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  1. sis2310

    0.9.7. German Navy Containers

    I managed to snag the Mainz out of the first German Navy container awarded from the first directive. Playing for over 3 years and I finally got some good crate RNG from WG.
  2. I hated this ship when it came out, but thought why not give it a go for the mission in the latest directive. This was the end result.
  3. its only a once per account deal, they are only the standard containers
  4. I bought the 2x standard black friday container for 250 doubloons in the armory. In the list of items that can drop from the container it says 14 days premium but I only got 24 hours of premium time. Either the container is bugged or the information on the drops is incorrect.
  5. sis2310

    0.8.9 Bug Report Thread

    After I finish a battle and exit to Port, the captain of the last ship I played with is displayed for every ship I select. Here you can see I have the selected GC but it is showing my Prinz Eugen captain.
  6. Decided to play a few CV games for god knows what reason...... Its great to see that auto-pilot is still a buggy PoS. 2 Battles I have used the auto-pilot and it has beached me on islands that I didn't tell it to go towards, then you get stuck and the ship wont reverse off it. Then you try to turn around but hit the map border and just get stuck and don't go anywhere. If only I could just use W,A,S,D to pilot the ship myself but apparently that's too hard for my feeble mind! (according to WG)
  7. sis2310

    Bot reporting

    Can WG please implement a system to report bots that actually does something meaningful like suspending the account. Have had multiple games where both teams have been in agreement that one ship is CLEARLY A BOT. One instance saw a lightning with no camo or flags sailing up and down 1 line on tears of the desert for the entire match and torping towards ships that were well over 20+km from it, then it just sailed straight into the map border until the match ended. We all agreed to report it for AFK/bad sportsmanship but everyone knows that does absolutely nothing. Surely there is a solution to this, maybe add another option to the reports like "suspected bot" or something similar and if enough people from the same match do it gets flagged for a WG employee to check.
  8. sis2310

    Graf Zeppelin sound bug

    During the new Hermes operation I noticed there was a 3-5 second gap between the dive bombers new sound being played when dropping in to bomb me and the actual explosions registering in the game. I wasnt suffering from any latency issues so it cant be that, the planes were returning to the carrier before the bombs even exploded in the water.
  9. sis2310

    mission 5 North cape - Task 3 bug

    Same here Funny that they put a ridiculous time limit on the campaign then when the final mission comes out its bugged...... hmmmmm
  10. sis2310

    Aftvent calender day 13 not completed

    thanks for reply, Restarted and it seems to have fixed it. cheers
  11. Has anyone had an issue completing this combat mission? It says "hit enemy ships 75 times with main battery guns, completed in random or ranked battles, ships of tier IV or higher" which I thought I would easily do with the D.M Donskoi with 180 hits in battle..... but when i went back to port it didn't register as having completed it. Not sure whats going on there, appreciate any replies. thanks