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  1. Hemant_Joshi

    Help for migrating the game to other PC

    Thanks everyone. But what is WGC ?
  2. Hi Friends.. I am a newby.. I am playing the game since a couple of months. I am changing my laptop, so is there any way to move the game to the other laptop? or do i have to download the whole game from the scratch?? Pls Help. Thanks
  3. Hemant_Joshi

    Help for purchase of ship

    Thanks pal.
  4. Hemant_Joshi

    Help for purchase of ship

    Hi every one.. am a newbie recently playing the game. My question is - I have enough credits and I wish to purchase a russian ship from the Tech tree. But I am not able to buy that ship- or in that case any ship. ... PLEASE HELP ME.