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  1. ILLBBACK2604

    Special Upgrade Harugumo

    So where is the special upgrade for the T10 Harugumo?
  2. ILLBBACK2604

    Dude! I got a Zao!

    I love the Zao's laser guns, so accurate.
  3. ILLBBACK2604

    A Mod to deal with Narai Spam please

    send a copy to his clan leader he might find himself booted out.
  4. ILLBBACK2604

    Such a rip off!

    The only thing worth getting in the Arsenal are the upgrades not interested in the other stuff flags, containers, camo or ships
  5. I think its the same as the MM formula.
  6. I think a Radar change like I suggested would change the game dynamics greatly typically DDs go to the Cap point with a Radar CA following the CA hides behind an island waits for the Cap to get contested and pops Radar the enemy DD then gets focussed down by DDs, CAs and BBs. By making the change it will force Radar ships to hunt DDs if they pop radar from behind an island and detect an enemy ship then no shot "bad luck" , come out in the open - reward you get a shot at the enemy Risk- you could get spotted and focussed - now you have to play strategically where are the enemy ships, should I take the risk - I HAVE TO THINK!!
  7. Not all ships are created equal so why should they get the benefit, there are many consumables that are "NOT TEAM BASED". So why should Radar and Hydro be the exception?
  8. There are more ships that are getting Radar the technology in WW2 would limit the ship with Radar as the only ship to see the enemy ie via there scope. Any other freindly ship that did not have radar equiped could not see the enemy ship but would receive an approx location indicator from the Radar Ship via signals. Now this leads me to why can't WG make it that detection for Radar and Hydro is limited to the ship that carrry these consumables why should a non radar ship get the benefit of seeing an enemy ship?
  9. ILLBBACK2604

    Destroyer armor nerf (buff)?

    Conqueror HE doesnt give a damn about DD armour
  10. Tirpitz is a good brawler if you like things up close and personal, good secondaries plus torps.
  11. ILLBBACK2604

    Can't connect to server

    I'll go play WOT for a while
  12. ILLBBACK2604

    Fitting sonar and depth charges to destroyers

    Minelaying DD USS Thomas E Fraser in action Atlantic
  13. ILLBBACK2604

    Fitting sonar and depth charges to destroyers

    Maybe they could equip DDs with anti ship mine laying ability but put a limit on the number of mines that could be dropped
  14. ILLBBACK2604

    noob question

    You might have to be at a certain Service Level to qualify on your Profile like Level 12 I'm not sure but that could be the issue. PS _ Ignore didnt read your reply Cheers
  15. Few comments by contributors that Shima is going to get a detection buff down to 5.6km and lower detection on torps when being spotted by aircraft, Hipper a faster reload and Prinz Eugen will get Heal like Atago no date as yet.