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  1. Lebran_Erika

    Performance issue after 0.7.2

    My CV games are down to no fps, slight fps drop for other ship types.
  2. Lebran_Erika

    Tips on staying undetected in CV matches

    Ask for air support from friendly cv fighters.
  3. Lebran_Erika

    Saipan seriously needs to be reworked

    No choice bro, need to free exp t8 cvs to avoid saipan.
  4. Lebran_Erika

    Revolutionary CV idea

    4. Fighter strafe maybe but not bomber strafe. If not usn cvs will not hit anything with their torps and bombers because manual drop is poor.
  5. Lebran_Erika

    Should I buy the new year special Kaga?

    If you see yourself playing cv in the future, buy it because you never know when it will be on sale again. Though please learn how to play cv or your team will rage at your inability to do so.
  6. Lebran_Erika

    I've been thinking of it

    12 zuihos vs T10 BB, 96 torpedo bombers and 60 dive bombers. Who wins?
  7. Lebran_Erika

    New CV player needs halp

    Scout map edges for enemy strike planes(and also yolo destroyers). Also sailing away from strike planes during a snipe to increase your chances of surviving.
  8. Lebran_Erika

    USN Cruisers split

    More AA guns pointed at the sky =.=
  9. Lebran_Erika

    What do you guys think of these 3 CV suggestions?

    2) 20 a bit too high. Took me ~10 games to get a hang of things when starting out.
  10. Lebran_Erika

    A Possibly Intelligent Rant About: Aircraft Carriers

    CV may carry games at mid tiers, but once you hit higher tiers you will face a lot of AA thus your carry potential is gone. I feel that CV players can only be as good as how well the team performs. If your team doesn't take out high AA targets, your planes just won't get through. If your team don't push caps, there is nothing a CV can do. Return to your hosho and grind your way up. You will learn lessons and tactics to get a better view of the current situation of CV.