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  1. ILLBBACK2604

    European Destroyers.

    The role of the DD has changed, no longer do I go and cap straight away. If other other players ask for a cap straight up it ain't happening. I refuse to die early in games for camping CA and BBs and cowards.
  2. ILLBBACK2604

    Concerns about Colbert

    Research Bureau - meh
  3. ILLBBACK2604

    Smalland for 2,000,0000 Free Exp WHY!!!!!

    You living in Zimbabwe. Last time looked inflation was running at 2.0%pa
  4. Doing the Maths on average to Research a full DD line from T1 to T10 you would use approx 774,000 free exp (researching ships +hull only) and spend 19,500,000 credits (approx $68 if you need to buy credits) on the ship plus another 6,000,000 say for Modules. + you have access to 9 other ships. WG are asking 2,000,000 Free Exp for one ship which is a clone of the Halland except it has a radar. What is going on Missouri was only 1,000,000. To much Vodka at WG
  5. ILLBBACK2604

    What happened to the money spent on Puetro Rico

    Not quite true PR has its strengths extra guns, Alaska will get better MM at T9 I think this is where players get the opinion its a better ship and PR does get focused a bit the "hater" syndrome PS I have both and prefer PR
  6. ILLBBACK2604

    This is WOW Asia

    Lot of uneducated players in this game they wouldn't know the radar range of most CA's or the the detection range of DDs. Yet they expect the DD to push straight into a cap at the beginning of a game when their is a CV and and 4 radar ships on the other side. Just ignore the moronic comments and play a sensible game.
  7. ILLBBACK2604

    Whole Team Killed. Still Win.

    Try getting the Solo Warrior Award your team wins you are the only survivor and 5 enemy ships have survived - only done it twice.
  8. ILLBBACK2604

    WG Charity : More Expensive than Puerto Rico

    I already have all those ships so no point. I'll just donate to my favourite charity.
  9. ILLBBACK2604

    Puerto Rico Directives

    Based on WG's attitude and handling of PR event I've decided I won't be spending any more money on this game. I'll let my wallet do the talking. Play for free.
  10. ILLBBACK2604

    To those who want #PaytoRico

    I wish there was a scrap yard button for this ship I'd press it.
  11. ILLBBACK2604


    You basically play her as a ship that slots in between a Destroyer and a Light Cruiser. She is unique and scary I do have IFHE and 19 point Captain on her. The extra 30% pen makes a big difference and I have set her up a pure Gunboat/Anti-Aircraft Platform. I've had CV's focus me and they've come off second best everytime, it's not uncommon to have 30 to 40 aircraft kills by games end.
  12. ILLBBACK2604


    Had her since release, DD hunter and shreds enemy aircraft. Pop the smoke turn on Hydro - Spam everything in range.
  13. ILLBBACK2604

    Friesland build?

    My set up on Friesland is gun range 12.3km, 1.4sec reload run a 19 point Capt PT, PM AR, LS SE, BFT, SI IFHE Don't waste 4 point on CE you are a gun boat better off going with IFHE to increase pen from 19mm to 25mm.
  14. ILLBBACK2604

    Will there a Friesland Frenzy

    Smoke, Hydro, Good AA, Dakka Dakka Guns, No Torps. Interesting Concept more like a Light Cruiser with low detection.
  15. ILLBBACK2604

    Research Bureau : progress report thread

    If I saw a Colbert on the enemy team -- time for a team focus kill. Hunt that Mother down!!!!