cant unless they download the same mod skin which is kinda pointless. If there is an official link please send to me and thank a lot for your information.
  3. Will Takao (Arpeggio of Blue Steel) and other Arpeggio of Blue Steel Skin return in year 2017 for Asia Server? The reason for me to download, motivate and play this game is because i saw there is Arpeggio of Blue Steel Skin for this game and I believe I am not the only one, because i saw there are many people post and asking the same question as well therefore i hope there is answer from the Developer. I don't mind paying money on those skin, just hope they will be able to repurchase again. If this game not gonna release again the skin, there is no point for me to wait or continue playing on this game. (I know there is many mod skin can be able to download but what is the point, only you can view the skin others cant?) I understand that is a special event and is able to obtain only on the early time, but will it be unfair for those people which are late comer and wanted so much on the skin? Or is this developer only concern on old player and ignore those new player which wanted this skin? Is it the old player will stay longer or never quit the game and bring benefit for the developer and the new player will just won't bring any benefit that why there is no point to release again for those new player? (I know that sounds harsh but i did not mean it, hope the developer can understand). I understand some developer don't want to release too frequently it will lose the value on it, but is it at least once a year or at least there are chances for those new player to get or purchase it? I hope the developer will reply and answer my question, if there is no reply i assume that there is no more repurchase the Arpeggio of Blue Steel Skin on this game and there is no point for those new player which wanted this skin with download and play this game in the end found out there is no way on getting or purchasing this skin and wasted the time. And I hope the answer is not giving me such as maybe or might be release which like throwing back my question back to me and without getting any answer at all (which kinda waste both parties time), unless there is some specific issue such as licensing for relaunch or any specific issues please at least solve it and provide a better accurate answer for all the new player which wanted or purchase Arpeggio of Blue Steel skin, and I would like to apologize again the message sounds harsh but i did not mean it, hope the developer can understand and as well as understand those new player really want or purchase the Arpeggio of Blue Steel skin and get accurate information from the developer. If there is already have a post which answered this question i am sorry that i post this up.